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JD Edwards Sessions
JD Edwards Sessions

E1 Manufacturing and Distribution User Group Meeting
Presented by: Mr. Travis Wendland, Little Rapids Corporation

The EnterpriseOne Manufacturing and Distribution User Group's meeting at BLUEPRINT 4D
... See More
JD Edwards

10 reasons why a JDEdwards customer does not need a separate WMS system
Presented by: Erik De Joode, Steltix

This session will educate any JDEdwards customer currently using Inventory Management who is considering implementing a WMS s
... ystem. In this session, they will learn that JDEDwards WMS covers most requirements and eliminates the need for additional expensive interfaces.See More
JD Edwards

23 ERPs and Counting... Global Analytics at Silgan
Presented by: William Cokeley, Silgan

Due to multiple acquisitions that have been made, Silgan has over 20 different ERPs (Including JD Edwards and EBS) within its
... enterprise portfolio of applications, creating challenges to viewing global performance. Any sort of global views of data had to be manually created, were limited in the data that was provided, and did not meet the cadence that the business required to run the business optimally. Silgan decided to implement a Global Data Lake to consolidate data from all of their ERPs. In doing so, they were able to obtain critical global sales and purchasing KPIs in a timely manner, provide automation to their global tax processing, and gain efficiencies in the pricing of their finished goods. Join Will Cokeley, Vice President of Business Technology at Silgan, and Craig Kelly, Vice President of Analytics at Syntax to learn how Silgan was able to implement a global data lake and benefit from multiple use cases.See More
JD Edwards

5 Orchestrations to Automate Your Business
Presented by: Nathan Diamond, Ajinomoto Foods North America

Join Ajinomoto and ACBM Solutions as we take you on a journey through 4 brand new integration and automation Orchestrations.
... We will start with a brief overview of the features, benefits, and recent changes of the Orchestrator. Then we will explore each of the following customer use cases before taking a deep dive to dissect and demo the Orchestrations used to automate them. • BOM & Routing Deactivation based on Item Branch • Distribute Remittance E-Mail to Vendors • Sales Order Shortage • Cash Receipt Integration (REST) • Fuel Rate Integration (REST)See More
JD Edwards

Activating JDE Update Easy Mode: Real-World Examples Demonstrating the Power of Application Lifecycle Management
Presented by: Susan Szymanski, Denovo

JDE Updates. They strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned of users. But they don’t have to! See how Honda Logis
... tics and others have made update worries a thing of the past using the power of Application Lifecycle Management. In this session, we will cover: • Review of the Continuous Adoption upgrade model o Preparation and Prerequisites • Different approaches for Continuous Adoption o Pros and Cons • Actual Customer Case Studies o Business Drivers o Timeline o Impact to BusinessSee More
JD Edwards

Advanced Pricing, "The New Swiss Army Knife"
Presented by: Tammy Gaston, Stoner, Inc.

If you are new to Advanced Pricing or if you've been tasked with cleaning up a mess that someone else created, this session w
... ill get you started on the path to a clean, organized approach to Advanced Pricing.See More
JD Edwards

Agile Upgrades and Implementations
Presented by: Jeff Geiger, J. Geiger Consulting, Inc.

Agile is the new (not really!) way of things in the digital world.  Find out how you can take Scrum concepts and apply them t
... o implement your ERP and get your project over the finish line.See More
JD Edwards

Always-On Training: Integrating Oracle Guided Learning into EnterpriseOne
Presented by: Daniel Smith, Steltix

Even the best EnterpriseOne enhancements don't enhance anything if users don't know how to use them. Stopping everything in t
... he middle of a business process to search for help or documentation is disruptive and distracting. But it doesn't have to be that way. Oracle Guided Learning is a modern, intuitive platform for delivering help, training, and guidance to end users right within the EnterpriseOne user interface itself. Keep the most important part of your system - the human part - continuously updated and running smoothly.See More
JD Edwards

Applying Updates Continues to Get Easier with JD Edwards Update Manager
Presented by: Clayton Seeley, Oracle America, Inc

System administrators can now apply their application patches anywhere, anytime and from any device using the web-based JDE u
... pdate manager. Join this session to know more on how this removes the dependency on deployment server, while making it convenient and simple for administrators.See More
JD Edwards

Ask Me Anything: An Interactive Discussion with JD Edwards Executives
Presented by: Gary Grieshaber, Oracle America, Inc

This session encourages executives and decision makers to direct their hard-hitting questions to the Oracle JD Edwards execut
... ive panel.See More
JD Edwards

Ask Us Anything (AUA) with E1 Developer Tips and Traps '23
Presented by: Mr. Daniel Bohner, Amalgamated Sugar Company

With 20+ years of Developer Experience, I'd like to share a few new things I've learned recently. I'll try to amaze with tri
... cks, traps, and wonders that may not have been presented before.See More
JD Edwards

Automate Your Annual SOX compliance Audit
Presented by: Mr. Vincent Kelly, Phibro Animal Health Corporation

Are you tasked with recertifying user access to JDE applications? Are you prepared to satisfy auditors, internal control requ
... irements, or SOX compliance? Whether you call it regular access review, user review, or recertification, confirming that the right users have the right access in your JDE environment is imperative. Join this session to hear from Vince Kelly, Phibro’s Director of Operational Systems, who will share how they avoided hundreds of hours of manual labor by automating the user recertification process to achieve rapid peace of mind during their audits using a touchless SOX compliance solution.See More
JD Edwards

Automate Your Data and Reporting Workflows: Unlock the Power of Modern Analytics with Power BI for JD Edwards
Presented by: Ben Harrison, Preferred Strategies

Are the JD Edwards reporting tools you are using enabling your company to make timely business decisions with confidence? Ru
... nning time-consuming JD Edwards reports or query tools, exporting the results to Excel, and spending hours manipulating hard to manage spreadsheets every week or month is a recipe for failure. If this sounds familiar, attend this session to understand how Microsoft Power BI, the world’s most widely used data analytics system, combined with a solid data management platform can automate the traditional error-prone process outlined above to save employee’s time, breakdown data silos, and get more value from your organization’s data. This demo-filled presentation will showcase the process of the future that leverages an up-to-date, easily governed, and centralized cloud-based solution. In this session you will learn: o The challenges and pain points of traditional JDE report development methods of the past o How to automate the data gathering, manipulation, and modeling process using the latest cloud based technologies and a centralized approach that saves resources and delivers confidence in analytics o How to distribute insights to your entire organization with an a easily governed approach o Learn how Power BI can empower business users with an innovative and intuitive tool set infused with augmented analytics capabilities See More
JD Edwards

Automatic Warehouse Transfers: Just set it down and forget it!
Presented by: Nicholas Pohl, J. Geiger Consulting, Inc.

Freeing up your forklift operators and material handlers from data entry and bar code scanning limits risk and removes error!
... J. Geiger consulting will show you how to utilize JD Edwards, Orchestrator, UWB (Ultra-Wideband), and RFID technology to transfer inventory just by picking up the product and placing it in the correct location all while maintaining data integrity and inventory transaction in your JD Edwards system!See More
JD Edwards

Be Consistently On-IT with your JDE Audit
Presented by: Linda Nelson, ALLOut Security

Stopping fraud & satisfying audit is simple to say, but not so easy to deliver. Are you an accountant, internal auditor, or f
... inance officer responsible for JD Edwards audit activities or your control environment? Each year the need to decrease risk while delivering consistent information, reducing efforts and developing repeatable processes just seems to be more imperative. Whether you want to reduce risk, ensure regulatory compliance, or adhere to internal policies - there are ways to save time without compromising your deliverables. - Learn best practices for pre-audit preparation - Review the key information auditors will review - See Tools to Automate Reporting ConsistentlySee More
JD Edwards

Best Practices for Automated 3-way Matching, GL Coding and Vouchering in JD Edwards
Presented by: Joel Halvorson, IntelliChief

One of the biggest challenges in AP, is not just managing the sheer volume of invoices received daily but validating the line
... -item detail on each invoice, GL coding the information, and vouchering it for payment accurately in JD Edwards. The magic of AP Automation solutions is to automatically perform 3-way matching without manual intervention, but how exactly do you achieve the highest rate of straight-through-processing (STP) and processing efficiency when exceptions are encountered? This is particularly difficult when the invoices you receive are overly complicated with multiple line detail or they are missing information. Or even worse, when the AP invoices contain special charges (like freight surcharges) that are allocated differently depending on the supplier. Join IntelliChief for an in-depth look at best practices to maximize STP and exception handling with Intelligent AP Automation. In this lively 1-hour interactive session, we will cover: • Seeing hands-on why having a formal JDE integration is critical to improving the 3-way match process and vouchering invoices for payment • Showing examples of 3-way matching complex invoices and how they can be automatically validated, GL coded and vouchered in JDE without human intervention in JDE • Illustrate how AP supervisors can manage the daily workload of the AP staff, including moving work between AP clerks in a snap • Highlighting best practices for AP Managers and Financial Executives to gain visibility into the AP process to review efficiency metrics and forecast future cash flow • Reviewing real-life examples on how to best handle 3-way matching challenges See More
JD Edwards

Boost your warehouse efficiency leveraging JD Edwards WMS
Presented by: Erik De Joode, Steltix

Discover the Top 5 WMS transactions that will boost warehousing efficiency by leveraging your existing JD Edwards investment.
... Enjoy an easy to maintain application landscape by using Orchestrations and AIS. Enabling you to stay code current and easily adopt future technologies. You'll learn how your peers successfully automated and streamlined their warehousing and logistical processes. Best practices that we will share with you include: 1. Build license plate 2. Put away 3. Replenish 4. Pick to carton 5. Cycle count See More
JD Edwards

Build Supply Chain Transparency
Presented by: Anna Boskie, ReportsNow

Every industry is feeling the strain of disruption of the supply chain in today’s market. We will provide tools to navigate l
... ogistical adversity and combat the shifting global business landscape. Build efficiencies into existing practices to streamline your operations and analyze real-time data to optimize your current models. • Combine the correct tables to start interpreting your supply chain data • Create dashboards including custom map visuals • Build hyperlinking into dashboards for greater data visibilitySee More
JD Edwards

Business Analyst SIG Meeting
Presented by: Linda Sloan-Compton, Pinal County Government

Please join the JD Edwards Business Analyst SIG! This group is designed to allow interaction amongst professional peers to s
... timulate discussions, share best practices, offer tips and tricks, and share ideas. See More
JD Edwards

Business Transformation with JD Edwards and Journey to the Cloud: Oracle has demonstrated its continued commitment to JD Edwards through investment in digital transformation enablement and Enhanced U
Presented by: Viral Doshi, Birlasoft

Business Transformation with JD Edwards and journey to the cloud: Oracle has demonstrated its continued commitment to JD E
... dwards through investment in digital transformation enablement and Enhanced UX via Low Code / No Code, as well as providing customers a strategic roadmap to the cloud. This session will provide customers with a roadmap to maximize their ROI in JD Edwards, by leveraging it as a platform for future transformation and growth. Also it will provide them with a roadmap to maximize transformation and growth potential, by expediting their journey to cloud, be it infrastructure migration to cloud, rapid integration of JDE with best of breed Oracle Edge Applications, or migrating the customers to a complete SaaS model leveraging our expertise, combined with our proprietary tools and accelerators. See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Presented by: Scott Hollowell, Asset Management Solutions

Meeting of the JD Edwards Capital Asset Management/Enterprise Asset Management (CAM/EAM) SIG. At this meeting we will discuss
... topics pertinent to Operations and Maintenance activities across industries, including Maintenance Work Orders, Preventative Maintenance, Parts Procurement, Storeroom Parts Management, and other topics of interest to the members of the JDE CAM/EAM SIG group.See More
JD Edwards

CNG optimizes and modernizes their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne deployment on OCI
Presented by: Kumar Savith, Central National Gottesman, Inc.

Businesses today are typically looking to accelerate delivery of new products, services, and customer experiences with a tech
... nology stack that’s more intelligent, agile, and high scale. However, it can be exceptionally difficult to achieve these results on-premises, where availability is difficult and performance requires significant dedicated infrastructure. Join this session as we explore the business modernization challenges CNG was facing and why they ultimately chose to migrate their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We’ll discuss how the combination of key OCI solutions along with ongoing support from leading managed cloud provider Syntax helped CNG achieve greater scalability, flexibility, and security.See More
JD Edwards

Connect your e-commerce platform with JD Edwards
Presented by: Mr. Heering Ligthart, Cadran Consultancy B.V.

ABF Bearings has more than 100.000 references in stock, available thru multiple websites to their worldwide customers. As a p
... rivately owned company, they stock over 10.000.000 bearings and electric motors from renowned brands and high-quality alternatives. Started in 2007 as probably one of the smallest JDE customers with 19 users, now using JDE as their ERP platform integrating to multiple websites and growing steadily in the past decades.See More
JD Edwards

Copy, Paste, Close Multiple POs
Presented by: Sage Leonard, Turner Industries Group

In an effort to assist in the tedious year end process of closing out purchase orders line by line, we created a Mass PO Clos
... eout Orchestration. Shortly after implementing, the users began experiencing the inability to close purchase order lines for jobs or accounts that have been closed. I will be discussing modifications we were able to achieve utilizing orchestrations.See More
JD Edwards

Create powerful custom mobile applications leveraging Enterprise One functionality through Orchestrations and VBCS.
Presented by: Melody Bivona, Penn Engineering & Mfg Corporation

We have created a Shipping application using VBCS and Orchestrations replacing an aging technology. The Shipping app is used
... by our warehouse staff to pick sales orders, pack sales orders, print labels, ship confirm the orders and auto print the associated order and pallet packing lists. The application not only ensures accuracy of part, location and lot scanned but also has the ability to send an email to the warehouse supervisor of inventory discrepancies proactively avoiding customer shortages when possible. The application runs on Surface Gos using bluetooth scanners and a mobile zebra printer. The Shipping app runs within JDE as a Composed Page with soft coding allowing the AIS user token to be used for all Orchestration calls. This allows us to maintain the user level auditing tracking and JDE security that is necessary for inventory management.See More
JD Edwards

Creating business agility with IBM Power for Oracle JD Edwards
Presented by: Blake Hilstrom, IBM

Leverage IBM’s newest Power10 Enterprise and Scale-out systems to build on-premises or hybrid cloud computing models for Orac
... le JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne. Learn about our newest subscription-based offerings and get updated on our consumption-based models as well as our public off-premises offering, IBM Power Virtual Server. All built to make your JD Edwards environment more agile.See More
JD Edwards,Oracle Database

Credit Card Receipt Payment Processing Orchestration
Presented by: Mr. Phil Rogholt, Park Industries

Our AR Department was spending 2-3 hours daily with manual download and processing credit card payment receipt transactions.
... I will explain the steps taken to security capture, download, and process credit card payments through an Orchestration. The efficiencies gained through this and with invoicing and statements generated over 3 hours of daily savings by eliminating non-value added steps. The Orchestration involves connecting to an external API, Groovy code, Z table use, and a UBE.See More
JD Edwards

Custom Upgrade Guide to Quickly Modify JDK on Oracle JDE/WebLogic Based Servers
Presented by: Alex Rodriguez, SmarterCommerce

All JD Edwards organization need to keep their software components updated to avoid obsolescence and most importantly, to kee
... p the system secure against known security vulnerabilities and glitches. Two components that often are not kept updated are the Java JDK (Java Development Kit) and JRE (Java Runtime Environment).See More
JD Edwards

Cycle Count From Your Phone
Presented by: Mr. Matt Sohrweide, J. Geiger Consulting, Inc.

J.Geiger Consulting will present on how you can learn to leverage the functionality within JDE 9.2 paired with Orchestration
... s to simplify and automate processes within your organization such as cycle counting, among others. In addition, Orchestrations allow for the interfacing of JDE with other technologies such as RFID, IoT and mobile devices just to name a few. Let the J. Geiger team show you how you can utilize low code tools you may already own!See More
JD Edwards

Digital Trust in Transformation: How can Tech Leaders Anticipate Risk?
Presented by: Stefanos Stylianou, ALLOut Security

Are you responsible for your organizations IT infrastructure? Most leaders in IT face similar challenges and bear the respons
... ibility of ensuring the business can continue to operate at all costs. The key to success is knowing how to anticipate risk! Trust is at the core of every interaction in the digital world. And nurturing that trust is now more important than ever. We'll be talking about how you can build digital trust! Join our session and learn how effective risk controls supported by auditable accountability and ownership can keep you one step ahead of the risk to ensure a trusted infrastructure. This enables you to focus on what matters most, like: •Maintaining the productivity and flexibility of IT to support business opportunities. •Ensuring the confidentiality & useability of business-critical information. •Minimizing legislative risk and nefarious activity to protect business operations. The fact is security alone is not enough! It’s time to future proof your organizations IT investments with a clear, cost-efficient roadmap to building trust into your digital footprint. Don’t miss this session – great for tech leaders or anyone with an interest in risk management! Featured Executive ContentSee More
JD Edwards

Dive Into Practical Orchestrations at Hoffman Construction
Presented by: Mr. Phil Herd, Hoffman Corporation

Phil and Dave will dive into orchestrations we wrote at Hoffman Construction. Time and technology permitting, we'll demo a fe
... w. Attendees will get access to our Utility Orchestration. We'll cover: - A technical utility (an orchestration to manage orchestrations!) - Health & Safety Complex data conversion with multiple detail sections, aided by ADEX Excel tool - Swiss Army Knife Docusign Integration - Purchasing AutomationSee More
JD Edwards

E1MDUG - Enhancement Meeting for BP4D23
Presented by: Karen Brigiotta, Syntax Systems USA, LP

Please join us for a discussion on enhancements related to JD Edwards Manufacturing and Distribution. All interested parties
... are welcome to attend.See More
JD Edwards

E1MDUG AUA (Ask Us Anything) Roundtable
Presented by: Mr. Deron Brod, Stanley Engineered Fastening

Sales Orders, Purchasing, MRP, Manufacturing? Bring your list of questions to this session., Members of the EnterpriseOne Man
... ufacturing and Distribution User Group will lead an interactive discussion to find solutions and give you ideas to take back to your organization.See More
JD Edwards

EDI - Best Practices that handle all areas of EDI incorporating JDE - No gaps!
Presented by: Jeff Copper, C&A Technology LLC

Utilize JDE EDI (System 47) take advantage of best practices. Many customers do not take advantage of what JDE provides reinv
... enting the wheels! Real life JDE customer examples of the value are reviewed.See More
JD Edwards

Employee Self-Service Online W2s - Displaying Prior Year W2s
Presented by: Evelyn Bian, Port of Portland

The Port of Portland wanted to provide employees the ability to generate their W2 from prior years but found that the same W2
... template is overwritten every year with the Year End ESU. We came up with a custom program that uses a copy of every year's template and displays a list of prior year W2s in Employee Self Service.See More
JD Edwards

Enabling Your Business Transformation Journey with JD Edwards
Presented by: Gary Grieshaber, Oracle America, Inc

What role does JD Edwards play in your enterprise?  What are the best products and services for the enterprise to achieve you
... r Business Transformation goals?  The answers to these questions are different for every JD Edwards customer. We know the future of JD Edwards includes innovative solutions to optimize and automate your business processes, leverage available and emerging digital technologies, and support your journey to leverage cloud applications and technologies. You’re looking for ways to take advantage of the latest innovations in JD Edwards applications and technology that will keep your business innovating in order to improve business outcomes. Join Gary Grieshaber, Group Vice President, Product Strategy, and Paul Houtkooper, Vice President, Product Development, to hear how your organizations can unlock opportunities and change quickly no matter what the challenge.See More
JD Edwards,App to All

Enhanced Procure to Pay Automation
Presented by: Michael Curley, Oracle America, Inc

Procure to Pay process involves multiple repetitive processes. Increasing the level of automation reduces manual effort and i
... mproves the efficiency of the process. We will take a look into the automated procure to pay process that is available. There is a continued focus to improve this automation. The recent improvement in Release 23 use the Voucher Match Automation program to perform a match when a vendor invoice contains additional fees lines over the purchase orders or the purchase order receipts and add those lines to the voucher and to the purchase order during voucher match automation. This change simplifies and automates the processing of vendor invoices that contain fees information and eliminates the manual creation of vouchers, thereby reducing costs and enabling timely payment to the vendors.See More
JD Edwards

Enterprise Automation Roundtable
Presented by: A.J. Schifano, Oracle America, Inc

We should congratulate ourselves. Together we have made great strides in advancing our JD Edwards systems from the traditiona
... l, transactional, “record-and-report” paradigm into digitally transformed systems that demonstrate a higher and higher level of process automation. Orchestrations, notifications, workflows, and integrations all give us a greater level of automation, and with it, a mountain of real-time, accurate data. Congratulate, yes, but rest? Never. Join this round-table to discuss what comes next. There’s gold in that mountain.See More
JD Edwards

EnterpriseOne Enhancements that Speed Up Your Financial Close
Presented by: Angelin Isaac, Oracle America, Inc

There are a number of JD Edwards 9.2 enhancements that you can leverage to speed up your financial close. Learn about a whole
... new suite of online integrities that you can run all month-long to stay on top of anomalies, together with UX One components and other improvements.See More
JD Edwards

EnterpriseOne on OCI - Rapid Go-Live for The Amherst Group
Presented by: Greg Demmelmaier, The MASYC Group, Inc.

In only FOUR months The Amherst Group went live on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 22. Thi
... s includes Financials, Job Cost, Subcontract Management, Homebuilder Management, thousands of User Defined Objects (e.g. Orchestrations, Notifications, CafeOne's, Composite Pages, and Grid Formats) using The MASYC Group, Inc.'s Rapid Start program. Hear directly from The Amherst Group's product manager as to how the organization prepared for the project, chose the solution and partner, their experiences with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and how they have positioned themselves to grow into their EnterpriseOne solution including upgrading to Release 23.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Tech Tips
Presented by: Mr. Frank S Jordan, ERP Suites

EnterpriseOne Orchestration tips and tricks experienced from the technology perspective. Learn some of the architecture, con
... figuration and areas to pay attention to implementing and troubleshooting orchestrations. See More
JD Edwards

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Requirements Roundtable
Presented by: Jeff Erickson, Oracle America, Inc

Environment, social, and governance (ESG) reporting may be a priority for your organization. Creating and posting ESG report
... s is becoming a requirement across all industries. Does your JD Edwards data and reporting tools support your ESG requirements? Join us to discuss what is needed for ESG compliance for your company.See More
JD Edwards

ERP Consolidation Journey
Presented by: Ken Piddington, US Silica Company

Learn about US Silica's ERP consolidation journey and their one ERP initiative consolidating to JDE in OCI. Hear about the pr
... ocess's why, what, and how, where they are on the journey, and lessons learned. Get the details about the process to finalize a decision on JDE, develop the migration plan, select the partners, and execute the project.See More
JD Edwards

Evolution of Digital Learning Roundtable
Presented by: Mr. Ward L Quarles, Oracle America, Inc

Digital learning is easily available from LearnJDE and social media for educating your users. How we learn continues to evol
... ve the way we prepare our business users for changes in JD Edwards software. Bring your ideas to explore ways we can improve awareness of EnterpriseOne 9.2 product features, explore how your teams can understand the business value, what is needed for your organization to adopt our continuous updates, and how to improve Oracle’s learning options.See More
JD Edwards

Executive Forum: Q&A with JD Edwards Executive Team
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

** Pre-registration required* Executive Forum participants will benefit from this exclusive opportunity to sit down with t
... he Oracle executives developing the products used by your company and employees every day in product-specific break-out sessions for JD Edwards. Ask questions, get answers and leave better prepared to lead your company into the future. See More
JD Edwards,App to All

Extending E1 as a Field Solution: CAM+ & Cantara - How Granite Construction mobilized equipment maintenance and leveraged E1.
Presented by: Annmarie Altenhofen, Granite Construction, Inc.

The Equipment Team at Granite Construction partnered with AMS EAM and Cantara to mobilize their maintenance operations in the
... field providing preventive, reactive and planned maintenance for over 4000+ pieces of equipment with over 150+ mechanics servicing thousands of construction jobs and manufacturing plants. By extending E1 to tablets, GCI gathers repair details, plans maintenance and empowers mechanics with relevant documentation and tools to maximize their field impact. Not just gathering details around repair events, Granite can now provide detailed equipment cost analysis in a dynamic construction equipment environment. All the while setting the foundation for future mobility uses leveraging E1 to maximize ROI. Follow the process used by a leading construction company as they elevate their use of Capital Asset Management in E1 and deploy the information and technology to the field. See More
JD Edwards

Extending your JD Edwards applications using Oracle Cloud Services
Presented by: Pradip Pandey, Oracle America, Inc

In this session you will learn about native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services that support your organization’s moder
... nization and digital transformation initiatives. Oracle product experts will also share an overview of the latest capabilities introduced with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 23 that leverage native OCI services and support for Autonomous Database. • Extending JD Edwards in OCI with Mobile Apps • Oracle Analytics • Oracle Integration Cloud • Oracle Digital Assistant • Observability & Management (Application Performance Monitoring) See More
JD Edwards

Fond du Lac Case Study: The Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Cloud & JDE
Presented by: Mr. Dean Matvey, Fond du Lac Reservation

The advancement of technology is becoming as inevitable as death and taxes. Aging infrastructure and systems can often leave
... organizations stuck in the mud as their competition moves forward. As a result, most Oracle JDE customers are all faced with, and at least considering, the move to cloud applications. When, how, what applications, and whether they should be making the move to cloud applications at all, are top of mind to for many IT executives and business functional leaders. Many customers have adopted a functional approach where a point solution is migrated to cloud applications and integrated back to the legacy application. One of the most common of these functional areas has been in Human Capital Management (HCM). In this session, we will provide a comparative analysis between Oracle HCM Cloud and JDE HCM solutions.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Franklin Electric: Powering AP operations with native E1 technology
Presented by: Cheryl Stockman, Franklin Electric

Use case of optimizing JD Edwards E1 Accounts Payable processing leveraging native JD Edwards technology. The story on how Fr
... anklin Electric converted from manual paper-based vendor invoice processing to a fully digitized process in EnterpriseOne. Including the implementation lessons learned, the efficiencies and benefits that come with template free OCR document processing, automated approval workflows extended on mobile and invoice 2 and 3 way matching. A customers journey to AP efficiency.See More
JD Edwards,App to All

Game Changing Day-to-Day System Administration Enhancements
Presented by: Clayton Seeley, Oracle America, Inc

Oracle's simplification automation initiative continues to make EnterpriseOne to evolve by striving to simplify day-to-day sy
... stem administration tasks. This session will highlight a number of recent enhancements from Self-Service Password Reset to Centralized Configuration. Find out how the TCO bar gets lowered with every release.See More
JD Edwards

Get Beyond Basic AP Automation for Oracle JDE: Smarter AP. Thanks to AI.
Presented by: Daniel Shore, Medius Software Inc

Anybody can automate AP approvals. That’s why Medius makes AP autonomous – using intelligent technology to reimagine how invo
... ices move into and through your business via a process that you don’t have to touch and that gets smarter with every step. Autonomous AP is the great differentiator for businesses – you get the transparency into all your spending to see exactly what’s paid and what’s pending, so you can trust your forecasts are spot on and there’s virtually no chance of fraud from phony invoices.See More
JD Edwards

Getting Started with E1 Tools for Integration to Mobile Apps and Beyond
Presented by: Jonathan Theriot, Turner Industries Group

Getting Started with the REST API. Learn what your Custom Dev team expects for integrations. Whether it's validating E1 data
... or you deliver an immaculate Orchestration, knowing how to communicate to a dev that has no experience with E1 can be a challenge. This session is meant to help you bridge the gap, giving you the tools (API Testing Software PostMan) to help test your requests before you give them over to the custom dev team. See More
JD Edwards

Getting the Most Out of EnterpriseOne Advanced Pricing
Presented by: Angelin Isaac, Oracle America, Inc

JD Edwards Advanced Pricing is a powerful module capable of managing challenging pricing scenarios that are ever present in t
... oday's global market. With so many features to offer, it is easy to overlook what you could use to your advantage along with new enhancements that have been added to the overall cumulative value of Advanced Pricing 9.2. Join this session to be reminded of hidden gems and learn about new enhancements in Release 23.See More
JD Edwards

Getting the Most Out of EnterpriseOne Manufacturing
Presented by: Dave Greiner, Oracle America, Inc

Are there easy opportunities for process improvements within your manufacturing organization that aren’t being taken advantag
... e of? This session will highlight new and not-so-new features in JD Edwards Manufacturing 9.2 that you may have missed, but can easily employ to improve your manufacturing processes.See More
JD Edwards

Getting the Most Out of EnterpriseOne Order Management
Presented by: Ervin Rhodes, Oracle America, Inc

This session will focus on the cumulative value of features delivered in Order Management since the inception of JD Edwards E
... nterpriseOne Release 9.2. You will learn about enhancements to modules such as Advanced Pricing, Sales Order Management, Agreement Management and more. These functional enhancements along with UX One, Orchestrator, and Preconfigured Notifications improve the efficiency of the order management process.See More
JD Edwards

Getting the Most Out of EnterpriseOne Requirements Planning
Presented by: Dave Greiner, Oracle America, Inc

Are you aware of all the latest JD Edwards Requirements Planning features? There are probably opportunities for process impro
... vements available with the latest cumulative innovation. Attend this session for a review of recent enhancements in 9.2 along with some general Requirements Planning tips and best practices.See More
JD Edwards

Happy Hour with the JD Edwards product teams
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Enjoy a drink and conversation with the JD Edwards crew during the BLUEPRINT 4D welcome reception
... See More
JD Edwards

Hear from Dermalogica on why they chose OCI
Presented by: Sujatha Santhanam, Dermalogica Inc

Having run JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on-premises for many years, hear why leading personal care company Dermalogica felt that
... upgrading to the latest application release and deploying on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) would enable them to continue their digital ambitions. Learn about the OCI solutions that helped Dermalogica modernize their ERP backbone, strengthen security, and automate disaster recovery with full step disaster recovery.See More
JD Edwards

Helping customers determine the right path forward to the cloud – a comparison of Enterprise Structures in Oracle’s JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP
Presented by: Jay Wages, Argano

Many JD Edwards customers are developing new business and technology strategies as they look to the future and see the benefi
... ts of cloud technology. Argano’s goal as your strategic partner is to guide your organization toward success by determining the right path forward in the cloud. One way is to migrate from JD Edwards on-premises solutions to the Oracle Cloud Applications Suite, including Oracle Cloud ERP. As JD Edwards customers embark on the journey, they may have questions about the functionality provided by Oracle Cloud ERP, particularly due to the differences in terminology and concepts between the two solutions. This presentation is targeted at JD Edwards customers who are exploring an Oracle Cloud ERP implementation and need information on how an enterprise is structured in Oracle Cloud ERP compared to JD Edwards. It is important to know that both JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP provide all the functionality required by companies to create and report on all types of financial transactions. Although these systems support all types of enterprises, the terminology and structure are different. I will show a representative organization and how it is defined both in JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP and discuss the structural, conceptual, and terminology differences and similarities between the two.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Hillwood’s synergy success story: Orchestrator and low code for Master Data Management
Presented by: Rudy Menke, Hillwood Development Group

Managing your master data accurately and efficiently, in this session Hillwood a Perrot Company, shares how they implemented
... a master data management (MDM) application that uses JD Edwards Orchestrations and a low code platform to create and validate master data within JD Edwards. Accurate master data is key to having accurate reports and dashboarding. The challenges of incomplete, outdated and duplicate master data are numerous. Hillwood shares the impact of faulty data on their business, how they defined the business case for automation and its value drivers and experiences working with Orchestrations and low code. With over 18 months of production usage, the return on investment, achieved results and how Hillwood plans to expand and improve Master Data Management in time to come makes this an inspiring section for anyone struggling to effectively manage item, supplier and customer master data. See More
JD Edwards

Homebuilder SIG
Presented by: Eric Masterson, Toll Brothers, Inc

The Homebuilder SIG will meet to discuss all things in the Oracle ecosystem related to Homebuilders. The focus will be on JDE
... World and EnterpriseOne, how customers are using the system, and new functionality and upgrades.See More
JD Edwards

How a Manufacturer Implemented Multifactor Authentication with JD Edwards Using Oracle IDCS
Presented by: Stephen Kassay, GSI

During this session, you will learn how GSI helped a large manufacturer implement multifactor authentication for JD Edwards.
... Specifically, the integration included JD Edwards EnterpriseOne workflow that adds and validates users' buys using IDCS and its APIs. The integration passes the user id, e-mail address, and username from EnterpriseOne to IDCS when creating a new user in EnterpriseOne. The following topics will be covered: • Design and create triggers for the integration to EnterpriseOne • Create a polling mechanism to read new data and guarantee only one transaction at IDCS • Design and implement an integration call to IDCS with all the proper security layers See More
JD Edwards

How Comoto Holdings Tamed the Robots
Presented by: John Phillips, J&P Cycles

How JP Cycles Tamed the Warehouse Robots JP Cycles recently implemented a very successful warehouse robot solution using o
... rchestrator. Being the CNC, my inner geek was super excited - ROBOTS!!! It was short-lived, because then the meetings started. Robots have their own language? And their own data? Volume is going to increase by how much? What if there’s a network glitch? What if there are errors? What do you mean errors aren’t saved? What if the data gets out of sync? How is it re-synced? How is it verified? Join me to hear how robots upended my simple existence and how orchestrator helped us create a semi-autonomous solution for error handling.See More
JD Edwards

How Marek archived 20+ years of JD Edwards data to speed up their system
Presented by: Sam Nunez, Marek Brothers Systems, Inc.

Originally founded more than 80 years ago as a drywall business, MAREK began shaping the industry with the innovative way it
... purchased, delivered and installed drywall in the market. It has since diversified as a large company with a variety of product offerings. In this JD Edwards presentation, Marek will share their journey from upgrading their JDE legacy system and moving from custom in-house archiving through to an upgrade from World 7.3 onto E1 and most recently, archiving with Purge-it!  20+ years of JD Edwards data build up caused Marek’s ERP to start noticeably slowing down.  Find out how Marek developed a data retention policy across their business and went through a selection process to choose the archiving solution Purge-it! to tackle all their JDE data archiving needs.See More
JD Edwards

How to Automate the Sales Order Process using Orchestrator Studio, Workflow Studio, & Logic Extensions
Presented by: Rob Marotta, GSI

During this session, you will learn how to use new features in Release 23/22 to automate the sales order process using Orches
... trator Studio, Workflow Studio, and Logic Extensions. Topics covers will include: 6. Overview of new features in Orchestrator Studio, Logic Extensions and Workflow Studio 7. Demonstrating in JDE how to automate the sales order process with these features 8. Walk through the steps for enhancing the Sales Order process with a new (non JDE delivered) order hold process 1. Identify the issue 2. Creating a new sales order 3. Invoke workflow for approval 4. Releasing orders See More
JD Edwards

How to get started with Orchestrations? Orchestrations are exciting, practical, efficient and cost effective. But how to get started? This session provides a roadmap with recent real-life examples
Presented by: Amy Vorabouth, Tiffany & Co.

Using orchestrations to move your business further along the automation and digital transformation journey seems exciting, pr
... actical, efficient and cost effective. But how to get started?? What does an orchestration even do? How does it get built? What kinds of skills are required to develop one? What are some areas of your organization that could benefit from orchestration of processes? This session will provide you a roadmap for getting started on your orchestration journey, from EDUCATION and IMAGINATION phases through to EXECUTING the design and development of your first simple through complex orchestrations. Examples will be provided of complex orchestrations we’ve designed, built and implemented. These include: • Steam-lining of time-consuming processes which previously involved multiple teams and multiple steps. • Orchestrating a process to perform AR Cash Receipt to AR invoices using the manual data entry applications for 100K+ transactions. • Other examples will also be provided.See More
JD Edwards

How to grow a Super User in 5 steps!
Presented by: Elizabeth Schriefer, iLearnERP

As teams grow and change the value of super users – also known as power users, key users, your ‘go-to’ team members, etc. – b
... ecomes critical in the long-term sustainability of organization understanding and tacit knowledge of your core applications. How to develop new super users, including how to identify potential candidates, can be a challenge. There are proven concepts in learning and talent development that can aid a super user development program. Join us to understand these core principles and hear how fellow organizations are developing these new JDE super users.See More
JD Edwards

How to Move from JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud with Confidence
Presented by: Joey Van Ness, Oracle America, Inc

Are you considering a move to Oracle Cloud? Hear from Beth Dvoracek, GVP of Oracle Consulting about what it means to move to
... the cloud. From planning, processes, and accelerators to getting the culture ready for the cloud, find out how we are helping JD Edwards customers continuously innovate to drive business outcomes.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

How to use Orchestration with JDE once you create it
Presented by: Mrs. Lisa Tran, Monterey Mushrooms, Inc.

After attending sessions and taking some training I realized that creating orchestrations is easy but I still kept stumbling
... with what do I actually do with the orchestration once I create it. I know that you can use the form extension to create a button on a form to call an orchestration but if you want to pass in data and the data you need is not on the form, then what do you do? I have also had people talk about writing external scripts or web pages and using the orchestrations from there. That is all great, but I am not a full-fledged programmer so how can I use what I have and know in JDE to make my orchestrations work for me? It has been a long road, and I have learned a lot about the next steps to take to actually get an orchestration to work within JDE and I wanted to share my experience. See More
JD Edwards

How Yamana Gold Created their Mobile PO Approval App using Swift - Low Code / No Code and Orchestrator
Presented by: M. Ali Nasim, Ephlux

Learn how Yamana Gold leveraged the use of Swift's - low code / no code app automation platform and Orchestrator to create th
... eir Mobile PO Approval application in a matter of days, helping them achieve: 1. Efficiency - Up to 25% faster approvals due to Mobility 2. Customer Satisfaction - Up to 25% increase in Customer Satisfaction Score. 3. Multilingual support - Coverage of 5 languages on the platform 4. Flexibility- Up to 25% to review PO details and related documents on the go and approve and rejectSee More
JD Edwards

How-to Create a Workflow/Orchestration: AP Invoice Processing/Approval
Presented by: Bud Shaw, GSI

JD Edwards offers a very simple Voucher approval process with predefined user/approver. This is oftentimes not enough. JD Edw
... ards Orchestrator has a new feature that allows for a new workflow to be created that calls an orchestration. Join this session and see how you can create a new Voucher approval process with workflow that is flexibly directed, using this new feature. See More
JD Edwards

Invoice Approval automation
Presented by: Srinatha Javvaji, eOne Infotech

Several companies, especially in the service industry, face errors during invoicing, if they have a bunch of invoices with hu
... ndreds of lines, going out on a daily basis. We have come up with a unique solution,developed fully inhouse, which we call "Invoices Approval Automation" This Solution helps the billing departments to review several billing invoices at once, correct those (if needed), approve it, and then send it to their customers. This entire process is completely auditable.See More
JD Edwards

Is your business on the hook for new taxes?! Changes in communications taxes and how to stay ahead
Presented by: Dewey Minor, Avalara

State and Local governments can no longer depend on communications taxes of traditional wireline, wireless and even VoIP prov
... iders as reliable sources of revenue. Traditional voice services have been replaced almost entirely with new technologies like streaming and videoconferencing or being embedded into other cloud services and SaaS platforms. Communications services are increasingly pervasive and found in products, services, or apps that were typically never considered to be a telco or communications offering. The adoption of communications-platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) solutions, which deliver communications services like voice, videoconferencing, SMS, and wireless connectivity through simple APIs, has allowed services to become embedded in a wide range of product categories. And that can make them UNEXPECTEDLY subject to communications tax! To keep up, new rules and regulations are being introduced! Does this include you and your business' services? If you incorporate voice calling, video chat, or messaging services into any of your CRM, SaaS, or marketing automation platforms, you may be subject to a wide array of communications taxes. Whether you participate directly in the communications space or plan to incorporate any communications features or streaming into your product or service, staying ahead of communications taxes will remain important.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne System Administration Updates
Presented by: Clayton Seeley, Oracle America, Inc

Get updates on latest enhancements for JD Edwards System Administration. This session will illustrate work done in simplifyin
... g and automating tasks that continue to lower the bar for Total Cost of Ownership.See More
JD Edwards

JD Edwards Extensibility Framework: Eliminating the Need for Customizations
Presented by: Haiyan Wang, Oracle America, Inc

Just do a web search–or should we say ChatGPT?–about the value of no-code/low-code tools, and you'll get responses like "fast
... er development time," "wider range of developers," "easier long-term maintenance." These benefits have indeed been touted by a plethora of no-code/low-code tools that have hit the market in recent years. But have you realized that the JD Edwards Extensibility Framework, which is built right into the product, is in fact a set of no-code/low-code tools that achieves many of the same benefits? Modify the user interface. Create custom logic. Add and delete database fields in applications. All without technical development tools, without knowing a programming language, and with minimal effort to deploy and manage.See More
JD Edwards

JD Edwards Extreme Performance and Resilience on AWS
Presented by: Allen Jacot, Syntax Systems USA, LP

JD Edwards is an IO hungry application that has some interesting behaviors. Learn more about solutions from Syntax and AWS th
... at deliver extreme performance with high resiliency and high availability as well as incredible disaster recovery with low RPO/RTO allowing many customers to revert to the lower cost Oracle SE2 or SQL Server SE. And for customers who really need to scale, learn how to leverage the industry’s largest and fastest network fabric, instances, and storage.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

JD Edwards Financials SIG Meeting
Presented by: Chandra Wobschall, BrightView Landscape

The Financials SIG meets monthly, providing presentations from fellow users, Oracle, or business partners on subjects effecti
... ng the Financial modules. If you are not familiar with our SIG, please come and find out more. If you are already attend our meetings, please come to meet fellow SIG members and have an opportunity to ask fellow members how they resolve certain issues.See More
JD Edwards

JD Edwards Financials, Manufacturing & Distribution, and Tools & Technology Ignite Sessions
Presented by: Michael Abbott, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Session 1: Many from One: TSS and Process Manufacturing History Speaker: Michael Abbott Trelleborg Sealing Solutions began
... cutting flat gaskets for customers in their Chemical Transportation segment. They will buy a single sheet of material and cut different gaskets of different sizes from the single sheet. The evolution of the solution in processing manufacturing starting from A7.3 to E1 as precursor to larger presentation Session 2: Want to get the ins and outs of Logic Extensions enhancements with Release 23? We will do it here…in 15! Speaker: Nick Wilson During this quick, 15 minute session, Nick will outline the enhancements and features with calling logic extensions from Forms extensions and aggregation features. The focus will be the net change of logic extensions and how to develop, configure and outline some use cases your team can take away today!See More
JD Edwards

JD Edwards HCM, Manufacturing & Distribution, and Tools & Technology Ignite Sessions
Presented by: John Phillips, J&P Cycles

Session 1: Comoto Holdings and Orchestrator Error Handling Speaker: John Phillips Comoto Holdings recently implemented a v
... ery successful warehouse robot solution using orchestrator. Join me for a summary of how robots upended my simple existence and how orchestrator helped us create a semi-autonomous solution for error handling. Session 2: Using Orchestrations to streamline processes and prevent mistakes. Speaker: Lisa Tran There are lots of processes that users don’t do day in and day out so when they do attempt these tasks, they often make mistakes and forget steps. This results in bad data and rework down the road. I have been combining orchestrations with standard JDE screens to streamline these processes. I also have orchestrations monitoring for bad data and sending notifications when data problems show up. I will explain simple ways to use orchestrations with a list of examples. More detailed examples as time permits. Session 3: Employee Self-Service Online W2s - Displaying Prior Year W2s - Ignite Session Speaker: Evelyn Bian The Port of Portland wanted to provide employees the ability to generate their W2 from prior years but found that the same W2 template is overwritten every year with the Year End ESU. We came up with a custom program that uses a copy of every year's template and displays a list of prior year W2s in Employee Self Service.See More
JD Edwards

JD Edwards: Simple Workflow Creation (Part Number Additions)
Presented by: Bud Shaw, GSI

During this session we will create a workflow that will send part number additions to different departments (engineering, pur
... chasing, sales, costing, pricing, etc.) to fill in the relevant codes and fields.See More
JD Edwards

JDE A/P Automation Utilizing AWS Textract for our OCR-as-a-Service Platform
Presented by: Doug Palaske, K-Rise Systems, Inc.

AP Automation is a way to reduce the manual tasks related to your Accounts Payable Processes. Our A/P Invoice Automation is b
... ased on our low-code platform, EASYProcess. AWS Textract AI-Based Query Document API is used to intelligently get invoice information without needing position-based templates. AP Automation will eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes with a fully automated system that includes all these features: • No Mapping, No Template, OCR AI Does All the Work • Uses EASYProcess Robust Workflow Engine to Handle Approvals & Exceptions • Automated Voucher Entry, 2-Way & 3-Way Matching that Auto-Detects PO Receipt • Handling Tolerance & Miscellaneous Supplier Charges such as Freight & Handling Etc. • Vendors to Submit Invoices, Track Invoice Status & Payments, Flip a PO • Scanned Invoices Added to Vouchers as Media Attachments and Saved to the Cloud • Support of PDFs, JPEGs, Tiffs, Paper/Handwritten Invoices • Taking Pictures of Physical Invoices Using a Built-In Native App • Using a Low-Code Cloud as Oracle Recommends While Keeping JDE Vanilla Our acclaimed JDE OVI Certified (32 & 64 bits) EASYProcess Low-Code Platform provides JDE companies with an easy-to-use AP Automation web & mobile app which is pre-integrated with JDE data & logic.See More
JD Edwards,App to All

JDE Bolt-Ons for Release 22/23
Presented by: Mr. Simon Streeter, First Capital Realty

Simplify, automate and digitize your JDE! Join this session to explore must-see JDE innovations for maximizing your E1 invest
... ment, including Smart Scheduler for batch job scheduling automation, Smart Build for package automation, ERPSign for integrated eSignature workflows, Smart Sense for E1 Server Monitoring and much more.See More
JD Edwards

JDE for today, tomorrow...and beyond
Presented by: Mr. Rana Beteille, LTI Mindtree

In the education session on “JDE for Today, Tomorrow… and Beyond” we will talk about the current challenges faced by JD Edwar
... ds users and how the challenges can be categorized into four major buckets. Solutions for these major challenges will be discussed with actual tools and accelerators. We will also discuss the organization profiles that may opt for one solution or the other. The session also features a customer use case presented by the CIO. The customer will speak on how they have adopted the solutions to ensure an agile and long future for JD EdwardsSee More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Presented by: Karla Pappas, Henkels & McCoy

... See More
JD Edwards

JDE HCM tips, techniques, tricks and secrets exposed!
Presented by: Marta DiDomenico, ERP Suites

JDE HCM Tips, Techniques and Secrets: gain some of the insights and little known JDE HCM tips, techniques, gotchas and secret
... s that I've gathered over the last 25 years of consulting. JDE HCM is a complex suite of applications that has seen changes over time, many of which are not well known. In this session, you will see some of the obscure and little known functionality within HCM. We will cover several areas of HCM, including Payroll and Benefits.See More
JD Edwards

JDE Integrated Low-Code Platform for Process Automation, Workflow & Efficiencies. Item & Vendor Onboarding, CapEx Approval & Vendor Portal.
Presented by: Jeremy Stowe, K-Rise Systems, Inc.

First Quantum operates mines globally. Creating best practices modern web/mobile apps for strategic business value is criti
... cal. We’re replacing standalone Excels (but maintaining Excel Import/Export), Dropbox Folders and inefficient legacy systems. Our new apps have eliminated replicated data entry issues, missing & incorrect data while providing significant efficiencies. Easy workflow setup/change with robust real-time notifications (email, text, native app) with delegation, parallel workflow sequencing, escalation & assignment logic is essential. This session will review our many low-code platform apps like: (1) Item Master & Vendor Onboarding and Vendor Portal for Pre-Pay Management and Reconciliation for Damaged & Short Items against the JDE PO. We’ll review real-time JDE Integration with Orchestrations (current trend), BSFN, UDC Tables for Validation, Media Object, Status Codes and more.See More
JD Edwards,App to All

JDE Mobile in the Real World: Building an App from Scratch at West Coast Reduction
Presented by: Jonathan Kaplan, Magic Software Enterprises, Inc.

What is it like to build a mobile app from the ground up and connect it to JD Edwards? There are lots of choices including mo
... bile frameworks, integration tools, and deployment strategies. In this session, we will take you through the process of creating a real app from start to finish. We will cover the key mobile technologies, including support for offline work, and integrating custom hardware. We will also discuss best practices for integration and synchronization of mobile data with JDE using business functions and Orchestrator. Magic Software is the leader in JD Edwards integration. We will discuss how low code and no code tools can make building applications for JD Edwards faster and more reliable, without sacrificing user experience. See More
JD Edwards

JDE Small Business SIG Meeting
Presented by: Ed Schipp, Sagent Pharmaceuticals

This is an introductory meeting to the JDE Small Business Special Interest Group. We are a group of JDE functional / techni
... cal users who seek to maximize the use of JDE while constrained by a small JDE team. We face many of the same issues as larger JDE customers and look to leverage the knowledge and lessons learned from other small / mid-size business peers. We will describer the goals of the SIG, recent meeting discussions and share our stories and our future initiatives and areas of interest for the SIG to explore.See More
JD Edwards

JDE Update Manager, Oracle’s delivering features that will keep you current. Here you will learn how you could adopt the Update Manager in your continuous delivery approach
Presented by: Nick Wilson, ERP-One Consulting, Inc.

The Update Manager is a tool that will allow JDE customers to assess and adopt enhancements easily and quickly. This session
... will provide the technical underpinnings which have been enhanced to accommodate this change. We will also outline a methodology of how this tool can fit into customer environments who are already in a cadence of analyzing and adopting ESU’s.See More
JD Edwards

JDE Vendor Onboarding Portal for Create/Manage Supplier Master
Presented by: Suman Prasad, K-Rise Systems, Inc.

This E1/App demo session will focus on how you can optimize and automate your vendor onboarding process and can easily build
... a single source of truth for your vendor data. An Excel, Email & Folders model results in incorrect/missing data & time-consuming inefficiencies. Intelligent Forms & Workflows with approval notifications aligned with real-time JDE integration are a necessity. App Demo Topics Include: Vendor: Create / Change/ Inactivation / Reactivation Document: Grouping / Type Management & Invoice Doc Mgmt. Workflows: By Type, Spend Threshold, Services & More Notifications: Email, SMS Text, Native Mobile App Integrations: Compliance, Validations, Additional Vetting Apps, etc. Audit: Full History with Auto Date/Time Stamps on All Activity Web & Mobile: Web App with Mobile Browser & Native App JDE Integration: BSFN, Orchestrator or Hybrid Reports: Parsing Request by Status, Bottlenecks, Date/Time Range All Companies Strive to Optimize JDE Vendor or Other (Item, Customer, PO) Master Records. Attend this session to start your journey to Process Automation. See More
JD Edwards

KIND Increases Customer and User Satisfaction through TMS Automation
Presented by: Saravana Kumar, Circular Edge

KIND's transportation team users were spending 5000 minutes of transportation team on a daily basis updating carrier and ship
... ment information through automation using JDE orchestration. This automation has now reduced collecting information from Transplace and updating JDE sales orders constantly and also updating FedEx.See More
JD Edwards

Learn Why OCI is the Best Cloud Platform for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
Presented by: Mr. Dave M Geoffrion, Oracle America, Inc

Join this session with Oracle product experts to learn the unique benefits of migrating Oracle JD Edwards applications to Ora
... cle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI.) Discover how OCI can help you spend less while improving reliability, security, and performance, and help you to achieve more with your existing JD Edwards investments. Topics include: • OCI Overview • OCI Security • One Click Provisioning • How to maximize your existing licenses in OCI • Autonomous DB No matter where you are in your journey to the cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has solutions to support your goals. See More
JD Edwards

LiveLabs - Session 2 of 5
Presented by: Biju Thomas, Data Intensity

IMPORTANT: You need to bring your own laptop if you want to try it out at the event - but you can still attend and learn how
... to use LiveLabs if you were not able to bring one. In this open house style session you’ll gain access to a selection of LiveLabs Workshops to solve your complex developer requirements using the Oracle Database. Topics include Autonomous Database, APEX, Machine Learning, Database 19c, and Database 21c, Enterprise Manager, OCI APM Stack Monitoring and Database Management. Each workshop environment takes between five and 15 minutes to set-up. Once set up, you’ll be able to complete this workshop outside of the session time, once the conference is over. There are five different LiveLabs session times. Pick whichever timeslot is most convenient for you!See More
JD Edwards,PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Oracle Database

LiveLabs - Session 3 of 5
Presented by: Anuj Mohan, Big River Steel

IMPORTANT: You need to bring your own laptop if you want to try it out at the event - but you can still attend and learn how
... to use LiveLabs if you were not able to bring one. In this open house style session you’ll gain access to a selection of LiveLabs Workshops to solve your complex developer requirements using the Oracle Database. Topics include Autonomous Database, APEX, Machine Learning, Database 19c, and Database 21c, Enterprise Manager, OCI APM Stack Monitoring and Database Management. Each workshop environment takes between five and 15 minutes to set-up. Once set up, you’ll be able to complete this workshop outside of the session time, once the conference is over. There are five different LiveLabs session times. Pick whichever timeslot is most convenient for you!See More
JD Edwards,PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Oracle Database

LiveLabs - Session 4 of 5
Presented by: Steve Lemme, Oracle America, Inc

IMPORTANT: You need to bring your own laptop if you want to try it out at the event - but you can still attend and learn how
... to use LiveLabs if you were not able to bring one. In this open house style session you’ll gain access to a selection of LiveLabs Workshops to solve your complex developer requirements using the Oracle Database. Topics include Autonomous Database, APEX, Machine Learning, Database 19c, and Database 21c, Enterprise Manager, OCI APM Stack Monitoring and Database Management. Each workshop environment takes between five and 15 minutes to set-up. Once set up, you’ll be able to complete this workshop outside of the session time, once the conference is over. There are five different LiveLabs session times. Pick whichever timeslot is most convenient for you!See More
JD Edwards,PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Oracle Database

LiveLabs - Session 5 of 5
Presented by: Sean Scott, Viscosity North America

IMPORTANT: You need to bring your own laptop if you want to try it out at the event - but you can still attend and learn how
... to use LiveLabs if you were not able to bring one. In this open house style session you’ll gain access to a selection of LiveLabs Workshops to solve your complex developer requirements using the Oracle Database. Topics include Autonomous Database, APEX, Machine Learning, Database 19c, and Database 21c, Enterprise Manager, OCI APM Stack Monitoring and Database Management. Each workshop environment takes between five and 15 minutes to set-up. Once set up, you’ll be able to complete this workshop outside of the session time, once the conference is over. There are five different LiveLabs session times. Pick whichever timeslot is most convenient for you!See More
JD Edwards,PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Oracle Database

LiveLabs Kick-Off - Session 1 of 5
Presented by: Gary Gordhamer, Viscosity North America

IMPORTANT: You need to bring your own laptop if you want to try it out at the event - but you can still attend and learn how
... to use LiveLabs if you were not able to bring one. In this open house style session you’ll gain access to a selection of LiveLabs Workshops to solve your complex developer requirements using the Oracle Database. Topics include Autonomous Database, APEX, Machine Learning, Database 19c, and Database 21c, Enterprise Manager, OCI APM Stack Monitoring and Database Management. Each workshop environment takes between five and 15 minutes to set-up. Once set up, you’ll be able to complete this workshop outside of the session time, once the conference is over. There are five different LiveLabs session times. Pick whichever timeslot is most convenient for you!See More
JD Edwards,PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Oracle Database

Looking for a complete CMMS solution? RAPS for JD Edwards delivers advanced scheduling, planning, execution and mobility solutions to meet your asset management requirements.
Presented by: Russell Codlin, Rinami

As your organization moves along the maintenance maturity path, the demands of your maintenance systems will increase and can
... exceed the capabilities of JD Edwards EAM. In this session we will run through how the Rinami Asset Performance Suite enhances JD Edwards to deliver advanced scheduling capabilities, graphical maintenance planning tools, integrated digital checklists and disconnected mobile solutions for field inspection and maintenance activities to support your organization's progression. RAPS provides a sophisticated preventive maintenance scheduling solution that enables a rules based approach to defining your maintenance strategies. Executing complex servicing cycles and applying mass changes are easily achieved without the need to try to manage strategies at an asset by asset level. Maintenance scheduling is simplified with a powerful graphical planning solution that allows planners to quickly define, update and present the schedule, whether it is at a shift, day, week or month level. Dynamic checklists for equipment inspection, condition assessment and activity compliance can be defined within JD Edwards and delivered through disconnected mobile applications. A powerful rules engine can assess user response and define appropriate resolutions; whether you wish to simply notify the asset owner of an issue or automatically trigger a work order to ensure the problem is addressed. Advanced mobile solutions ensure that critical information is available where the relevant asset is and easily handles disconnected conditions so user can execute maintenance activities anywhere they need to. See More
JD Edwards

Loving Life with JDE on OCI - Dollar Shave Club's Journey to Cloud Hosting
Presented by: Luis Robles, Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is well known for their products and unique selling proposition to the market. They are a well-establ
... ished market leader and have a support team and strategy that supports their market goals. The IT team made the decision to move JDE applications to a managed cloud services solution through Denovo to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In this session, DSC will share the reasons for their decision, what the project migration looked like, successes, and lessons learned from the run & maintain aspect of running JDE on OCI.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Making the Shift from Process Automation to Enterprise Automation
Presented by: A.J. Schifano, Oracle America, Inc

The foundation of efficiency is automation. Nearly every advancement in technology can be somehow tied to the quest for highe
... r levels of automation. The JD Edwards Digital Platform, anchored by Orchestrator, has its fair share of automation tools and techniques. Customers and partners have done amazing things using these tools to automate business processes. But now it's time to think about upping the stakes from process automation to enterprise automation. What would it look like if every aspect of your business operations had some level of automation? What would that mean for efficiency? Accuracy? Timeliness? But perhaps more important than the efficiency itself, what kind and what volume of data would be generated? What insights and observations could you glean from such a mountain of data - data that reflects every heartbeat of your operations? Learn more about this future - it's not far off.See More
JD Edwards

Many from One: TSS and Process Manufacturing
Presented by: Michael Abbott, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions began cutting flat gaskets for customers in their Chemical Transportation segment. They will bu
... y a single sheet of material and cut different gaskets of different sizes from the single sheet. This necessitated process manufacturing which is designed to make multiple finished items (co-products) from one work order. As an added challenge, two different types of cutting existed for each product necissitating two different processes. This brings interesting approaches to costing not found in discrete manufacturing. And not every product in a process is made every time, so managing work orders in that fashion creates interesting variances needing interpretation. This presentation will cover concept to setup to workorders and accounting.See More
JD Edwards

Mastering Power BI Fundamentals: How to Build General Ledger Analytical Reports for JD Edwards in 2 Hours
Presented by: Michelle Werkmeister, Preferred Strategies

Attendees should pre-register for workshops. Walk-ups are possible and will be permitted, at the discretion of the workshop i
... nstructor. With the General Ledger as it’s backbone, your ERP system is likely the most essential database in your organization. It holds the data you need to pivot, adapt, and grow, but do you have the right tools to transform the data into decision-ready information? Join us for this interactive learning experience that will teach you how to create reports and dashboards, using the free, cloud-based version of Microsoft Power BI, the leading data analytics platform for the past 6 years. Led by Preferred Strategies Training Director, Michelle Werkmeister, you'll be guided through a series of hands-on exercises and learn how to create your own financial reports for common GL analytical use cases. In this workshop you will learn how to: • Connect to JDE ERP data for financial reporting and analytics • Create interactive data visualizations in the Power BI Service • Effectively compare actuals to comparative measures like budget and prior year • Quickly distribute financial insights across your organization • And key terminology and Power BI concepts, navigation, and report develop basics and best practices Pre-requisites: To participate, you will need a wifi-enabled laptop and Google Chrome as your browser. See More
JD Edwards

Mission Accomplished: Staying Current with JD Edwards
Presented by: Venkat Maganti, M.D.C. Holdings, Inc.

Struggling to stay code current and leverage the latest innovation? It is easier than you think to stay current with JD Edwar
... ds! Attend this session to learn how other customers are staying current on JD Edwards while driving business innovation.See More
JD Edwards

Modernize your Project Management Activities
Presented by: Mr. Eric Kuefler, KS2 Technologies, Inc.

America's Top Build to Rent (BTR) company rapidly transforms their horizontal and vertical operations with an Oracle cloud f
... irst approach with a net new installation of JD Edwards Homebuilder. Join this session to learn how JDE Homebuilder can be rapidly implemented for the Build To Rent (BTR) and Build To Sell (BTS) markets. In 9 months, AH4R with Oracle CSP KS2 Technologies, implemented JDE Homebuilder/Purchasing/Financials, fully integrated with: Hyphen BuildPro/SupplyPro, Yardi, Azure AD, PingID, and Palo Alto – ALL running in Oracle Cloud Infra (OCI), Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) with AIS/Orchestrator API's.See More
JD Edwards

NEW for EnterpriseOne: Contractor Services Module Solves 3-Way Match Headache for Services Receipts
Presented by: Scott Hollowell, Asset Management Solutions

A common challenge for companies trying to manage their Procure-to-Pay business process is encountered when trying to impleme
... nt the segregation of duties & other controls mandated for Sarbanes-Oxley and Audit compliance. Whereas materials & parts procurement have JDE applications that easily support the 3-way match of Purchase Order – Receipt – Payment Voucher, companies procuring Services from Contractors are frequently faced with the dilemma of how to perform a Receipt of Services? All too often, companies arrive at a hodge-podge of process and JDE usage, ranging from flip-flopping the quantity and extended price fields on the PO, forwarding invoices via mail to the original requestor of services procurement for a “manual approval to pay,” and external software systems managing “A/P approvers.” With the new Contractor Services Module for EnterpriseOne, managing Contractor Services procurement has never been easier. In this Session you will see how this EnterpriseOne native module allows your company to overcome the challenges that plague your Procurement, Operations, and Accounts Payables groups. See More
JD Edwards

NEW Planned Component Replacements and Component Rebuilds Module for JD Edward's CAM
Presented by: Scott Hollowell, Asset Management Solutions

Whether you manage a fleet of dozers and haul trucks, or a production facility with pumps and motors, you face the same chall
... enges within JD Edwards Capital Asset Management (CAM): How to you track when major components are due for replacement? How do you handle the rebuilding of components and track the cost of the rebuilt spare? How do you track the history of how many times a component has been rebuilt and retire it when it is “used up?” How do you prepare next year’s budget for major component replacements? Asset Management Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of the Planned Component Replacement (PCR) module for JD Edwards CAM. With PCR you will now have the ability to define and track rotable / rebuildable spare components and perform Fit /De-Fit actions to replace them when the time is due. The PCR Dashboard gives you full visibility to all of the components in your fleet or plant and allows you to track components that are in service, out for rebuild, and available spares. Join us for the debut of this exciting new module for JD Edwards CAM.See More
JD Edwards

New to JDE? Business Analysts start here!
Presented by: Tammy Gaston, Stoner, Inc.

Is your organization new to JDE? Are you coming into a new role in an established JDE environment? This session will famili
... arize you with the terminology you will hear in other sessions, and also guide you to tools to help you understand how JDE works and how to get up to speed quickly. This is primarily geared toward Business Analysts, but Functional users will also gain some tips. Come with your questions - if we don't have the answer offhand, we'll find a resource for you!See More
JD Edwards

No code? No kidding! Inventory Optimization Accelerates Your Digital Transformation with a Next-Gen Enterprise Applications Platform
Presented by: Ken Botyos, Cloud Inventory

Join us to learn how the next generation of Cloud Inventory® extends the value of JD Edwards. The solution that provides rea
... l-time visibility across the enterprise, improving inventory accuracy while reducing costs, is now built upon a no code platform. In this session we will discuss the incredible transformation of a major enterprise application to a modern cloud platform without coding. Whether tracking inventory in the field, in a warehouse, or on a shop floor, Cloud Inventory® increases productivity, optimizes inventory, improves compliance, and drives more revenue. The no code platform simplifies the idea-to-application effort, accelerating the ability to adapt solutions to your ever-changing business requirements. Future proof your Cloud Inventory® solution with customizations that remain intact and independent, from one release to the next of the no code platform.See More
JD Edwards

No ERP is an Island: Orchestrator as an Integration Framework
Presented by: A.J. Schifano, Oracle America, Inc

Integration. Does that word make your palms sweaty? Do you have battle scars from prior integration projects from years–perha
... ps decades–ago? The need to integrate our ERP data and processes to external systems and devices is nothing new. What is new are the tools, techniques, standards, and protocols with which to do it. The good news: it's getting easier. In this session, we will explore some capabilities of the JD Edwards Digital Platform, and specifically Orchestrator, to help integrate your EnterpriseOne system to the growing ecosystem of systems, APIs, and cloud services in the digital economy.See More
JD Edwards

Oracle Applications & Database Optimization and Licensing Assessment
Presented by: Wais Ayubi, AWS

Do you want to know how to optimize your Oracle applications and database license costs and get better performance? Join AWS
... and AWS Premier Partner, Navisite, to learn more about the Oracle Application Optimization and Licensing Assessment (Oracle OLA) program that helps you quantify and analyze your existing Oracle applications and database coverage so that you can make best use of your existing investment (licensing analysis) and optimize the overall licensing cost when moving workloads to AWS.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Orchestrate the Picks! How We Use Orchestrations to Optimize Warehouse Picking Processes
Presented by: Mark Hamilton, brij

Creating an effective and efficient picking process in JD Edwards can be challenging, especially when trying to incorporate b
... atch replenishments, trip assignments, and picking by multiple criteria such as Order, Route, Shipment, or Mode of Transportation. Overcome these challenges with logical decision making and automation through Orchestrator. See More
JD Edwards

Orchestrator 101 Workshop
Presented by: Todd Nelson, iLearnERP

Attendees should pre-register for workshops. Walk-ups are possible and will be permitted, at the discretion of the workshop i
... nstructor Calling all those with minimal (or no!) exposure to using the Orchestrator Studio. This session is designed for the non-technical user to lay the groundwork for understanding the Orchestrator Studio, its core components and practical use. We will have hands-on practice activities to create Form Requests, Watchlist Requests, and several other key elements of creating orchestrations; we will unpack the technical language to facilitate the understanding of how to utilize this tool. Prerequisites: This workshop is designed for an Orchestrator novice, no experience necessary. Equipment: Laptop & ChargerSee More
JD Edwards

Orchestrator Logic Extension Round Table
Presented by: Riesa Case, Smithfield HPG

Have you heard about the Orchestrator Logic Extensions? They open up Enterprise One software to changes you would not belie
... ve Oracle is allowing. Come find out how customers and partners are using these to improve on Enterprise One functions. Bring your questions and ideas to share with our Oracle support. Find out how logic extensions can work for you! See More
JD Edwards

Orchestrator Product Updates from Engineering
Presented by: A.J. Schifano, Oracle America, Inc

Yes, they have been at it again. The JD Edwards Development team has released more enhancements to the JD Edwards Digital Pl
... atform, anchored by Orchestrator. In alignment with the product strategy, these enhancements will benefit your automation and integration efforts, all using a no-code/low-code approach to make these features accessible to technical and non-technical problem-solvers alike. Come to this fast-paced review of the latest enhancements and see what new capabilities you can put to use.See More
JD Edwards

Outbound Inventory Management for Consignment and VMI
Presented by: Bernadette Dannemiller, Terillium, Inc.

One way that customers reduce inventory carrying cost and drive process efficiency is through use of Consigned and Vendor Man
... aged Inventory. We often end up with clunky and sub-optimal processes to manage this business in JDE. If your business is doing consignment or VMI with customers and you're not aware of the Outbound Inventory module and what it does, then this session is for you. We'll look at the basics of configuration, and walk through a consignment example from start to finish. Ditch the Excel documents, the proliferation of Branch/Plants, and the angst of trying to reconcile off-site inventory and come see why this module ought to be considered as a solution for these business processes.See More
JD Edwards

Process Automation Year End Process Cost accounting
Presented by: Rajesh Ranabhor, Edwards Lifesciences

We are a Global Medical device company with 7 manufacturing locations world wide. We use JD Edwards application for our manuf
... acturing processes. Every year we have to run a laborious year end cost freeze process at each site which is error prone and takes a lot of effort to coordinate and manage the details of this activities, Since this needs to be done over the Holiday shutdown window it becomes even more challenging as the resources are stretched thin and the process is time sensitive from Financial Reporting standpoint. This was identified as an improvement opportunity and a project was launched to automate the process. We developed an application which was able to overcome these challenges with the JDEdwards tools and automated the process where in it became convenient for users to manage it more efficiently. We were able to run Year end Jobs in a more orchestrated manor giving a visibility to all the team players on the status of the process where in if any errors occurred are email and the completed reports are emailed to the users there by the users don't have to stay near the system and are able to spend time with family during the shutdown time yet monitor the critical process which needs to be carried out. This process entails running a set of batch applications (UBE) with changes to Processing options and have to be run one after another. The user has to wait and monitor the UBE to complete and then go submit the next one manually again. All these pain points where addressed by the process automation with additional benefits like work life balance.See More
JD Edwards

Quest E1 Technology SIG Meeting
Presented by: Mr. Dave Wagoner, Hoffman Corporation

This is where the Technology groups who support JDE EnterpriseOne tools meet and network. This includes CNC, Developers, Sec
... urity resources. In this conference kick off meeting our Oracle contact will discuss what's coming with new releases, our Enhancement coordinator will present the work we have accomplished with Oracle this year. Come, get involved and help shape the software you are supporting!See More
JD Edwards

Rehrig Case Study: Using iPaaS to Integrate with 3rd Party Applications
Presented by: Stephen Kassay, GSI

During this session, you will learn how Rehrig Pacific streamlined its invoice process using Integration Platform as a Servic
... e (iPaaS) to integrate a third-party application with JD Edwards. Topics covered will include: 1. iPaaS and other JD Edwards integration options 2. Boomi Integration: Concur Invoice software with JDE to streamline the invoice process 3. Discuss JD Edwards Integration using Celigo See More
JD Edwards

Rehrig Pacific Case Study: Using Orchestrator to Automate Logistics Processes
Presented by: Donald L Whitaker, Rehrig Pacific Company

During this session, you will learn how Rehrig Pacific Corporation used JD Edwards Orchestrator to streamline their logistics
... processes. Topics covers will include: 1. Calculating shipping routes, fuel surcharges, & shipping costs automatically 2. Automating days-in-transit calculations and routing shipments 3. Auto-Routing to W/O on what needs to be produced based on transit days 4. Creating accurate, real-time tax tables in JDE 5. Reduce customization from 30 to 3 See More
JD Edwards

Release 23 and Beyond: JD Edwards Product Update and Roadmap
Presented by: Jeff Erickson, Oracle America, Inc

Release 23 delivers on JD Edwards’ promise of digital ERP. Join Paul Houtkooper, Vice President, Product Development, and Jef
... f Erickson, Senior Director, Product Management, for a review of Release 23 and the innovative solutions that help you optimize your JD Edwards applications. Learn how you can enable those applications to be the core of your digital initiatives, and simplify and automate managing your JD Edwards instances. We will also touch on some of the more interesting innovations we are currently working on as we move toward intelligent ERP.See More
JD Edwards

Reporting Tools Consolidation
Presented by: Javier Garcia, Toll Brothers, Inc

Sooner or later, nearly every company finds itself owning multiple reporting software applications, increasing waste and risk
... . These technologies often become obsolete or fall into disuse. Employee training and adoption, coupled with the need to support a multitude of tools, becomes a costly security, IT, and HR liability. Mismatched technologies force users to retrieve partial data, resulting in inaccurate information and duplication of effort. Consolidation, on the other hand, streamlines vendor management, simplifies user experience, and eliminates redundancies. Toll Brothers, the nation's leading builder of luxury homes, effectively combined reporting tools to save a substantial amount of time and energy. Join Javier Garcia, Director of IT at Toll Brothers and Victor Dominey, Director of Sales at ReportsNow as they share their acquired knowledge on the benefits of consolidation. See More
JD Edwards

Revamp Your Integration Strategy by Unleashing Orchestrator
Presented by: Adam Bilodeau, City of Plano, Texas

Join City of Plano and ACBM Solutions as we take you on a deep dive through a complete Construction Management integration be
... tween JDE and Aurigo Masterworks using Orchestrator. We will start by discussing the business case and why this project was needed. Then we will explore the Orchestrations that were built to make the integration work across the following areas: • Vendors • Purchase Orders • Project Budgets • Expenses • Payments Lastly, we will review the benefits and value that was derived from this project as well as next steps and future plans for Orchestrator at City of Plano.See More
JD Edwards

Run your mission-critical Oracle ERP applications on AWS
Presented by: Pat Bangalore, AWS

* How do you increase functionality, enhance performance and increase agility of your on-premise Oracle’s business critic
... al applications including E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Hyperion while reducing the overall ERP cost? Join this session to learn how migrating Oracle’s business critical applications to AWS, delivers cost savings, improved reliability, and enhanced performance. We will share use cases, migration programs, and how you can identify cost savings and license optimization opportunities. We will also discuss how customer like Korean Air, Red Hat, University of California, and Carrier Corporation are leveraging AWS's 200+ cloud native services including AI/ML, automation, etc. to simplify their IT landscape, improve security and processes, and ensure high availability See More
JD Edwards,PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Scaling JDE and Peoplesoft databases on AWS
Presented by: Mr. Kewal Shah, AWS

Learn how AWS can deliver the performance, availability, and scalability to run mission-critical Oracle, SQL and DB2 databas
... es for JD Edwards and Peoplesoft. AWS experts dive deep into AWS offerings and capabilities while comparing to Oracle Exadata Database Machines and Real Application Clusters (RAC), helping you understand licensing, support, and overall total costs of ownership.See More
JD Edwards,PeopleSoft RECONNECT

Seamless Collaboration Between Customers and EnterpriseOne
Presented by: Chad Holewinski, The MASYC Group, Inc.

This innovative solution allows businesses to share information from EnterpriseOne with their customers. Utilizing of Oracle
... 's cross-industry platform enables mobile access, real-time communication, document versioning, and when combined with the EnterpriseOne Orchestrator allows businesses to share key information with their customers.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Secure JD Edwards and PeopleSoft with SSO and MFA
Presented by: Canming Jiang, Datawiza

Implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Oracle ERPs, such as JD Edwards and PeopleSoft, ca
... n be challenging due to their lack of support for modern SSO protocols like SAML and OIDC. In this session, we will introduce Datawiza, our comprehensive solution that bridges the gap by seamlessly connecting JD Edwards and PeopleSoft to modern identity providers such as Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, and Google. By enabling SSO and MFA, Datawiza enhances the security of these Oracle ERP systems and protects sensitive data. Attendees will learn how to bolster their JD Edwards and PeopleSoft systems using our state-of-the-art Datawiza solution.See More
JD Edwards,PeopleSoft RECONNECT,App to All

Secure your Business by Securing your JD Edwards
Presented by: Pradip Pandey, Oracle America, Inc

Security is of paramount importance in this digital age with interconnected software and hardware. Security breaches are expe
... nsive and can cause immense loss of data and reputation leading to financial impact as well. It is critical for customers to stay up-to-date on the security patches and enhancements that JD Edwards provides to keep your deployments and businesses safe. JD Edwards has been committed to providing secure software to our customers with a continuous stream of security improvements. Find out more about recent security enhancements introduced in EnterpriseOne 9.2.See More
JD Edwards

Simplify and automate data entry with JDE Orchestrations
Presented by: Leandro Stanley, ITCROSS

Discover in this session how to use Orchestrator plus Form Extensions and validating and automating data entry providing more
... consistency, reducing time and resources needed. Know about the power of JDE orchestrator directly on Use Cases of Finance, Distribution and Manufacturing modules, avoiding customizations and creating your own solutions. - Automatically update the credir limit. - Update default dates without user intervention, and decresing data entry time. - Quickly integrate and move JD Edwards payment files to banks. - Solve localization needs with orchestrator, such as electronic invoice file integration with 3rd parties - Activate/Deactivate accounts matching a certain value from Chart of Accounts. - Auto-populate Chart of Accounts’ category codes based on the value coming from other fields. -- Minimize data entry errors by defaulting fields values on Item Master based on certain criteria.See More
JD Edwards

Smithfield made it to Release 22, Start your Engines!
Presented by: Joan Williams, Smithfield HPG

We have made it to Release 22, now what? Come join Smithfield to discuss and review how we have rolled out new JD Edwards te
... chnologies in our company. We will take a look at Integration Solutions for Workday, Sailpoint, and Prairie using Orchestrations. New User Solutions using Form Extensions, Orchestrations, Personal Grids, and Personal Forms. Our custom Modifications we were able to replace with Personal Forms or Form Extensions. We have just touched on the solutions we are able to quickly deliver to our business and continue to look at future projects and Release 23.See More
JD Edwards

Stay Future-Proof by Getting to 64-Bit JD Edwards Today!
Presented by: Clayton Seeley, Oracle America, Inc

Join this session to understand how migrating to 64-bit JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 can future-proof your business. Understa
... nd the technical details related to moving to 64-bit JD Edwards, best practices and considerations.See More
JD Edwards

Supply Chain Automation and Mobility in JD Edwards using AtomIQ
Presented by: Mr. Trent Compton, Atrion Medical Products Inc

A modern, efficient and resilient supply chain starts with streamlined processes, full visibility into warehouse operations a
... nd a skilled workforce leveraging mobility, data collection and other latest technologies to work smarter and faster. Join this session to explore data collection for warehouse operations, mobility extension for JD Edwards, end-to-end automation across the entire supply chain and more available solutions with AtomIQ. Discover how mobile, automation and low-code/no-code tools can optimize inventory management, order fulfillment, etc - leading to faster and more accurate operations.See More
JD Edwards

Support Tools to Streamline Issue Resolution
Presented by: Boon-Long Ng, Oracle America, Inc

This session will highlight support services and tools to assist with issue resolution - milestone tracking program, simplifi
... ed diagnostics collecting, and support analyzers to improve your JD Edwards issue resolution.See More
JD Edwards

Supporting AIS/Orchestrator from Installation to Scheduler
Presented by: Ms. Jean Driscoll, Syntax Systems USA, LP

Oracle's Orchestrator is a great new development tool for automation. From a CNC perspective we have to Install ESU's, UDO's
... , UDC's, setup a framework of AIS/HTML instances, secure it, setup the Orchestrator Scheduler, setup the Orchestrator Monitor and learn how to test it and manage and promote UDO's. This session will give an outline of what needs to be setup and where to find the instructions for getting 'her done!See More
JD Edwards

Sync Your BOM and Engineering Change Process with JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP
Presented by: Naoki Tokuhashi, QBuild Corporation

Integrate your JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP with your engineers' CAD, PDM and PLM systems and streamline the engineering c
... hange process! Are you challenged by having siloed systems not communicating with each other which results in higher overhead cost in engineering, costly purchasing and production errors, and a slower turnaround time? For discrete manufactures, engineering data (Item Master and BOM) in ERP is the cornerstone. Learn how you can streamline data flow from engineering to production using a direct, live, bi-directional integration by QBuild! Objective #1 Learn how to bi-directionally synchronize engineers' CAD, PDM, and PLM data with your JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP using CADLink. Objective #2 Learn how to control engineering change processes such as ECR, ECO, and ECN using a web application, ECx Manager. Objective #3 Learn an alternative method of controlling engineering change processes in JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP's ECO module with CADLink. See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Taking a Leap: E1 Cloud Migration and Upgrade
Presented by: Chris Noack, Granite Construction, Inc.

Granite Construction was given a 1-year notice in which to vacate their current data center. The decision was made to migrate
... E1 to a public cloud while simultaneously upgrading to JDE 23. In this session we will discuss the challenges we faced and walk the audience through the questions we had to answer: Which cloud? How much will it cost? How will it perform? How to estimate the JDE retrofit effort? And most importantly, can we get it all done before we need to leave the data center!?See More
JD Edwards

Technology SIG - Admin/Development Enhancement Session
Presented by: Diane R. Miller, ERP Suites

In this session customer get to interact directly with Oracle Technology support to ask for enhancements to the software that
... will make our lives easier and provide more function. Is your E1 software running as designed - but you would prefer a different design? Are your users having to click too many keys and complaining? Are you in need of performance or security enhancements to cover audit issues? This is the session where you can make a difference and have your voice heard. These enhancements will be entered in the Quest enhancement system where you will be able to track your requests and Oracle will have your suggestions on their list and other users can vote to promote your ideas.See More
JD Edwards

Technology SIG Security Round Table
Presented by: Linda Nelson, ALLOut Security

Security should be a hot topic! In this session all of the newer security options currently available will be described and
... discussed. Come discuss your security needs with Oracle and let them know what security holes exist. Request enhancements to cover the bases. Other customers will be there to help you understand the work arounds for making sure your Enterprise One Software is safe!See More
JD Edwards

The City of Oceanside Police Dept reduced the hours to process bi-weekly payroll from 80 to 8! Learn how SchedulerPro's electronic workflow dramatically improved Timekeeping efficiency & accuracy.
Presented by: Mario Alvarado, Enterprise Technologies

Join us to hear how the City of Oceanside Police Department transformed their paper timesheet bi-weekly paper process into a
... fully electronic paperless process using Enterprise Technologies SchedulerPro. The implementation of SchedulerPro dramatically reduced the time to for the Police to process bi-weekly payroll, improved the timecard accuracy, and automated complex union pay rules, allowing officers and administrators to spend more time serving the public. SchedulerPro is a Cloud based SaaS resource scheduling and time capture solution tightly integrated with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Time & Attendance bespoke to the complex timekeeping and scheduling needs of Police and Fire clients. chedulerPro allows clients to create work schedules months into the future for teams of resources which eliminates manual time entry. Users only need to manage exception time entry, overtime, sick, leave management and approvals using a simplified, modern, and user friendly interface. Using tight integration, timecards are synchronized in near realtime with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Time & Attendance. Approvers are notified in near realtime, through multiple text and email channels, of subordinate overtime requests, sick and leave requests, and timecard approvals. Approvers have the option to initiate shift bids to quickly fill open shifts. Supervisor can interactively view schedules by team or supervisor on a Timeline view to visually confirm staffing levels as the timeline visually characterizes different types of regular, overtime, leave and sick time. Enter to win an Apple Watch Ultra! The winner will be chosen Wed at 1:20pm at the Enterprise Technologies Booth #1114.See More
JD Edwards

The Cumulative Value of JD Edwards Enhancements: What You Can Do Now in Application that You Couldn't Do Before
Presented by: Ervin Rhodes, Oracle America, Inc

Let's be honest: change is hard to keep up with, especially when the JD Edwards development team keeps dropping enhancements
... quarter-by-quarter. Sometimes it's hard to see through the flurry of new features. In this session, we'll step back, take a look at a few of the most significant recent enhancements, and put them in the context of real business value. See what you can do now that you could never do before.See More
JD Edwards

The Cumulative Value of Logic Extensions: Six New Enhancements that Redefine Development
Presented by: Haiyan Wang, Oracle America, Inc

The good news is that product enhancements are released incrementally. The (not so) bad news is that you have to keep up with
... them. In this session, we will explore the latest major addition to the JD Edwards Digital Platform: Logic Extensions. Since the initial release of Logic Extensions in Release 22, this feature has been steadily enhanced with additional capabilities. Launch workflows. Process sets of data. Get numerical sums, averages, and groupings right out of the database. Launch logic extensions directly from application forms. Come to this session to get the scoop on these and other enhancements to Logic Extensions.See More
JD Edwards

The Importance of Archiving Before an Upgrade or the Cloud
Presented by: Mr. David Shea, ARCTOOLS

Upgrades are a lot of work. For some, new features make the upgrade exciting. For others, it’s just more work. Poor performan
... ce in CRP will discourage users from the start. Re-platforming or moving to the cloud is also a lot of work... likely significantly more than an in-place upgrade. And it could end up being more expensive than you expect. Archiving before or as part of an upgrade changes the experience for EVERYONE. There are many benefits, ranging from faster testing to quicker conversions. But the most important may be the vast improvement in user enthusiasm for the upgrade. Archiving a CRP environment will provide a significant performance boost that will help get ALL users excited about the upgrade, not just those with new features. Archiving production prior to the upgrade will shorten the time to perform the upgrade, and improve performance after the upgrade. Archiving before moving to the cloud has all the same benefits described above, but can also result in significant savings in your cloud costs. Space usage is a significant chunk of your bill. Save a terabyte in production and you can save that same terabyte multiple times - PD, PY, QA, CRP, training and sandbox environments... Your 1TB just became 6TB. And less data requires less horsepower (processors) and memory to process. So you can get better performance from a lower-spec server. ARCTOOLS has helped hundreds of customers archive JDE data. This session will focus on several customers that purged and archived before or during their upgrade or move to the cloud. Particular focus will be on a customer that made the decision to archive in the middle of their upgrade. With only weeks until go-live, the archive was done in parallel with CRP. User enthusiasm rose significantly and the archive was a success. See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

The JD Edwards Digital Platform at Work: Customer Panel
Presented by: A.J. Schifano, Oracle America, Inc

Inspiration and perspiration: creative thinking and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude can result in some pretty amazing innovat
... ions. In this session, we will hear from a panel of customers who have put the JD Edwards Digital Platform to good use by addressing real-world business problems and opportunities.See More
JD Edwards

The Magic behind the Machine - Orchestrations, Alerts and Boomi - Automating processes at the speed of business.
Presented by: Joanne Sunderman, Granite Construction, Inc.

Learn how Granite Construction automated business processes to dynamically notify, update and maintain their information arou
... nd Job Cost, Equipment Maintenance and more. Through the use of partner tools such as Boomi and platforms such as Sharepoint and Cantara, Granite has methodically transitioned manual tasks to automations, generated notifications and alerts empowering the business to better manage their business and processes. Tips and tricks around the UXOne functionality including dashboards, Widgets, Springboards, Orchestrations, file import and triggers and more.See More
JD Edwards

The risk of low-code; the 5 pitfalls.
Presented by: Joost Engel, SCANMAN & Fizor

Low-code is conquering software development, according to Gartner predictions over 65% of newly developed software in 2024 wi
... ll be realized with low code. What are the risks that come with the flexibility and scalability of low code technology? What are the risks in opening software development capabilities to business users? Preparation and strategy are key to successfully implementing low code with JD Edwards. This session shares over 10 years of experience with low code and JDE. Learn from customer examples, what are the top 5 pitfalls? And more importantly, how do you conquer the challenges in technology, governance and company culture. This session will help you consider the practicalities in low code and assist a successful implementation with JD Edwards. See More
JD Edwards

Tired of Hiring Employees One by One? Efficiently Hire in Mass with Custom Application
Presented by: Danielle Matherne, Turner Industries Group

In an effort to quickly hire employees in mass, we created a custom application to suit our business needs. Standardly Empl
... oyee Quick Hire only allows you to hire employees one by one. We created a custom application that can look to a custom table to allow you to review hire records and process them in batches to the applicable HCM tables. We will review the different custom tables and applications used in this speedy hiring process. In this presentation we will demonstrate hiring employees from an outside source through E1 in batches, instead of entering one employee at a time.See More
JD Edwards

Tredegar Case Study-Replacing Excel/Email with Low-Code Platform: Centralizing Master Data Management - MRO, Product Definition (PLM) and More…
Presented by: Mr. Joe Hebner, Tredegar Corporation

Accurate master data is the bedrock for system integrity. It guides users through the master data process to ensure the data
... is entered, approved, and finally loaded, via integrations, into JDE. It also utilizes system processes to reduce manual input for improved accuracy and efficiency. This demo will include several processes we use to achieve these goals: MRO: This process allows users to request and approve new MRO items and then utilize a third party to scrub the data and accurately categorize prior to loading items to JDE. Purchase Items: Purchased item requests can be manually entered or fed into the request form by our product engineers via our PLM application. Requests are entered, approved, and systematically loaded to JDE. Finished Goods: New finished goods SKU requests are entered, approved then the items, UOM conversions, BOM’s and routings are loaded to JDE. There are several validations to ensure data accuracy and verify the items are allowed based on our PLM application. Objectives: 1. Integration: The platform uses several data integration methods with JDE via direct data access, calling business functions directly, and using Orchestrations to load data. 2. Process Improvement: How the processes are leading to improved data integrity and user efficiency 3. Agility: Low/No code platform allows the development team to quickly fulfill business requirements See More
JD Edwards

TRI Pointe Homes' Continuous Delivery of UDO's/Orchestrations Improves the User Experience!
Presented by: Chad Holewinski, The MASYC Group, Inc.

TRI Pointe Homes' information technology team adopted a continuous delivery model in order to add value to their internal bus
... iness team members by utilizing EnterpriseOne's low code/no code toolsets. After their last major upgrade (Completed in November of 2020), TRI Pointe Homes has continued to invest in their solution by solving business challenges utilizing nearly 900 new Orchestrations, Notifications, CafeOne's, and many other User Defined Objects. This session will describe how TRI Pointe Homes and their partner The MASYC Group, Inc. transformed EnterpriseOne from a "traditional ERP" software to a solution that provides actionable intelligence across the organization.See More
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UDO/Personalization SIG
Presented by: Mrs. Chantelle Cory, LSB Industries, Inc.

The UDO/Personalization SIG was formed to give JD Edwards users a venue to discuss the latest tools delivered by Oracle as pa
... rt of their “Citizen Developer” strategy. This SIG provides a communication venue between customers and Oracle to discuss enhancements and improvements related to the UDO tools.See More
JD Edwards,App to All

Unbreakable JD Edwards
Presented by: Christian Fronteras, Redfaire International

Imagine a JD Edwards environment where the lights never went out. Where patching and deployments didn’t interrupt users. Wh
... ere the system’s published availability is 24X7X365. In this session you will learn how key Oracle Cloud Infrastructure features (web application firewalls, load balancers, identity access management, burstable infrastructure, availability domains and cross regional replication), coupled with developments in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne tool set (server manager API’s, virtual batch queues, native support for autonomous database (ATP), POD architecture) make an ‘unbreakable’, secure, zero downtime solution possible. Learn how JD Edwards customers – like award winning UK brewery Adnams – sleep better knowing the lights are on.See More
JD Edwards

Vertex Roundtable
Presented by: Mrs. Katie Lewis, Brasfield & Gorrie LLC

JD Edwards uses Vertex as the tax compliance solution to ensure correct calculations when payroll is processed. Vertex works
... with federal, state, and local agencies to ensure they are up to date at all times. We will discuss best practices and open it up to what other clients do to ensure their monthly updates happen timely and the Vertex Upgrades when necessary.See More
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Watch It, Learn It, Do It - Everything You Need to Know About UDOs in Release 23
Presented by: Nathan Ley, Terillium, Inc.

Attendees should pre-register for workshops. Walk-ups are possible and will be permitted, at the discretion of the workshop i
... nstructor. Join us during this workshop to experience firsthand the exciting User Defined Object (UDO) features published in Oracle’s latest Release 23! Prerequisites: Minimum of entry-level experience or knowledge of Orchestrator Studio and UDO Workbench concepts. Equipment: Laptop & Charger Access to Web Browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge preferred)See More
JD Edwards

What's New for EnterpriseOne Logistics?
Presented by: Ervin Rhodes, Oracle America, Inc

The cumulative value of enhancements in JD Edwards Logistics can help you improve the efficiency of your logistics operations
... . Functional enhancements along with UX One, Orchestrator, and Notifications will inspire you to re-imagine how this is possible. For example, enhancements in Warehouse Management can improve the utilization of your warehouse space and increase labor productivity. Come to this session to learn more about what is possible for Logistics in Release 23.See More
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Your Guide to Moving to EnterpriseOne from World
Presented by: Jason Andrews, Argano

Moving from World to EnterpiseOne is not an “Upgrade” it’s a “Migration”. This session will talk about options for assessing
... a World to E1 Project, as well as things to consider as part of a migration. Argano will talk about the process, what is standard and what will need implementation work. From customizations to configuration, to data conversions there is a lot to understand and review. Join us to learn more about: • Tips and tricks as well as gotchas to avoid • How to implement a solution that accommodates current economic conditions and supports trends and growth • How Oshkosh Defense modernized their ERP System • Business process change (if simple and non-intrusive to day-to-day working) • Business process change to enhance and automate manual processes • Form Extensions/Personalization to remove cosmetic customization • Logic extensions to remove customized logic • Orchestrations to automate manual system processes • Orchestrations to replace intrusive custom integrations • The use of custom workflow if appropriate See More
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