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Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud Sessions

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Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud Sessions

• Preparing for the change in IT – Start Change Management early…over communication
Presented by: Rick Kusse, Mcgrath

Mcgrath has gone through a next generation re-imagination of their IT organization. This project has taken their ERP, infran
... structure, security, governance, mdm and entire landscape into a state of change. The project required detailed planning, change management, configuration, integrations, best of breed technology selection, security and other considerations. The process required significant planning, execution and learning opportunities that others could value from the experience. See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

A Comprehensive Cloud Assessment Framework for PeopleSoft Customers
Presented by: Logesh Balasubramaniam, SpearMC

For many organizations, Cloud based ERP transformation projects are part of a robust long term strategy that is well aligned
... to their business goals; while for some others it could be a misguided panic move that offers short term band-aid solutions but not much long term value. For PeopleSoft customers who are considering cloud based ERP transformations, this session provides a comprehensive assessment framework for understanding and evaluating the true nature of transformation needed for your organization. This assessment framework covers the key areas of People, Process and Technology that is set to gain the most value and see the biggest impact from cloud migration. It provides guidance on identifying the critical success factors for your cloud transformation project.See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

AI Cage Fight! Gideon Taylor's Ida vs. ChatGPT!
Presented by: Andrew Bediz, Gideon Taylor

OpenAI's ChatGPT has wowed the world, disrupted industries, and inspired millions with fresh ideas of what artificial intelli
... gence can accomplish in the real world. And hey, we admire ChatGPT as much as anyone - but as purveyors of the premier enterprise chatbot solution, Ida, brought to you by our IntraSee team, we're pleased to inform you that there's gonna have to be a smackdown!! Come to our theatre session, forgive our theatrics, and watch these monster AIs go head to head. Will hulking ChatGPT's capacity to generate convincing, humanesque language on any topic put Ida on the ropes? Can ChatGPT compete with Ida's deep authenticated integration with enterprise applications and her ability to learn and adapt to the very bones of your organization? Come ready to cheer for your favorite bot, or just to enjoy the AI mayhem that will ensue. And although entertainment can be less fun when you learn something, risk it anyway, because the AI fight is coming to your institution next! And you thought an AI can't cry...See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,App to All

Best Conditions for a Successful Jump into the Cloud 
Presented by: Sherri Conrardy, Redfaire International

Check the weather before you make the big jump!   So, you've decided to ‘take the plunge' and jump into the cloud!  Congratu
... lations, no need to worry, you’re on your way to a great adventure!  Don’t forget to take the time to prepare yourself to have the maximum amount of agility, choice and control.  Join our session and walk away with a checklist, conditions to avoid, and a better understanding of what OCI has to offer.     Let’s pull that ripcord and Jump JDE into the Cloud together!   See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Chase Corporation moving from JDE World to Oracle Cloud ERP/SCM
Presented by: Dave Denney, Argano

Chase Corporation, a global specialty chemicals company that is a leading manufacturer of protective materials for high-relia
... bility applications, wanted to transform from Oracle JD Edwards World to Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain applications. The go live on Oracle Cloud ERP/SCM is to kick off in fall 2023 and Chase sees the opportunity to gain improvements in some of the following areas: • Integrated business intelligence across all modules • Disintermediation in the value chain and M&A acceleration • Improved security patching and disaster recovery • Machine learning enabled within ERP • Audit improvements and integrated approvals • Improvement of Supply Chain / Manufacturing processes Learn how Chase leveraged Argano’s Rapid Assessment process to build a business case and convince the Management Team to move from JDE World to Oracle Cloud. See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Cloud Bound? Already on Cloud? Possibly Cloud Bound? Unsure? What you can do now to think about making the shift to Cloud easier.
Presented by: Daniel Van Der Meulen, University of South FL

Whether you are preparing to go to the Cloud in a year, five, or ten, this session will discuss ideas and actions to take tod
... ay to streamline and re-organize your on prem solutions to act more cloud like in preparation for a one day move to cloud solutions. The main focus of topic will be Billing and Accounts Receivable and actions we are taking now to ready ourselves to make a future shift to cloud easier. How we are project by project taking our older style complex billing structure from the on prem solution and making it less complex to fit in a one size fits all world where customizations are not available. There will be an end of presentation discussion session to allow others who have transitioned to cloud or are in the process of transitioning to provide ideas or tips and tricks they may have used to help or are helping them to transition to cloud.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Cloud HCM - years after the on premises migration
Presented by: Guy Waterman, Oracle America, Inc

Join this lively conversation with a panel of Oracle Cloud HCM customers years after their migration from Oracle On-premises
... human resource solutions. Customers will share experiences of their Cloud HCM implementation, note the greatest changes they had to make, and describe the benefits they realized.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Cloud Transformation – Changing Dynamics Along the Cloud Maturity Model
Presented by: Sarah Martinez, Datavail

The move to the Cloud is filled with exuberance and challenges as your organization progresses along the Cloud Maturing Model
... . The wave of digital transformation brings disruptive changes to the organization as well as an opportunity to evaluate process and incorporate efficiency. True transformation succeeds when people themselves transform and adopt to change. This session will reveal what one of the largest fast foods icons had to contemplate as they started their journey and the maturation that ensued. Every role on the organization from technologists to leaders were required to embrace change for them to become “value creators”. What does your organization need to consider as it progresses along this maturity model? Has your organization considered the roles required as you progress from data center transformation to application stabilization, to supporting hybrid deployments before you modernize your applications? Come join Pramod Alluri, Global Cloud Transformation Leader at Datavail, for this insightful session as he takes you along the various stages of transformation with a true use case and provides key insights that your organization needs to contemplate across the Cloud Maturity Model, each step along the way! See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,App to All

Cloud, SaaS, PeopleSoft, and You: Preparing for What's Next
Presented by: Paul Taylor, Gideon Taylor

In today’s market, organizations have options on whether/how/when to move to the Cloud. Some are reimplementing to new SaaS s
... olutions; others are optimizing PeopleSoft and lifting their existing ERP/HCM to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure; and others are choosing to integrate Cloud-based solutions with their on-premise PeopleSoft applications. Join us for a panel discussion on factors to consider in evaluating your options and how to get the most value from the direction you choose. We'll share insights to help you navigate the options and the marketplace. How do you engage Oracle? How do you evaluate providers for Cloud services and/or Cloud infrastructure? What are the benefits you should expect? What will your team be responsible for AFTER the migration? We’ll also share best practice on some of the smart things your organization can be doing TODAY so that you’re ready for TOMORROW: Designing Cloud-proofed business processes that can easily move PeopleSoft down either cloud path; Automating manual tasks to help your staff redefine the nature of “work”; Identifying opportunities to reduce and retire third-party systems. Bring your questions and join us for successful strategies that will help you ensure a smooth landing if and when your cloud migration comes, and allow you to keep innovating in the meantime.See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Configuration vs. customization - what can, or can't I control in Oracle Cloud HCM?
Presented by: Heather McAninch, Oracle America, Inc

Transitioning to Oracle Cloud HCM does not mean that you lose control over your HR system of record. In this session, we will
... cover the many options you have to configure and personalize your system to meet your business requirements. This session will start to explore the tools and processes you control in Oracle Cloud HCM, using the Experience Design Studio, what changes are optional vs. required, and how often are these controls managed. We will also provide examples of how former PeopleSoft customers removed or replaced their PeopleSoft customizations once they transitioned to Oracle Cloud HCM. Learn: • What controls and configuration options customers have with Oracle Cloud HCM • About the Experience Design Studio in Oracle Cloud HCM • Replacing existing customizations when transitioning to Oracle Cloud HCM See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Deploying Journeys for Cloud HCM to support a mass onboarding event
Presented by: Guy Waterman, Oracle America, Inc

Journeys enables the workforce to quickly access and complete processes with little or no training. In this use case conversa
... tion, Texas Instruments put this to the test as they welcomed and onboarded more than 1000 workers from an acquired facility. Learn how TI leveraged Journeys to smoothly orchestrate the addition of these workers as the newest members of the TI family.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Designing your high availability and disaster recovery architectures on OCI
Presented by: Biju Thomas, Data Intensity

OCI has several architecture options for applications that run on an Oracle database engine. The HA and DR options differ bas
... ed on the database service - Oracle on IaaS, DBCS or Database System, Oracle Exa Cloud Service, Autonomous Database, and Cloud at Customer. RAC and Data Guard are the most common HA/DR solutions. You can also use Golden Gate and other data replication tools. For application services, you can use native cloud replication options or rsync. Orchestrate your DR configuration, validation, testing, failover, and switchover using Full Stack Disaster Recovery.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,Oracle Database

Employee Experience
Presented by: Mrs. Nancy Estell-Zoder, Oracle America, Inc

Automated, personal, relevant guidance is necessary especially today where people are busy with work and life. Your employees
... want to know that you know who they are and what challenges they have and expect the organization to give them trusted guidance and relevant support to help them with their job, career as well as personal growth. In this session, learn how Oracle Cloud HCM  can support your enterprise employee experience initiatives in the future of work.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

EnterpriseOne on OCI - Rapid Go-Live for The Amherst Group
Presented by: Chad Holewinski, The MASYC Group, Inc.

In only FOUR months The Amherst Group went live on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 22. Thi
... s includes Financials, Job Cost, Subcontract Management, Homebuilder Management, thousands of User Defined Objects (e.g. Orchestrations, Notifications, CafeOne's, Composite Pages, and Grid Formats) using The MASYC Group, Inc.'s Rapid Start program. Hear directly from The Amherst Group's product manager as to how the organization prepared for the project, chose the solution and partner, their experiences with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and how they have positioned themselves to grow into their EnterpriseOne solution including upgrading to Release 23.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Finance your move to Oracle Cloud ERP for a more cost-effective migration
Presented by: Gina Keeler, Oracle America, Inc

Studies indicate that cloud technology deployments deliver up to 4x the ROI as on-premises deployments while at the same time
... decreasing TCO. However, undertaking a move from legacy ERP to cloud requires investing in implementation and consulting resources. Learn how to gain the ROI/TCO benefits while balancing these project costs by leveraging an Oracle payment strategy to convert upfront SaaS and consulting project costs to post-go live spend. This session is targeted to anyone needing to get approval for an ERP modernization project including finance, IT, and procurement roles. This session is also relevant for Oracle implementation partners.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Focus on HR Service with HR Help Desk and Case Management
Presented by: Mrs. Nancy Estell-Zoder, Oracle America, Inc

Staff shortages, remote workforce, complex employee relations, new technology and the need to support the future of work toda
... y all result in higher expectations of HR and the Service Center. In this session, learn how Oracle Cloud HR Help Desk with Case Management can support the optimization of your global service center, ensure contractual compliance and provide the level of service your workers deserve. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Fond du Lac Case Study: The Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Cloud & JDE
Presented by: Mr. Dean Matvey, Fond du Lac Reservation

The advancement of technology is becoming as inevitable as death and taxes. Aging infrastructure and systems can often leave
... organizations stuck in the mud as their competition moves forward. As a result, most Oracle JDE customers are all faced with, and at least considering, the move to cloud applications. When, how, what applications, and whether they should be making the move to cloud applications at all, are top of mind to for many IT executives and business functional leaders. Many customers have adopted a functional approach where a point solution is migrated to cloud applications and integrated back to the legacy application. One of the most common of these functional areas has been in Human Capital Management (HCM). In this session, we will provide a comparative analysis between Oracle HCM Cloud and JDE HCM solutions.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Gain Insight Into Your Cloud User Adoption and Maximize Efficiency
Presented by: Jay Chatterjee, IBM

By understanding user adoption and usage, organizations can maximize their cloud investments, improve their cloud ROI, and id
... entify areas for further optimization. Join IBM as they provide insight in how you can improve visibility into user adoption and engagement, tracks usage of cloud services ..including how you can use OTBI to help evaluate system usage to improve employee efficiency. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Getting started with your journey to the Cloud as a PeopleSoft Customer
Presented by: Mr. Robbin Velayedam, Oracle America, Inc

Are you a PeopleSoft customer actively evaluating what a transition to the Cloud might look like for your organization? Come
... to this session to learn about the resources available to you and what you can expect life to be like as a Cloud customer. You will learn about other PeopleSoft customers who have made the transition, what options you have, and what factors you should consider as you build the business case for transitioning.See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Growth in the Flow of Work
Presented by: Chris Havrilla, Oracle America, Inc

In this session, we will go deep explore the vision, roadmap, and investment strategies for our key innovations with respect
... to respect to learning, development, and growth. From LMS to LxP to growth in the flow of work and life, our most recent investments and innovations connect people with valuable, hyper-personalized insights, recommendations, and guidance on skill development for mastering their current roles, as well as their ongoing growth potential. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Guardian Finance Transformation - PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud
Presented by: Marcel Esqueu, Guardian Life Insurance Co of America

Will review Guardian Finance journey from idea to implementation from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud. Discuss hardships endured
... during pandemic and totally virtual. Will include helpful hints for success along our journey and where we are todaySee More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

HCM and Finance - a solution that is better together
Presented by: Guy Waterman, Oracle America, Inc

Oracle Cloud provides a unified environment where HR and Financial business processes leverage a common environment. Beyond t
... he technical advantages, Baylor University has realized many functional advantages of a unified environment - enabling the university to make better and faster decisions based upon better visibility to key measures across their organization. This session will highlight processes that can help your organization realize the benefits of a unified finance and HR solution.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Helping customers determine the right path forward to the cloud – a comparison of Enterprise Structures in Oracle’s JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP
Presented by: Jay Wages, Argano

Many JD Edwards customers are developing new business and technology strategies as they look to the future and see the benefi
... ts of cloud technology. Argano’s goal as your strategic partner is to guide your organization toward success by determining the right path forward in the cloud. One way is to migrate from JD Edwards on-premises solutions to the Oracle Cloud Applications Suite, including Oracle Cloud ERP. As JD Edwards customers embark on the journey, they may have questions about the functionality provided by Oracle Cloud ERP, particularly due to the differences in terminology and concepts between the two solutions. This presentation is targeted at JD Edwards customers who are exploring an Oracle Cloud ERP implementation and need information on how an enterprise is structured in Oracle Cloud ERP compared to JD Edwards. It is important to know that both JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP provide all the functionality required by companies to create and report on all types of financial transactions. Although these systems support all types of enterprises, the terminology and structure are different. I will show a representative organization and how it is defined both in JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP and discuss the structural, conceptual, and terminology differences and similarities between the two.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

How MLB migrated its ERP solution as part of the “One Baseball” Initiative
Presented by: Angela Wilson, Argano

There is only one Major League Baseball! Learn how MLB migrated off multiple instances of JD Edwards and consolidated their u
... nique organizations to Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning. Discover how they overcame challenges, completed their ERP solution, and transformed their internal business operations by leveraging Financials, Procurement, and EBPCS to complete a major initiative they call “One Baseball.”See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

How NOT to move your application the cloud
Presented by: Erik Benner, Mythics, Inc.

Everyone talks about success moving to the cloud, no one wants to share their mistakes. But much is learned from mistakes. T
... his session will go over mistakes made ( anonymously of course) by customers. The impact and how everything was made right. Mistakes from planning to the cutover will be covered.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,App to All

How small investments in Recognition and Rewards can increase motivation, encourage cultural goals and reduce turnover
Presented by: Dave O'Meara, Oracle America, Inc

In this session we'll look at how the intelligent use of Recognition and Rewards in combination, can produce results where 't
... he sum is greater than the parts'. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

How to Move from JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud with Confidence
Presented by: Beth Dvoracek, Oracle America, Inc

Are you considering a move to Oracle Cloud? Hear how we did it at clients like Choctaw Nation from Beth Dvoracek, GVP of Orac
... le Consulting. From planning, processes, and accelerators to getting the culture ready for the cloud, find out how we are helping JD Edwards customers continuously innovate to drive business outcomes.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

How to Sleep as a CISO
Presented by: Andrew Whitaker, Oracle America, Inc

What keeps CISO’s awake at night? What security priorities are top of mind that, when addressed, can give a CISO (Chief Info
... rmation Security Officer) enough assurance that they can sleep soundly at night? In this talk, you will learn about the top priorities facing CISOs today and solutions to help mitigate security risk for your critical Oracle applications. Topics include: • Zero Trust Architecture - Why it is important, how organizations are building out their Zero Trust roadmap, and Oracle’s approach to Zero Trust. • Ransomware - How to protect your data against ransomware, detecting security threats that put you at risk for ransomware, and solutions to contain and recover from a ransomware attack • Data Security - How to approach data inventory and classification, database protection controls, and maintaining regulatory compliance for data security By the end, you will not only walk away with a deeper understanding of these topics, but also guidance on how to approach these security issues both strategically and tactically. See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

How to Soar from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud with Confidence
Presented by: Beth Dvoracek, Oracle America, Inc

Considering a move from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud? Hear how we did it at clients like Texas Children's Hospital from Beth Dv
... oracek, GVP of Oracle Consulting. Get real-life advice around lessons learned and best practices for accelerating the journey, reducing risk, and achieving exceptional outcomes.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Hybrid cloud network, how do you get there?
Presented by: Gary Gordhamer, Viscosity North America

Hybrid cloud means connecting users, on-premise systems, and other clouds to each other. In this session we will cover all t
... he items you need to design, migrate, connect, and finally securing your cloud network. We will start with some networking basics and map them to the cloud terminology in OCI. To secure your network requires multiple levels of configuration around subnet layout, routing, and security lists. Connecting between two systems can seem as hard as connecting across countries, so troubleshooting tools are critical. Finishing up with a few examples of configurations that can be used.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,Oracle Database

Integrating JD Edwards with Oracle Cloud HCM
Presented by: Shaunine Kinzer, Oracle America, Inc

Looking to maximize your investment in JD Edwards while increasing your employee engagement? In this session we will discuss
... how integrating JD Ewards ERP with Oracle Cloud HCM can make this happen as we discuss use cases of customers who have deployed this solution and, in some situations, used this as a starting point to migrate their entire JD Ewards deployment to Oracle Cloud.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Integration & Automation
Presented by: Deepak Arora, Oracle America, Inc

The latest releases of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Integration and Process Automation have contributed to Oracle being
... Named a Leader and positioned highest in Ability to Execute in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Integration Platform as a Service, Worldwide. We'll share the latest developments that have helped our JD Edwards and PeopleSoft customers easily connect and continuously innovate in distributed cloud environments. Are you an applications development and operations lead? Are you architecting your integration strategy for connecting applications, data, and services wherever they run? Are you looking for easier ways to get more from your applications and SOA Suite automations? Are you being asked to bring data-driven automation, conversational, or other AI services to your customer and employee experiences? We've got great news for you. OCI Integration (OIC) and SOA on OCI marketplace provide the foundation for faster iteration and simpler operations. With the ability to move to the cloud "as is" and simply connect any application, data, or service using supported adapters and prebuilt recipes, you and your teams can get more innovation with less coding. Hear from Oracle Product Management about how OIC and closely related OCI services are helping thousands of enterprise developers build scalable, event-driven applications faster. Learn how to easily extend your applications with the latest releases of Process Automation and related services including API Management, Streaming, Queue, and more. Join us for the best practices and insights to help simplify every stage of your cloud journey. See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

JD Edwards Extreme Performance and Resilience on AWS
Presented by: Allen Jacot, Syntax Systems USA, LP

JD Edwards is an IO hungry application that has some interesting behaviors. Learn more about solutions from Syntax and AWS th
... at deliver extreme performance with high resiliency and high availability as well as incredible disaster recovery with low RPO/RTO allowing many customers to revert to the lower cost Oracle SE2 or SQL Server SE. And for customers who really need to scale, learn how to leverage the industry’s largest and fastest network fabric, instances, and storage.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

JDE for today, tomorrow...and beyond
Presented by: Mr. Rana Beteille, LTI Mindtree

In the education session on “JDE for Today, Tomorrow… and Beyond” we will talk about: a) Current JDE: How JD Edwards has bee
... n supporting business over last four decades and why the ERP is still going strong. We will also look at the challenges that are being faced by users of JD Edwards and ability of the product to adopt to current digital extensions b) Options Ahead: JD Edwards offers multiple options including deployments on-premise, private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud for optimized TCO. The current trend also shows increasing integrations with SAAS applications, for specialized functionalities. Additional options emerge with extreme automations through native Orchestrator, RPA, Mobility and AI/ML processors c) Option for You: On the face of multiple challenges and options, users of JD Edwards can choose to remain on the ERP and still ‘digitize the core’ IT landscape or take a ‘journey to cloud’ infrastructure. Users can also progressively work on their business processes and ‘simplify with SAAS’ or initiate ‘business reimagination’. The session will explain these options with use-cases d) Next Steps: The session will conclude with suggestions as how an organization can assess their readiness to adopt one or more options and take their JD Edwards to ‘tomorrow and beyond’ See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

JDE Migration 5 years later
Presented by: Guy Waterman, Oracle America, Inc

Overhead Door was one of the earliest adopters of the HCM Cloud migrating from JD Edwards HR. Learn how this transition has h
... elped the organization focus on improving employee experiences and becoming a top rated and most desired place to work.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

JDE to Cloud- CTB’s Case for Modernization
Presented by: Jennifer Leatherman, CTB, Inc.

CTB, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway manufacturing company, had been running and maintaining a highly customized and outdated JD E
... dwards World system supported by multiple 3rd party applications. The on-premises hardware was unreliable and disruptive, causing at times outages that impacted the production floor output and customer orders. There was also concern about retiring IT staff and loss of internal knowledge on how to maintain these highly manual, custom systems. CTB, Inc. evaluated various technology options and chose Argano and Oracle Cloud Applications. Argano partnered with Oracle to drive a transition plan to replace JDE World and multiple bolt-on solutions with Oracle Cloud. The implementation has been executed in two parts, with Oracle Cloud EPM and HCM in phase one, and Oracle Cloud ERP, SCM, and Fusion Analytics for ERP, SCM, and HCM in phase two. Additionally, CTB, Inc. uses Oracle CPQ, Oracle OTM, and RF-SMART, and now there are seven CTB, Inc. manufacturing plants using Oracle Cloud ERP Manufacturing. This session will discuss the following key Topics: 1. Building the Partnership with Oracle and Argano 2. Benefits for CTB Moving to the Cloud 3. Design, Config, Test Process 4. Go-live do’s and don’ts (lessons learned) About CTB, Inc. CTB, Inc. is Helping to Feed a Hungry World® through a number of business units that manufacture and supply systems and solutions primarily for the grain, poultry, pig and egg sectors of the agricultural supply chain. Based in Milford, Indiana, U.S.A., the company operates from multiple locations in various countries around the world and serves its customers through a worldwide network of independent dealers and distributors. About Argano 4 Oracle Argano 4 Oracle is a strategic partner building digital foundations for end-to-end enterprise modernization—one team across Oracle Cloud Applications, OCI, and Oracle on-premises products. See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Life after JDE
Presented by: Lyle Ekdahl, Inoapps USA

What happens when you are ready to leave JDE? What to expect from your project to move to Cloud Applications and what do you
... need to live in the Cloud. Hear Lyle Ekdahl and Debra Lilley talk about their experiences with customersSee More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Loving Life with JDE on OCI - Dollar Shave Club's Journey to Cloud Hosting
Presented by: Luis Robles, Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is well known for their products and unique selling proposition to the market. They are a well-establ
... ished market leader and have a support team and strategy that supports their market goals. The IT team made the decision to move JDE applications to a managed cloud services solution through Denovo to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In this session, DSC will share the reasons for their decision, what the project migration looked like, successes, and lessons learned from the run & maintain aspect of running JDE on OCI.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Managing Change in the Cloud
Presented by: Ms. Sue Shaw, CTR

So you have decided to take the leap into the cloud – do you really know what you are signing up for? Come hear how to proac
... tively manage change in the new world.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,App to All

Moving Past PeopleSoft – Evaluating Oracle Cloud during a Phased Migration
Presented by: Richard Merrill, Elire, Inc.

Many Cloud adopters decided to take a phased approach to Cloud migration, maintaining a hybrid on-prem and cloud ecosystem to
... meet their business needs. Now that cloud has expanded to contain more robust, enterprise functionality, the time to move out of a hybrid environment is on the horizon. In order to make this transition smooth, it is essential to assess what data is in each system, how often legacy reports and information are utilized, and where each part of a business process is happening – and fully understand how end-to-end business processes cross applications in the hybrid model. This session will focus on a customer case study of continued Cloud migration and moving towards PeopleSoft retirement, starting with an assessment, and mapping what available functionality in Cloud would meet business needs. We’ll detail the tools and templates used to perform this analysis, and the beginning steps for your own application review to continue on your Cloud journey.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Moving to the Cloud – Talent Management
Presented by: Chris Havrilla, Oracle America, Inc

An overview of our HCM Cloud Talent suite -- a look at Recrruiting, Performance, Succession, as well as Learning, Skills, Op
... portunity Marketplace and how Oracle Grow can change the game in how a worker experiences and leverages them all) was you thinking about aligning your now to a future move to cloud.? See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Oracle Applications & Database Optimization and Licensing Assessment
Presented by: Wais Ayubi, AWS

Do you want to know how to optimize your Oracle applications and database license costs and get better performance? Join AWS
... and AWS Premier Partner, Navisite, to learn more about the Oracle Application Optimization and Licensing Assessment (Oracle OLA) program that helps you quantify and analyze your existing Oracle applications and database coverage so that you can make best use of your existing investment (licensing analysis) and optimize the overall licensing cost when moving workloads to AWS.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Oracle Based Applications Moving to Cloud Server’s Expert Panel
Presented by: Gary Gordhamer, Viscosity North America

Are you considering moving your Oracle based applications to the cloud? If it’s just an Oracle database, or perhaps your com
... pany is looking at moving on-premises PeopleSoft or JD Edwards to cloud based infrastructure. This panel will include multiple experts that have moved many Oracle based workloads to multiple cloud based infrastructure providers (OCI, AZURE, AWS, GCI). Bring your questions and let’s have an interactive discussion. Ask about such topics as security, technical steps, costs, gotchas, performance, patching, or availability.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,Oracle Database

Oracle Cloud Student: What should Campus Solutions customers expect?
Presented by: Susan Beidler, Oracle America, Inc

Today’s Higher Education institutions are facing enormous change: in the types of students they serve, in their mode of deliv
... ering education, in their missions within their communities. Oracle understands these dynamics and how technology can be part of meeting these challenges. Join our session to see how our vision for the Oracle Student system has become reality for many of today’s forward-thinking institutions. We’ll show you how institutions can embrace a comprehensive approach to promoting student success, whether that student is pursuing a four-year degree, seeking an employment-related certification, or taking a class for their personal enjoyment. We’ll discuss Oracle Student’s unique approach to enabling innovation within the institution, through a flexible architecture, automation and user-driven configurability. And, most importantly, you’ll hear how current Campus Solutions customers are leveraging this new solution and Oracle’s recommendations for how to prepare for your journey to the Cloud.See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Oracle UPK End of Life : what are my options ?
Presented by: Vincent Lucey, Epilogue Systems

Oracle user Productivity Kit [UPK] sunsetted support on Dec. 31, 2022. That Oracle product, originally designed for PeopleSof
... t, fell out of compliance and introduced security risks to all users. Opus salvages all your UPK content in bulk in minutes and gives you the next generation Digital Adoption Platform, across any IT ApplicationSee More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Path to Cloud: Creating Your Cloud Roadmap
Presented by: Chris Costakes, Elire, Inc.

Choosing to move from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud is no small feat. PeopleSoft continues to deliver new functionality and an u
... pdated user experience, making it possible to capture the most value from your PeopleSoft Application, while also making decisions that will support your Migration to the Cloud. The Journey to Cloud can be understood in three main "days”: • Day 0 – Maximizing your On-Prem Application & laying the foundation to make a future Migration to Cloud easier • Day 1 – Making your move into the Cloud with the strategy that works best for your organization • Day 2 - Optimizing Oracle Cloud for increased cloud adoption and value This spotlight session will provide the framework to identify where your organization is on your cloud journey and actions you can take at each stop (even pre-9.2!) to avoid limiting decisions - while also getting the most out of PeopleSoft and setting your organization up for success in the Cloud. Elire will review key decision criteria for each step, common barriers encountered, PeopleSoft to Cloud accelerators to simplify the Cloud transition, and realistic business process and technology choices your organization will face along the path of cloud maturity. See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

PeopleSoft Path to the HCM Cloud
Presented by: Michael Marthe, Elire Inc.

It is an age of transformation for many organizations that permeates through their technology, and their people. For many, th
... at transformation entails a movement from their on-premise PeopleSoft systems into cloud-based solutions. During this session, we will discuss common strategies and tools to perform a cloud implementation, as well as critical milestones required and key considerations for a successful transition.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Planning for Advanced Scheduling for Industries
Presented by: Sherri Bartels, Oracle America, Inc

No other industry has been turned as upside down as the Healthcare industry over the last three years. The evolving role of t
... he nurse to managing a flexible and gig workforce, all while working to retain and staff highly specialized healthcare workers in short supply, the healthcare industry has been at the forefront of constant change. In this session, learn how cloud applications can solve the Healthcare workforce challenges, including our focus on advanced scheduling and the healthcare worker's experience.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Recommended practices for applying updates and taking regular maintenance in Oracle Cloud HCM
Presented by: Heather McAninch, Oracle America, Inc

We will discuss best practicies for applying updates and taking regular maintenance in Oracle Cloud HCM. This session will co
... ver how new features are made available, what your responsibilities are for testing those new features, how fixes are provided, and the regular quarterly update schedule within Oracle Cloud HCM. We will also cover what impact, if any, there is to users during those updates. Learn: • How updates are made available to customers on a regular basis in Oracle Cloud HCM • What responsibilities customers have for testing new features once they become available in Oracle Cloud HCM • What customers need to do to prepare for regular updates and what the impact is to users in Oracle Cloud HCMSee More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Rolling out Cloud HCM at Albertson's
Presented by: Guy Waterman, Oracle America, Inc

Implementing Cloud HCM at a diverse organization like Albertsons required a lot of coordination. Join this ession to understa
... nd the challenges of deploying a unified cloud solution in an organization with as diverse business reuiqremnts across so many geographies and lines of business.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Run your mission-critical Oracle ERP applications on AWS
Presented by: Pat Bangalore, amazon web services

* How do you increase functionality, enhance performance and increase agility of your on-premise Oracle’s business critic
... al applications including E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Hyperion while reducing the overall ERP cost? Join this session to learn how migrating Oracle’s business critical applications to AWS, delivers cost savings, improved reliability, and enhanced performance. We will share use cases, migration programs, and how you can identify cost savings and license optimization opportunities. We will also discuss how customer like Korean Air, Red Hat, University of California, and Carrier Corporation are leveraging AWS's 200+ cloud native services including AI/ML, automation, etc. to simplify their IT landscape, improve security and processes, and ensure high availability See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Scaling JDE and Peoplesoft databases on AWS
Presented by: Mr. Kewal Shah, N/A Company - Customer

Learn how AWS can deliver the performance, availability, and scalability to run mission-critical Oracle, SQL and DB2 databas
... es for JD Edwards and Peoplesoft. AWS experts dive deep into AWS offerings and capabilities while comparing to Oracle Exadata Database Machines and Real Application Clusters (RAC), helping you understand licensing, support, and overall total costs of ownership.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,Oracle Database

Seamless Collaboration Between Customers and EnterpriseOne
Presented by: Chad Holewinski, The MASYC Group, Inc.

This innovative solution allows businesses to share information from EnterpriseOne with their customers. Utilizing of Oracle
... 's cross-industry platform enables mobile access, real-time communication, document versioning, and when combined with the EnterpriseOne Orchestrator allows businesses to share key information with their customers.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Should You Stay Or Should You Go? On Premise or Move to The Cloud?
Presented by: David Downey, Oracle America, Inc

Not quite ready to make the move to the cloud? Learn how to optimize your current platform to drive better results and prepar
... e for a future move to the cloud. In this session you will hear about the tools we use to optimize your on premise platform, including steps you can take to prepare for a future move to cloud, supported by real-world examples of how organizations are doing it today.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Skills are the New Currency: Evolving to a Skills-Based Organization
Presented by: Chris Havrilla, Oracle America, Inc

If the world of work is evolving to more of a talent and opportunity marketplace, how do we frame the discussion beyond just
... the traditional jobs and roles we have always used in the past to a model that support an exchange of skills and capabilities for the work that needs to get done in an organization? And why skills are the building blocks of these new work models... See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Stay on Premises or Embrace Cloud? You can have both!
Presented by: Bobby Hoeflich, Oracle America, Inc

OCI, hybrid cloud and migration are all options for a JD Edwards customer’s cloud journey. Should you upgrade your JD Edwards
... EnterpriseOne release? Is there value in a move to OCI for operational modernization? Have you considered extending JD Edwards with cloud apps like EPM, HCM, CX or OTM? What about a full cloud migration? Join me to discuss how to evaluate these options, explore costs, review functionality from SasS apps and hear stories about JDE customers and their cloud journey.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Strategies in Change Management Utilizing Oracle Guided Learning
Presented by: PaToya Hall, Baylor University

We will walk through our current and ongoing change strategies and how we utilized Oracle Guided Learning to carry them out.
... See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Technology Innovation that matters
Presented by: Guy Waterman, Oracle America, Inc

An advantage of cloud computing is the ability to adapt quickly and take advantage of solutions that were not previously easi
... ly accessible or affordable. This session will identify many innovative solutions like artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital assistant, process automation, business intelligence, Oracle Applications Platform with the Redwood Design System that are available for Cloud HCM customers to access and leverage across their entire workforce.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Texas A&M University System from Exadata Cloud at Customer, OCI and beyond: An Unexpected Journey
Presented by: Donovan Sherriffs, Texas A&M University

Come join us as we review Texas A&M University Systems journey from Oracle Cloud past (Gen 1 Exadata Cloud at Customer/Oracle
... Cloud Machine), present (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Gen 2 Exadata Cloud Service), and future. We will be covering the journey, lessons learned, and tools that helped along the way.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,Oracle Database

The business case for making the move from on-premises ERP to Cloud ERP
Presented by: Gina Keeler, Oracle America, Inc

The pressure is on to stay nimble and to pivot quickly and competitively in ever changing market conditions. Are labor intens
... ive, manual processes holding you back? Are you struggling to gather and analyze data in a meaningful way? This session will help you reimagine your business using modern cloud applications that deliver deep enterprise insight through automation and touchless processing using next-generation technologies like AI and machine learning.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

The Fork in the JDE Road: Making the Hard Choice Between Staying in Enterprise One, Fully Committing to a Cloud Solution, or Adopting a Hybrid Solution
Presented by: Ruben Palma, Mason Vitamins

Mason Vitamin is a manufacturer and distributor of vitamins, and a long-time JDE user. They did an ERP evaluation trying to d
... ecide between upgrading E1, integrating cloud applications to JDE, or moving wholesale to cloud applications. This session will focus on that decision process, their ultimate decision to make the move wholesale into Oracle Cloud Applications, and project detailsSee More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

The Importance of Archiving Before an Upgrade or the Cloud
Presented by: Mr. David Shea, ARCTOOLS

Upgrades are a lot of work. For some, new features make the upgrade exciting. For others, it’s just more work. Poor performan
... ce in CRP will discourage users from the start. Re-platforming or moving to the cloud is also a lot of work... likely significantly more than an in-place upgrade. And it could end up being more expensive than you expect. Archiving before or as part of an upgrade changes the experience for EVERYONE. There are many benefits, ranging from faster testing to quicker conversions. But the most important may be the vast improvement in user enthusiasm for the upgrade. Archiving a CRP environment will provide a significant performance boost that will help get ALL users excited about the upgrade, not just those with new features. Archiving production prior to the upgrade will shorten the time to perform the upgrade, and improve performance after the upgrade. Archiving before moving to the cloud has all the same benefits described above, but can also result in significant savings in your cloud costs. Space usage is a significant chunk of your bill. Save a terabyte in production and you can save that same terabyte multiple times - PD, PY, QA, CRP, training and sandbox environments... Your 1TB just became 6TB. And less data requires less horsepower (processors) and memory to process. So you can get better performance from a lower-spec server. ARCTOOLS has helped hundreds of customers archive JDE data. This session will focus on several customers that purged and archived before or during their upgrade or move to the cloud. Particular focus will be on a customer that made the decision to archive in the middle of their upgrade. With only weeks until go-live, the archive was done in parallel with CRP. User enthusiasm rose significantly and the archive was a success. See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

The multicloud solutions for PeopleSoft and JDE cloud migration and modernization
Presented by: Cathy Gallagher, Heartland IT Consulting

I would share the multicloud solutions for PeopleSoft and JDE cloud migration and modernization. We understand that customer
... s already have applications running on AWS and Azure and may have signed a long-term minimum consumption agreement in exchange for a discount (which they may be starting to regret). They still have the ERP apps on-prem or with another private hosting provider. They are hesitant to migrate these ERP apps to their primary cloud providers due to performance or cost. OCI is the best option for these ERP workloads. Thousands of customers have already migrated their ERP to OCI. OCI provides a full suite of multi-cloud integration solutions for customers to integrate the ERP with other apps on-prem and on other clouds. "See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

The Now and Future of Talent: Oracle Cloud HCM's Innovations and Investment Strategy
Presented by: Chris Havrilla, Oracle America, Inc

In this session, we will take a deeper dive into the vision, roadmap, and investment strategies for our key innovations with
... respect to Recruiting, Talent, Learning -- as well as what you should know about the latest innovations that utilize those core foundational areas (such as Dynamic Skills, Grow, and ME) -- and some new innovations as well (such as Touchpoints and Communicate)? that can have a huge impact on your people strategies, programs, and initiatives.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

The Road Well Traveled - Maximizing PeopleSoft ROI through improved performance, automation, and security on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Insights from a Customer Panel
Presented by: Arvind Rajan, Astute Business Solutions

The presentation will cover various topics, such as the migration process, performance optimization, cost management, and sec
... urity considerations. The panelists will also discuss how OCI's advanced features and tools, such as Autonomous Database, Compute Instances, and Load Balancing, have helped them enhance their PeopleSoft environment and streamline their business operations. In addition, the panelists will share their thoughts on the future of PeopleSoft on OCI, including potential innovations, trends, and challenges. They will also answer questions from the audience, providing valuable insights and advice for those considering or already using PeopleSoft on OCI. Overall, this customer panel presentation aims to provide a comprehensive and informative overview of running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, highlighting its benefits, challenges, and best practices.See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,Oracle Database

The Strategic Value of Oracle Guided Learning
Presented by: Matthew Vaughn, Oracle America, Inc

Digital transformation is not for the faint of heart. Learn about the strategic value of implementing Oracle Guided Learning
... to drive target outcomes of your digital transformation. Digitizing your core operations is often just the foundation for offering new or enhanced digital products and services. Strategic business imperatives to reduce costs, improve quality, improve speed-to-market, drive growth, and improve experience often underpin the rationale for digital enablement. The value chain, by necessity, includes the user adoption curve for your critical business technology. Find out more about how Oracle Guided Learning, Oracle's best-in-class digital adoption platform, can enable success for your transforming organization.See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Transitioning to Oracle Cloud: The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Presented by: Dee Ann Haworth, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) is the 3rd largest United States tribal government that supports its programs with multi
... ple commercial enterprises as well as grant funding. CNO made a strategic decision and multi million dollar investment to pivot from JDE to Oracle cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Many factors were considered to enable this transformational change and we'll share our experiences from implementation to go-live. Learn the things we wish we would have known, what failed, how we survived, and how our system has grown since go-live. Join us in discussing our cloud-based journey including the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

What is the correct migration path from Oracle on-premise ERP to Oracle Cloud ERP?
Presented by: Howard Engle, Argano

Implementing Oracle on-premise ERP typically meant implementing the full ERP package; however, Oracle Cloud ERP is flexible a
... nd provides options: implementing the full ERP package or pieces of the ERP package. This flexibility provides customers with multiple migration pathways from Oracle on-premise ERP to Oracle Cloud ERP. Based on business requirements and risk tolerance, customers can execute a single-phase transformational migration by moving from their on-premise ERP to Cloud ERP in a single effort, or execute a multi-phase transformation migration by moving a single business function or business process followed by subsequent business functions or processes. There is no single approach when moving from Oracle on-premise ERP to Oracle Cloud ERP. The correct approach is the approach that addresses the specific requirements of a customer. Worthington Industries and ODL, Inc. are both moving from Oracle on-premise ERP to Oracle Cloud ERP, but are taking different approaches to the migration. Worthington Industries is taking a multi-phase, business process approach, while ODL, Inc. is taking a single-phase approach. Business drivers, such as revenue growth, supply chain enhancements, and industry requirements, and technology drivers, such as existing ERP limitations, user adoption, maintenance, and support influenced the approach each company is taking. The challenges Worthington Industries and ODL, Inc. encountered are likely the same challenges other customers are encountering. This session will provide details about what Worthington Industries and ODL, Inc. faced and provide insight into the decisions that were made and why those decisions were made, leading to how each approached the migration from Oracle on-premise ERP to Oracle Cloud ERP. See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Why Transition From On-Premises Applications to Oracle Cloud HCM?
Presented by: Chris Maurio, Argano

In the past, older, on-premises HCM and payroll solutions were selected to meet operational requirements such as benefits, un
... ion management, employee paychecks, and managing time and labor costs. Today, leading companies are not only looking at operational requirements but focusing on sourcing, hiring, and retaining top talent within the organization. This requires more focus on the employee experience, career development, training and certifications, and performance evaluations. While the operational requirements stand as table stakes, the enhanced employee experience and ability to meet the organization's strategic initiatives to grow and develop the workforce, provide meaningful interactions, and get the right person at the right time are at the forefront. Hear how Argano has helped customers build a roadmap to view HCM and Payroll technology through a new lens and deployed solutions aligned with how organizations have evolved from their legacy software.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud