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Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud Sessions
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud Sessions

3 Reasons Automated Testing Makes Sense for Your Business
Presented by: Todd Griffith, Argano

While the ability to update your ERP, HCM, and SCM systems regularly and easily is one of the best things about Oracle Cloud,
... the quarterly updates can still pose challenges. Your IT and business user teams need to test the changes to understand what will happen once the updates occur and prevent any trouble. Historically, most of that testing is done manually—it’s time-consuming, expensive, ripe for human errors, and difficult to be truly comprehensive. This is where automated testing makes all the difference. This presentation will walk the attendees through the concept of automated testing, a typical quarterly update process executed efficiently, the benefits, the detailed documentation output, and how automation can free IT and business users to work on higher-value innovations and the business. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

A Future so bright - Latest Strategy and Exciting Innovations in Oracle Cloud HCM
Presented by: Guy Waterman, Oracle America, Inc

The importance of employees has become essential to the survival of organizations. At Oracle, we are dedicated to supporting
... our HR communities as they design employee experiences that matter. Join Guy Waterman, Global Strategy Lead and Vice President for Oracle People Analytics, HCM Technology and Innovation, as they share the innovations that will allow HR to deliver a future designed with employee experience. Hear about the key trends and challenges, we’re helping customers address, as well as details to help you know what to expect and prepare for specific product innovations and enhancements. Walk away with an understanding of the newest solutions in HCM, how they can impact your organization, and where Oracle HCM is headed in the future. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Award Winning My Contractor Experience with Oracle ME
Presented by: Debra Lilley, Inoapps USA

Oracle launched ME last April to great analyst praise and awards and in turn looked to their partners to showcase how this co
... uld extend the value of Oracle HCM for their joint customers. Inoapps took up the challenge and were declared a winner at Oracle Cloud World with their My Contractor Experience use case. In this presentation they will explain what ME offers and show how they took a common set of challenges and addressed with this versatile offering.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Cloud Applications Configuration Automation, Control and Patch Impact Analysis
Presented by: Gordon Halley, ConfigSnapshot

Whether you are implementing, extending, rolling out, supporting, patching or auditing Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, clea
... r, concise visibility of settings and the consistency of them across multiple environments or entities, over time or impacts as a result of events such as patching, is vital for efficient management, control and business continuity. This session will outline how the right tools provide this clarity and will also cover the targeted setup loading / migration / auto-synch functionality as well as the Cloud Segregation of Duties reporting. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Cloud Applications: Flexible Configuration Loading, Reporting and Compares
Presented by: Gordon Halley, ConfigSnapshot

Flexibility to target and load specific setup is key in any Cloud implementation, roll out, release cycle, patch cycle etc. T
... he ability to then readily confirm settings are consistent across multiple Cloud environments is paramount. Basic implementation tools are provided but do not consider practical usage, lack clarity of reporting or consistency checking and require numerous loading mechanisms / user interfaces. Join us for this presentation where we will take you through just how easy it can be, with the right tools, to work with the Cloud configuration settings and extract, transform, load, compare them across environments, entities, time and even the quarterly patch updates. We will touch on the automated generation of MC050s, comparing settings across multiple Cloud environments, seeing the impacts of quarterly patch updates, loading targeted settings across environments, tracking who / what is making changes and user access / segregation of duties reporting etc. The session should be of interest to anyone working with the Oracle Fusion (SaaS) Cloud Applications.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Cloud HCM - years after the on premises migration
Presented by: Guy Waterman, Oracle America, Inc

Join this lively conversation with a panel of Oracle Cloud HCM customers years after their migration from Oracle On-premises
... human resource solutions. Customers will share experiences of their Cloud HCM implementation, note the greatest changes they had to make, and describe the benefits they realized.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Cloud HCM Open Roundtable hosted by the Cloud HCM Community
Presented by: Luke Hodges, Quest Oracle Community

Join fellow members of Cloud HCM Community for this networking opportunity! Come connect with your peers to discuss Cloud HC
... M hot topics, swap triumphs and frustrations, and ask questions.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Configuration vs. customization - what can, or can't I control in Oracle Cloud HCM?
Presented by: Heather McAninch, Oracle America, Inc

Transitioning to Oracle Cloud HCM does not mean that you lose control over your HR system of record. In this session, we will
... cover the many options you have to configure and personalize your system to meet your business requirements. This session will start to explore the tools and processes you control in Oracle Cloud HCM, using the Experience Design Studio, what changes are optional vs. required, and how often are these controls managed. We will also provide examples of how former PeopleSoft customers removed or replaced their PeopleSoft customizations once they transitioned to Oracle Cloud HCM. Learn: • What controls and configuration options customers have with Oracle Cloud HCM • About the Experience Design Studio in Oracle Cloud HCM • Replacing existing customizations when transitioning to Oracle Cloud HCM See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Delivered Reports in Oracle Cloud: Pain Points and How to Solve Them
Presented by: Chris Costakes, Elire, Inc.

Accessing reports in Cloud can be complex and require some nuance. Navigating these changes from on-premise reports and acces
... sing reports in Cloud can be tricky, as can the maintenance associated with keeping up on software updates and bug fixes.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Ease the Burden of Your Updates with Automated Testing
Presented by: Patrick Neary, DWS

- Within Continuous Innovation , the message for Oracle Fusion Cloud App users is clear: adopt the new application enhancemen
... ts to simplify and transform your business processes, eliminate customizations and take advantage of new business opportunities. Projects that deliver innovation however are not risk-free. To mitigate risk and to support a program of projects, extra emphasis must be placed on the importance of automated functional/regression testing. - The right testing solution can help improve all areas of end-to-end testing from test planning and management, test script development and execution, results analysis and defect monitoring. And, believe it or not, “only 45% of organizations believe they have the right testing strategy, process, and methodology in place” (World Quality Report, 2020-21). - If you are struggling to find a solution to your testing problems join this session to see how you can ease and speed up the burden of functional/regression testing, without involving technical resources. Using a tool that is application aware allows business analysts and super-users to organize, set up, modify and maintain test scripts--saving up to 70% of time spent creating and maintaining test scripts and 60% of time spent in test execution. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Energy Company Consolidates 14 Legacy Systems and sees significant Process Benefits
Presented by: Tobie Engle, Equitrans Midstream

Equitrans Midstream (ETRN), one of the leading Midstream providers of Natural Gas transportation, and recently spun out as
... a new independent entity, needed to deliver a full suite implementation to deliver core business requirements and enable their transformation from 100+ year old entity to start up! With a complex legacy systems landscape from the divestment, ETRN evaluated industry leaders such as SAP and Workday, and ultimately selected Oracle Cloud enhanced with Inoapps Energy Cloud Extensions to deliver a transformative project, delivered to tight deadlines. The ability to adopt Modern Best Practices, whilst still retaining flexibility to deliver unique needs has been a real benefit to ETRN. A great example of this is using the core capabilities of Oracle Cloud EPM, Oracle Cloud Projects, and Primavera (deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure!), to deliver an end-to-end AFE and Operational planning solution that covers strategic, financial, and operational requirements.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Extending Fusion Applications: What can you do?
Presented by: Debra Lilley, Inoapps USA

This is SaaS so you can't change it? Or can you? Let's understand how it is put together and what that means you can do and
... what you can't. If you can't do what you need inside SaaS, what are the options outside? And then how do you integrate these external extensions? APEX or VB? Lots of questions but easy to understand if someone explains See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Extending your SaaS Solutions. Best Practices
Presented by: Gustavo Gonzalez, KNEX Technology

Over the years, we have heard that Oracle Cloud Applications (Fusion Apps) are closed, and there is no possible way of custom
... izing them. Many organizations with unique business processes have been hesitant to adopt a SaaS solution because of these constraints. In this session, we will demonstrate how you can extend your SaaS solution and some of the best practices for executing it. We’ll start with Oracle itself, which has built many extensions such as AI & ML for multiple modules, pre-built Digital Assistants, out-of-the-box integrations with Warehouse Management and other products, and even integrations with Fusion Applications Warehouse (FAW), which provides a new set of analytics capabilities for your Oracle Cloud Apps. This is the starting point toward a world of extensions that every organization can perform, adding functionality not just to the features and functions that Oracle provides but building new functionalities to help their business processes. We’ll review some of the tools available and some of the best practices throughout the lifecycle of the development. We’ll also consider adopting security and governance when you extend your Oracle Cloud Applications. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Fond du Lac Case Study: The Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Cloud & JDE
Presented by: Mr. Dean Matvey, Fond du Lac Reservation

The advancement of technology is becoming as inevitable as death and taxes. Aging infrastructure and systems can often leave
... organizations stuck in the mud as their competition moves forward. As a result, most Oracle JDE customers are all faced with, and at least considering, the move to cloud applications. When, how, what applications, and whether they should be making the move to cloud applications at all, are top of mind to for many IT executives and business functional leaders. Many customers have adopted a functional approach where a point solution is migrated to cloud applications and integrated back to the legacy application. One of the most common of these functional areas has been in Human Capital Management (HCM). In this session, we will provide a comparative analysis between Oracle HCM Cloud and JDE HCM solutions.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Gain Insights & Support Your HCM Modernization Journey With IBM Assessment Offerings
Presented by: Shaunine Kinzer, Oracle America, Inc

JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, EBusiness Suite & Cloud HCM users can leverage IBM assessment offerings regardless of where you stand
... in your HR & Talent modernization journey. Whether you need support to develop a plan to modernize, are currently engaged in a cloud deployment or live on Oracle Cloud HCM and not yet realizing expected value. Learn about our capabilities and stand-alone talent analysis offerings to support you.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Get Connected – Oracle Cloud Customer Connect Roundtable
Presented by: Heather Hagedorn, Oracle America, Inc

Join this sharing session on how to best leverage the power of Oracle Cloud Customer Connect, Oracle's premiere online cloud
... community. Gain insights into the latest community features including Oracle validated resources and enhanced search. Hear about a new process for General Guidance (Sev-4) items and questions. Walk away knowing how your organization can capitalized on the wealth of information and connections available for successful implementation and adoption of your Cloud HCM applications.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Global Payroll in the Clould
Presented by: Felicia Cheek, Oracle America, Inc

The reality is most multinational organizations use more than one payroll system to pay employees in countries across the glo
... be. Join this session to gain a better understanding of the benefits of integration and how to optimize the employee experience in a global environment. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Growth in the Flow of Work
Presented by: Kautul Mehta, Oracle America, Inc

In this session, we will go deep explore the vision, roadmap, and investment strategies for our key innovations with respect
... to respect to learning, development, and growth. From LMS to LxP to growth in the flow of work and life, our most recent investments and innovations connect people with valuable, hyper-personalized insights, recommendations, and guidance on skill development for mastering their current roles, as well as their ongoing growth potential. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Happy Hour with the Cloud product teams
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Enjoy a drink and conversation with the Oracle Cloud Apps crew during the BLUEPRINT 4D welcome reception.
... See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

HCM and Finance - a solution that is better together
Presented by: Brett Powell, Baylor University

Oracle Cloud provides a unified environment where HR and Financial business processes leverage a common environment. Beyond t
... he technical advantages, Baylor University has realized many functional advantages of a unified environment - enabling the university to make better and faster decisions based upon better visibility to key measures across their organization. This session will highlight processes that can help your organization realize the benefits of a unified finance and HR solution.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

How Heathrow Airport leveraged Automated Testing to underpin the largest business transformation project in its 75-year history
Presented by: Tyler Price, DWS

In 2019, Heathrow launched Project Magenta, a major upgrade of the back office that would replace its 15 year-old on-prem eBu
... siness Suite with Cloud Applications. The core aim of the project was to modernize the airport’s HR, Finance, Revenue, Service and Asset Management systems, empowering employees with modern tools to unlock their full talent and potential. It was to be the largest business transformation in Heathrow’s 75-year history. Ensuring a smooth integration and deployment of this ambitious project required detailed analysis of a huge number of functions, the ability to identify potential problem areas and the effective testing of the new processes to minimise operational disruptions. Heathrow’s technology consultant Capgemini had extensive experience of DWS’s testing software SwifTest and proposed to Heathrow that it should be an integral part of delivering Project Magenta. After a successful Proof of Concept, SwifTest was incorporated into a Quarterly testing cycle to handle around 150 tests within a two-week window. To achieve the same volume of testing would have taken 3-4 weeks if undertaken manually. Project Magenta went live in October 2021, with tasks as different as hiring new colleagues, procuring goods, and generating revenue all brought together into one suite allowing the airport to benefit from efficiency through automation and driving faster, accurate decision making. This session will focus on how Heathrow were able to access the core benefits of an automated testing program and how you can leverage the same; namely significant time and resource savings and the provision of high-quality data, evidencing each stage of the process and enabling clear records to be maintained. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

How small investments in Recognition and Rewards can increase motivation, encourage cultural goals and reduce turnover
Presented by: Neeraj Narang, Oracle America, Inc

In this session we'll look at how the intelligent use of Recognition and Rewards in combination, can produce results where 't
... he sum is greater than the parts'. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

JDE Migration 5 years later
Presented by: Marc Jenkins, Overhead Door Corporation

Overhead Door was one of the earliest adopters of the HCM Cloud migrating from JD Edwards HR. Learn how this transition has h
... elped the organization focus on improving employee experiences and becoming a top rated and most desired place to work.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Managing Change in the Cloud
Presented by: Ms. Sue Shaw, CTR

So you have decided to take the leap into the cloud – do you really know what you are signing up for? Come hear how to proac
... tively manage change in the new world.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,App to All

Middle-east based financial services firm engages and empowers their workforce with Oracle Cloud HCM/ERP
Presented by: Pramod Alluri, Datavail

This Kuwait based stock exchange operator that manages the securities exchange and clearing segments modernized their on prem
... ise Oracle systems and takes a lead through their hire to retire and financial processes with Oracle Cloud HCM and Oracle Cloud ERP. They not only eliminated manual processes, operational inefficiencies, not aligned business processes, clustered integrations, maintenance tasks, such as applying security and technical patches but also took charge of tracking asset leases, financial reporting through a scalable roll out making zero impacts on their ongoing business,. Discover the problems we faced during implementations, lessons we learnt that can help you to better manage your ongoing and upcoming Oracle Cloud HCM/Financial SaaS implementations. In this session, you will learn several business process harmonization approaches, integration mechanism, best practices for implementations, tricks and tips that one can use for successful transformation over Oracle Cloud HCM and FinancialsSee More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,App to All

Moving to the Cloud – Talent Management
Presented by: Kautul Mehta, Oracle America, Inc

An overview of our HCM Cloud Talent suite -- a look at Recrruiting, Performance, Succession, as well as Learning, Skills, Op
... portunity Marketplace and how Oracle Grow can change the game in how a worker experiences and leverages them all) was you thinking about aligning your now to a future move to cloud.? See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Optimizing the Absences module to better manage FMLA time
Presented by: Brian Leong, Grant Thornton LLP

FMLA time is notoriously difficult to track and many organizations struggle to automate and integrate FMLA tracking with Abse
... nce and OTL modules. Join us as we discuss the best practices Grant Thornton, a leading tax, audit, and advisory firm has implemented to manage plans for employees and track all FMLA time properly. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Oracle Cloud Apps - Ignite & FailFest Sessions
Presented by: Anastashia Alfred-Waller, Baylor University

Ignite Session 1: Using Oracle Journeys to streamline processes and prevent mistakes Speaker: Anastashia Alfred-Waller, Lea
... d HCM Analyst. Baylor University has diversified its journey experience to give applicants, employees, retirees, and those leaving the organization a customized step-by-step iterative process designed for their success. Learning how to evolve and customize the Oracle Journey experience for full-time/part-time employees, interns, retires, and separating employee is only half the battle. Ignite Session 2: Workforce Comp - Struggles and fixes Speaker: Rob Longshore, Analyst ITSS, Yum Brands Quick overview of some troubles we ran into with how our WFC module was setup in the past, as well as some fixes we found to make our headache a little less painful. FailFest Session 3: How to fail your Cloud Project Fast James McBride, Financial Systems Manager, Voya Financial In this fail fest session we will discuss easy ways to ensure you Oracle Cloud project will fail to launch smoothly. Based upon experience doing implementations and post go-live support; we will discuss attitudes or decisions that will ensure failure of your cloud project and how to avoid those mistakes. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Oracle Cloud HCM – An Audience-Interactive Experience
Presented by: Amy Graves, Application Software Technology Corporation

Inspired by the Dallas-based Dude Perfect team, this Oracle Cloud HCM session invites attendees to engage in four audience-ce
... ntric learning segments.   During the first segment, UX Scavenger Hunt, attendees will discover how quickly users can complete Cloud HCM Employee Self Service and Manager tasks.  Participate in the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down to learn about the new features of HCM Cloud and rate functionalities such as Journeys for Onboarding, Offboarding, Marketplace, and Performance Reviews.  Hear from the customer perspective during the Customer Case segment, to understand how to leverage the tools to provide award-winning, employee-centric processes, empower managers with real-time data, and enable all employees with Journey-based onboarding and other progressions.   AST leadership will also discuss how the system has enabled company DE&I efforts.  Finally, an audience member will take a risk spinning the Wheel of Consequences to win tech prizes or donations to Quest's favorite non-profits. Alternatively, the spin could result in more dangerous outcomes, such as owning a new pet!See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Oracle Cloud Journeys: Uplifting the Employee Experience in HCM
Presented by: Sara Petracca, Elire, Inc.

Oracle Cloud Journeys provide personalized guidance and support to employees through professional and personal workflows. Thi
... s can include onboarding, offboarding, transferring to a new role or starting a new project, and life events such as getting married, having a baby, and planning parental leave. In this presentation, learn how to fully leverage this feature and explore the capabilities Journeys can offer your organizations’ Human Resources, Recruiting, and Talent Management departments.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Oracle Public Sector (OPS) Networking Session
Presented by: Mrs. Corey Powell, State of Montana

Please join the Oracle Public Sector Special Interest Group for a networking session! I will introduce new and existing Boa
... rd members and discuss current topics for public sector customers using PeopleSoft and Orace Applications. We have a wide array of HCM, Financial, Tools and Cloud Services expertise. If you are currently implementing new technology or struggles with existing functionality we are here to help. We have good working relationships with Oracle Strategists and would like to assist with your PeopleSoft or HCM Cloud journey!See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Oracle Recruiting Cloud – The Cutting Edge of Talent Acquisition
Presented by: Amber Gurley, Elire, Inc.

Oracle Recruiting Cloud is an end-to-end recruiting platform, providing seamless integration to your Oracle Cloud footprint a
... nd enhanced reporting capabilities. ORC can be expanded with cutting-edge technology including the Oracle Digital Assistant to streamline the candidate-to-hire experience, and ensuring you no longer miss out on critical candidates due to issues with bandwidth, technology, or workflow.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Planning for Advanced Scheduling for Industries
Presented by: Sherri Bartels, Oracle America, Inc

No other industry has been turned as upside down as the Healthcare industry over the last three years. The evolving role of t
... he nurse to managing a flexible and gig workforce, all while working to retain and staff highly specialized healthcare workers in short supply, the healthcare industry has been at the forefront of constant change. In this session, learn how cloud applications can solve the Healthcare workforce challenges, including our focus on advanced scheduling and the healthcare worker's experience.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Recommended practices for applying updates and taking regular maintenance in Oracle Cloud HCM
Presented by: Heather McAninch, Oracle America, Inc

We will discuss best practicies for applying updates and taking regular maintenance in Oracle Cloud HCM. This session will co
... ver how new features are made available, what your responsibilities are for testing those new features, how fixes are provided, and the regular quarterly update schedule within Oracle Cloud HCM. We will also cover what impact, if any, there is to users during those updates. Learn: • How updates are made available to customers on a regular basis in Oracle Cloud HCM • What responsibilities customers have for testing new features once they become available in Oracle Cloud HCM • What customers need to do to prepare for regular updates and what the impact is to users in Oracle Cloud HCMSee More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Skills are the New Currency: Evolving to a Skills-Based Organization
Presented by: Christine Yokoi, Oracle America, Inc

If the world of work is evolving to more of a talent and opportunity marketplace, how do we frame the discussion beyond just
... the traditional jobs and roles we have always used in the past to a model that support an exchange of skills and capabilities for the work that needs to get done in an organization? And why skills are the building blocks of these new work models... See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Smart Automated Testing for Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps
Presented by: Patrick Neary, DWS

- To keep pace with Oracle’s Fusion Cloud App updates, organizations need to think about transforming the way they test. Upd
... ate projects don’t come without risk and extra emphasis must be placed on the importance of automated functional/regression testing to mitigate risk. - The right testing solution can help improve all areas of end-to-end testing from test planning and management, script development, execution, results analysis, and defect monitoring. It is important that organizations can design and implement functional and regression test strategies that meets their immediate needs however simple or complex those needs might be. If immediate needs are simple or straight forward, your solution needs to support evolution towards a strategy that is robust, repeatable, and supporting of business and organizational change. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Streamlining Kelsey-Seybold's position budgeting with Oracle HCM
Presented by: Don Bender, Grant Thornton LLP

What if there were a more streamlined way to create the same level of oversight and management without the constant creation
... and management of positions? Join us as we share insights into how the large multi-specialty clinic system, Kelsey-Seybold improved its position budgeting with Oracle HCM by applying simple strategies for managing organizational budgeting requirements. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Talent Marketplaces, Worker Agility, Career Mobility, OH MY!?
Presented by: Christine Yokoi, Oracle America, Inc

We have all heard about these hot topics. In this session we discuss how the world of work is evolving as a marketplace. AND
... the positive impact this can and should have on an orgainzation's access to talent -- recruiting/internal mobility/succession planning -- as well as for the employee's themselves (career progression, mobility, agility, and experience). See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Technology Innovation that matters
Presented by: Guy Waterman, Oracle America, Inc

An advantage of cloud computing is the ability to adapt quickly and take advantage of solutions that were not previously easi
... ly accessible or affordable. This session will identify many innovative solutions like artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital assistant, process automation, business intelligence, Oracle Applications Platform with the Redwood Design System that are available for Cloud HCM customers to access and leverage across their entire workforce.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Telecom equipment’s’ player soar higher with complete Oracle Cloud suite transformation journey– implements 52 Oracle Cloud modules
Presented by: Sarah Martinez, Datavail

A global networking and communications equipment public company with revenue over $600M is executing a full digital transform
... ation program, saying goodbye to its legacy systems which have been in use and upgraded for the last 21 years. The organization will become one of the first in the nation to implement an updated and modern ERP Cloud platform foundation. This client is using Oracle’s complete suite of cloud-native applications and secure network infrastructure solutions, to evolve their network setup, get deeper business insights and grow revenue. In this presentation, we review the client’s cloud adoption journey to infinite continuous improvements and never falling behind or having to plan and pay for costly upgrades every 2-3 years. The client also expects to save considerable time and money by ending the maintenance, support, and development of their legacy on-premises systems. Oracle Cloud Applications provide quarterly updates that the client can adopt quickly with no customizations and less testing. As important as the selection of the software solution is the choice of implementation and support partner. The organization chose Datavail as it wanted to build innovation into its operating model driving faster and higher quality speed-to-market and aligning their old/new product development with its sustainability and growth objectives. The client is on an ongoing project plan divided into multiple go-lives – with the successful implementation of Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud HCM, the company now expects to add Oracle Cloud Applications for supply chain, customer experience and enterprise performance management for a fully integrated platform to run its business.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

The Coexistence Story: Oracle EPM Cloud & HCM
Presented by: sAchin cHoudhari, Circular Edge

74% of businesses say cloud migration will enable greater cross-team collaboration, but can HR and finance truly align? As a
... finance or HR leader, you shouldn't have to struggle to share information from disparate systems. This session will present a framework for graduating from disparate, manual planning tools to an enterprise-grade solution that evolves with your business. Learn how to fill current gaps such as built-in modeling, flexible workflow, and robust reporting.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

The New Global Workplace
Presented by: Felicia Cheek, Oracle America, Inc

Global workforce administration is evolving as a result of the evolving workforce. The support of workers around the world is
... not only due to expanded operations but also increased workplace flexibility. As organizations expand their global workforce, organizations require the ability to build, manage and optimize their workforce, often in locations where they have not operated before. This session will focus on key considerations for global workforce optimization and how to design the employee experience required for this new world of work.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

The Now and Future of Talent: Oracle Cloud HCM's Innovations and Investment Strategy
Presented by: Christine Yokoi, Oracle America, Inc

In this session, we will take a deeper dive into the vision, roadmap, and investment strategies for our key innovations with
... respect to Recruiting, Talent, Learning -- as well as what you should know about the latest innovations that utilize those core foundational areas (such as Dynamic Skills, Grow, and ME) -- and some new innovations as well (such as Touchpoints and Communicate)? that can have a huge impact on your people strategies, programs, and initiatives.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

The Strategic Value of Oracle Guided Learning
Presented by: Matthew Vaughn, Oracle America, Inc

Digital transformation is not for the faint of heart. Learn about the strategic value of implementing Oracle Guided Learning
... to drive target outcomes of your digital transformation. Digitizing your core operations is often just the foundation for offering new or enhanced digital products and services. Strategic business imperatives to reduce costs, improve quality, improve speed-to-market, drive growth, and improve experience often underpin the rationale for digital enablement. The value chain, by necessity, includes the user adoption curve for your critical business technology. Find out more about how Oracle Guided Learning, Oracle's best-in-class digital adoption platform, can enable success for your transforming organization.See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

The Value of In-house Quarterly Tax Reporting
Presented by: Melanie Maxim, Elire, Inc.

In looking to complete year-end and quarterly reporting requirements, organizations are searching for ways to cut costs and i
... ncrease efficiency in their reporting process. Oracle delivers and extracts the information you need to be able to complete quarterly reporting in-house. This presentation will highlight Elire's ability to assist clients in not needing ADP or other third-party payroll processing systems to complete their quarterly tax reporting requirements.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Time & Labor to Payroll to Projects – Pathways to Integration in Oracle Cloud
Presented by: Jason McCabe, Elire, Inc.

Mapping and tracking the movement of data from the Time & Labor module to the Payroll module into Projects is tricky. Getting
... the necessary information such as time, pay, and fringe costs into the Oracle Cloud ERP Projects module requires a specific integration to accommodate this transfer. Since there is no delivered integration to accommodate this, discover how Elire built custom integrations to move data into Projects for public sector clients.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Transform Your Employee Experience By Uncovering The Potential of Oracle Journeys
Presented by: Anastashia Alfred-Waller, Baylor University

The personalized journey experience begins long before an applicant applies for a position and extends well-beyond them leavi
... ng the organization. Baylor University has diversified its journey experience to give applicants, employees, retirees, and those leaving the organization a customized step-by-step iterative process designed for their success. A successful and robust employee life cycle has five or six essential stages that all organizations should be constantly developing and transforming for their end-users. In this session, Baylor University will unpack how we utilize customized non-Oracle delivered journeys to streamline and guide our employee journey experience.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud

Why Transition From On-Premises Applications to Oracle Cloud HCM?
Presented by: Catherine Murray, Argano

In the past, older, on-premises HCM and payroll solutions were selected to meet operational requirements such as benefits, un
... ion management, employee paychecks, and managing time and labor costs. Today, leading companies are not only looking at operational requirements but focusing on sourcing, hiring, and retaining top talent within the organization. This requires more focus on the employee experience, career development, training and certifications, and performance evaluations. While the operational requirements stand as table stakes, the enhanced employee experience and ability to meet the organization's strategic initiatives to grow and develop the workforce, provide meaningful interactions, and get the right person at the right time are at the forefront. Hear how Argano has helped customers build a roadmap to view HCM and Payroll technology through a new lens and deployed solutions aligned with how organizations have evolved from their legacy software.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Yes, a Seamless HCM Migration is Possible
Presented by: Pankaj Goel, Opkey

Migrating from Oracle on-prem to Oracle Cloud HCM is challenging. And a poorly planned migration can result in cost overruns,
... system downtime, and security lapses. In fact, Oracle reports that more than 80% of migration projects go over time, over budget, or both. This webinar will focus on the role of testing during migrations, and will explain how the right testing strategy, with the right tools, can help ensure your migration is complete on-time and under-budget.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud