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Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud Sessions
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud Sessions

Maximizing Efficiency with Selenium/Java for Oracle Cloud Release Management
Presented by: Louis Delashmet, Voya Financial

In today's fast-paced business environment, organizations are under pressure to deliver new releases and updates quickly and
... efficiently. Manual release management processes can be slow, error-prone, and difficult to scale, leading to missed opportunities and lost competitive advantage. In this session, we will explore how automating release management with Selenium and JavaScript can help organizations optimize their Oracle Cloud ERP systems and accelerate the delivery of new releases and updates. We will discuss the benefits of automation, the key features of Selenium and Java, and best practices for implementing these tools in your organization. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to leverage automation to improve release management processes and drive business success.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

3 Reasons Automated Testing Makes Sense for Your Business
Presented by: Todd Griffith, Argano

While the ability to update your ERP, HCM, and SCM systems regularly and easily is one of the best things about Oracle Cloud,
... the quarterly updates can still pose challenges. Your IT and business user teams need to test the changes to understand what will happen once the updates occur and prevent any trouble. Historically, most of that testing is done manually—it’s time-consuming, expensive, ripe for human errors, and difficult to be truly comprehensive. This is where automated testing makes all the difference. This presentation will walk the attendees through the concept of automated testing, a typical quarterly update process executed efficiently, the benefits, the detailed documentation output, and how automation can free IT and business users to work on higher-value innovations and the business. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

A case study on reducing licensing costs: Balancing functionality, security and controls for Oracle Cloud Financials and SCM
Presented by: Felipe Costa, Grant Thornton LLP

In this session, the audience will hear from a panel of the Business Lead, System Implementer and the Security Advisory Firm
... as they have successfully implemented multiple phases of Oracle Cloud from EPM, EDMC, FCC, ARCS, Financials and SCM. In this case study, we will demonstrate how the key to this implementation was balancing the Security and Controls with the Functionality requested by the business to have a healthy balance that ultimately helped them pass multiple audits.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Account Reconciliation with Cloud EPM
Presented by: Tim Gaumont, Oracle America, Inc

Join Oracle Product Management in this session for a review of the core features that so many customers are taking advantage
... of, not only across their balance sheet reconciliations but for off balance sheet operational requirements as well. We’ll also review best practices when planning your implementation, and tips & tricks for getting up and running quickly. EPM Account Reconciliation is ERP agnostic so anyone can use it whether you have a single or multiple ERPs across your company’s landscape. This session will include live demonstration.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Analytics in a highway for Fusion Applications with Fusion Analytics Warehouse
Presented by: Gustavo Gonzalez, KNEX Technology

In this session, we will go through Fusion Analytics Warehouse or FAW. This analytical application maximizes the value of Clo
... ud SaaS data by turning finance data into actionable insights. Empowers finance users to monitor business performance with pre-built or custom key performance indicators (KPIs) We will provide a description and roadmap for the existing Oracle products and how each would apply to solve your data requirements needs. We'll dive deeply into FAW's tech aspects, which ADW and OAC power. We will compare capabilities against building your own Datarepository through custom OBIA and demonstrate why FAW provides a complete finance analytic solution. A final review of implementation aspects for security, extensibility, and deployment. See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Beyond the Basics: Evaluating Oracle Cloud to Leverage New Features and Functionality
Presented by: Kayla Franklin, Elire, Inc.

Your Organization has been live on Oracle Cloud for a while and it’s going okay, but are you leveraging the power and potenti
... al of your application? By taking a simple approach to review your current application and available features, your organization can gain “quick wins” to ease business pain points, as well as build a path forward to gain more value from Oracle Cloud. This session will detail tools and techniques for evaluating your current Oracle Cloud processes, easily reviewing available features including Quarterly patches, and making a plan for applying expanded functionality for your users. We’ll also review a case study of an Oracle Cloud customer who performed an analysis to identify additional modules, delivered reports, and features that they hadn’t been utilizing that supported their business goals.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Boost profit margin with integrated Order-to-Cash and Trade Promotion Management
Presented by: Brian Tidmore, Oracle America, Inc

How do you generate new revenue streams and adopt new business models? How do you give customers an effortless buying experie
... nce and fulfill orders quickly? To manage behind-the-scenes order processing and delivery, you need complex orchestration, optimized order management, and integrated front-and back-office processes. Learn how cloud solutions can help you grow omnichannel business and create a modern order-to-cash process. Managing rebate revenue is key to growing profit margins at companies. While trade promotion management is often labor-intensive and prone to error, the lack of automation is partly to blame. Learn how automated processes can help companies effectively manage valuable trade promotion rebates—reducing claim errors and disputes and optimizing rebate program performance.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Bringing it all together. How HarbisonWalker International is using Oracle Cloud as its platform for the future.
Presented by: Josh Stauffer, HarbisonWalker International

Hear how HarbisonWalker International has implemented everything from HCM, ERP, SCM, WMS, Sales Cloud, CPQ, and now OTM to pr
... ovide the platform of the future for their entire organization. With their journey to the cloud starting in 2017 and continuing through today, HWI has made a positive impact on their business process, data, and overall support that will continue to benefit them long into the future.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Business Transformation with JD Edwards and Journey to the Cloud: Oracle has demonstrated its continued commitment to JD Edwards through investment in digital transformation enablement and Enhanced U
Presented by: Viral Doshi, Birlasoft

Business Transformation with JD Edwards and journey to the cloud: Oracle has demonstrated its continued commitment to JD E
... dwards through investment in digital transformation enablement and Enhanced UX via Low Code / No Code, as well as providing customers a strategic roadmap to the cloud. This session will provide customers with a roadmap to maximize their ROI in JD Edwards, by leveraging it as a platform for future transformation and growth. Also it will provide them with a roadmap to maximize transformation and growth potential, by expediting their journey to cloud, be it infrastructure migration to cloud, rapid integration of JDE with best of breed Oracle Edge Applications, or migrating the customers to a complete SaaS model leveraging our expertise, combined with our proprietary tools and accelerators. See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Cloud Applications Configuration Automation, Control and Patch Impact Analysis
Presented by: Gordon Halley, ConfigSnapshot

Whether you are implementing, extending, rolling out, supporting, patching or auditing Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, clea
... r, concise visibility of settings and the consistency of them across multiple environments or entities, over time or impacts as a result of events such as patching, is vital for efficient management, control and business continuity. This session will outline how the right tools provide this clarity and will also cover the targeted setup loading / migration / auto-synch functionality as well as the Cloud Segregation of Duties reporting. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Cloud Applications: Flexible Configuration Loading, Reporting and Compares
Presented by: Gordon Halley, ConfigSnapshot

Flexibility to target and load specific setup is key in any Cloud implementation, roll out, release cycle, patch cycle etc. T
... he ability to then readily confirm settings are consistent across multiple Cloud environments is paramount. Basic implementation tools are provided but do not consider practical usage, lack clarity of reporting or consistency checking and require numerous loading mechanisms / user interfaces. Join us for this presentation where we will take you through just how easy it can be, with the right tools, to work with the Cloud configuration settings and extract, transform, load, compare them across environments, entities, time and even the quarterly patch updates. We will touch on the automated generation of MC050s, comparing settings across multiple Cloud environments, seeing the impacts of quarterly patch updates, loading targeted settings across environments, tracking who / what is making changes and user access / segregation of duties reporting etc. The session should be of interest to anyone working with the Oracle Fusion (SaaS) Cloud Applications.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Connect Your Team to Powerful Financial Reporting for Oracle ERP Cloud?
Presented by: Sue Maloney, insightsoftware

The world is rapidly moving towards Cloud-based software applications and Oracle ERP Cloud is leading the way. Now is the tim
... e to consider the tremendous value you can gain by shifting your data to the Cloud. By doing so, you can uncover new operational insights that can optimize your finance and supply chain processes and help you meet your business objectives. It's more important than ever to leverage modern architecture and optimize your investment to drive real value from your cloud data. Join us for an exciting session on “How to Gain Real-Time Insights from Your Oracle Cloud Data” where you can learn the benefits of Oracle Cloud ERP, best practices for optimizing your supply chain and financial processes, and how to turn your cloud data into real, actionable insights. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge in the market. In this session, we’ll introduce you to purpose-built software that empowers your team with smooth, fast, flexible, Excel-based financial reporting. We’ll help solve your current and future reporting challenges and give you strategies to optimize and future-proof your investment of Oracle ERP Cloud with sustainable, powerful, finance-centric tools.??? See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Connected and Complete Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management
Presented by: Al Marciante, Oracle America, Inc

Cloud enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions should have the functional breadth and depth—as well as the scalabili
... ty and flexibility—to address all your EPM needs across the enterprise. Hear how customers have addressed multiple business processes with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud and broadly deployed it across functional areas in the organization.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Connected Financial Close with Cloud EPM
Presented by: Jon Summy, Oracle America, Inc

Many of the world's largest organizations rely on Oracle Financial Close solutions to meet their complex and ever-changing fi
... nancial and non-financial reporting requirements. But did you know that Oracle can also help lower the cost of compliance, shorten cycle times, improve data quality, and help bring together all departments for topical relevant connected reporting? This session explores how Oracle Cloud EPM can help you reimagine your close process to achieve better faster, more-accurate results.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Connected Planning: Align Plans and Decisions to Drive Growth
Presented by: Wayne Heather, Oracle America, Inc

Planning and forecasting are not just for the corporate finance department. They're also for sales, marketing, IT, HR, and ot
... her operational departments—wherever financial or operational targets reside. Operational planners typically resort to spreadsheets, resulting in inefficiencies and a complete lack of alignment with the corporate finance stakeholders. The key is to start making connections across various planning processes around the enterprise. Hear how customers have leveraged Oracle Cloud to connect and align their planning processes effectively.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Defining the Future of Procurement
Presented by: Erin Sun, Oracle America, Inc

Procurement solutions continue to evolve and offer new capabilities that enable leaders to be more strategic, agile, and resi
... lient. Learn new enhancements and discover how upcoming improvements to sourcing, contracting, self-service procurement, and more can help deliver value by enhancing the user experience, increase efficiency and visibility, minimize risk, and ultimately help strengthen your procurement organization so you can stay ahead of the curve. Procurement leaders have been focused on transforming their organizations’ source-to-pay operations, and they are uniquely positioned in enabling their organizations’ ESG and sustainability agenda. Learn how new product capabilities and upcoming improvements in sourcing, supplier management, contracting, and self-service procurement can help companies enhance user experience, increase visibility, optimize efficiency, improve ESG performance, and minimize risks.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Demystifying the technical complexity of covering Globalizations in Cloud ERP
Presented by: Gustavo Gonzalez, KNEX Technology

Starting the cloud journey by investing in Oracle Cloud ERP for your global operations is even more challenging if you're run
... ning operations across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Meeting legal and statutory requirements running Cloud ERP Globally requires many technical components worth learning before planning your implementation from a budget and a resource perspective. This session will cover which aspects you'd need third-party companies and how you can integrate them with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), also as what patching needs to be applied in Oracle Cloud SaaS, OIC, and creating an Oracle Autonomous Database, including some developments provided in VBCS that extend Oracle SaaS.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Detect, Decide, and Execute Faster with a Supply Chain Command Center
Presented by: Sesh Rao, Oracle America, Inc

We’ve all seen how multiple events around the world are causing constant variability in the supply chain. Ongoing supply and
... demand challenges in a volatile market makes it difficult to achieve complete visibility across the business ecosystem and mitigate risks with optimal response times. There is increased interest in the next generation of supply chain solutions that would allow better, faster, and more aligned supply chain decision making. In this session, we will share how Oracle enables companies with a supply chain command center, powered by Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM. We will cover: • The supply chain challenges that are driving executives and why the current approaches are not sufficient for today's issues. • What is a supply chain command center, and the key elements needed to succeed • How to enable a command center and improve the quality and speed of supply chain decision making See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Digital Finance Transformation with Oracle Cloud ERP
Presented by: Gary Grieshaber, Oracle America, Inc

Powerful forces across markets, technology, and society are impacting our enterprises in unexpected ways, offering opportunit
... ies for leaders to leverage their finance modernization and transformation efforts to propel their businesses forward. In this keynote, you’ll get a visionary view into the market-defining capabilities in Oracle’s innovation roadmap and see why a B2B connected ecosystem powered by Oracle SaaS is the next phase in fulfilling the promise of the cloud.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) with Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud & PaaS to reduce excess inventory in Oil and Gas Services.
Presented by: Ashish Bhatnagar, Birlasoft

Post-COVID supply chain disruptions and unprecedented demand swings have led to accumulation of excess inventory across regio
... nal distribution-centers in oil and gas industry. In a VUCA climate, optimizing inventory is crucial to avoid procurement of assets and meet the demand profitably. One client we worked with was dealing with this challenge and wanted to rationalize their inventory. Birlasoft collaborated with the customer to deploy Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud and Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) solution using Oracle PaaS for inventory optimization. The Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) solution facilitates rebalancing of inventory and assets across the supply chain. Using this system, we modeled the organization’s supply chain ecosystem (including manufacturing sites, warehouses, and central distribution centers) to achieve visibility and, consequently, inventory correction across all nodes. In this session, learn how the DRP solution can help you save millions of dollars by optimizing inventory to satisfy customer orders across the globe. Gain insights on building a lean supply chain with supply chain modeling in Oracle SCM Cloud and using dashboards to develop an inventory control tower.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Ease the Burden of Your Updates with Automated Testing
Presented by: Patrick Neary, DWS

- Within Continuous Innovation , the message for Oracle Fusion Cloud App users is clear: adopt the new application enhancemen
... ts to simplify and transform your business processes, eliminate customizations and take advantage of new business opportunities. Projects that deliver innovation however are not risk-free. To mitigate risk and to support a program of projects, extra emphasis must be placed on the importance of automated functional/regression testing. - The right testing solution can help improve all areas of end-to-end testing from test planning and management, test script development and execution, results analysis and defect monitoring. And, believe it or not, “only 45% of organizations believe they have the right testing strategy, process, and methodology in place” (World Quality Report, 2020-21). - If you are struggling to find a solution to your testing problems join this session to see how you can ease and speed up the burden of functional/regression testing, without involving technical resources. Using a tool that is application aware allows business analysts and super-users to organize, set up, modify and maintain test scripts--saving up to 70% of time spent creating and maintaining test scripts and 60% of time spent in test execution. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Enable Efficient Collaboration Across your Multitier Supply Chain
Presented by: Srinivas Bulusu, Oracle America, Inc

The ability to quickly respond and pivot is critical for your supply chain to operate at peak performance. With too many syst
... ems and sources of information, getting complete visibility and understanding what’s causing bottlenecks and increasing costs across your multitier supply chain can be a challenge. In this session, you’ll learn how a common cloud supply chain platform enables efficient collaboration and helps organizations get better visibility of inventory, purchasing, shipments, and production progress across their supply chain and extended network.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Energy Company Consolidates 14 Legacy Systems and sees significant Process Benefits
Presented by: Tobie Engle, Equitrans Midstream

Equitrans Midstream (ETRN), one of the leading Midstream providers of Natural Gas transportation, and recently spun out as
... a new independent entity, needed to deliver a full suite implementation to deliver core business requirements and enable their transformation from 100+ year old entity to start up! With a complex legacy systems landscape from the divestment, ETRN evaluated industry leaders such as SAP and Workday, and ultimately selected Oracle Cloud enhanced with Inoapps Energy Cloud Extensions to deliver a transformative project, delivered to tight deadlines. The ability to adopt Modern Best Practices, whilst still retaining flexibility to deliver unique needs has been a real benefit to ETRN. A great example of this is using the core capabilities of Oracle Cloud EPM, Oracle Cloud Projects, and Primavera (deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure!), to deliver an end-to-end AFE and Operational planning solution that covers strategic, financial, and operational requirements.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Enhancing Your Supply Chain Capability with Oracle SCM Cloud: A Proactive Approach
Presented by: Bryan Rose, Terillium, Inc.

This presentation will focus on how Oracle SCM Cloud can help organizations improve their supply chain capability and move fr
... om a reactive to a proactive approach. With Oracle SCM Cloud, businesses can gain visibility and control over their supply chain operations, enabling them to make better-informed decisions that enhance their overall performance. This presentation will explore the key features and benefits of Oracle SCM Cloud, including its advanced analytics capabilities, real-time monitoring, and collaboration tools. Attendees will learn how to leverage these tools to optimize their supply chain operations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability. By adopting Oracle SCM Cloud, businesses can take a proactive approach to their supply chain and gain a competitive advantage in today's fast-paced business environment. Goals of the Session: • Introduce attendees to the capabilities of Oracle SCM Cloud and how it can benefit their organization's supply chain operations • Highlight the importance of moving from a reactive to a proactive approach in supply chain management • Showcase the advanced analytics, real-time monitoring, and collaboration tools available in Oracle SCM Cloud that enable businesses to make data-driven decisions and improve their overall performance • Demonstrate how Oracle SCM Cloud can help businesses enhance their customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase profitability by improving supply chain visibility, efficiency, and agility • Discuss how the functionality compares to what is included in most ERPs See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

EPM Enterprise Journals Introduction & Update
Presented by: Tim Gaumont, Oracle America, Inc

Join Oracle Product Management in this session for an introduction and review of the latest features of EPM Enterprise Journa
... ls. EPM Enterprise Journals allows customers to centrally manage & perform manual journals across their organization. Enterprise Journals includes many features to help streamline the process including approval workflow, audit trail, and direct posting to any ERP whether it’s on-premise or cloud to name a few. Another key feature is the direct integration from EPM Account Reconciliation process to ensure all journals stemming from the financial close can be managed as well. This session will include a live demonstration.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

ERP & SCM Cloud SIG Round Table
Presented by: James McBride, IV, Voya Financial

Quest’s ERP Cloud SIG is hosting a networking session at Blueprint 4D for attendees to discuss any and all topics related to
... ERP & SCM Cloud. All attendees are encouraged to participate no matter where they are in their Cloud journey. Discussions will cover those considering migrating as well as best practices and tips for those already running ERP Cloud including streamlining business processes, lowering costs and improving controls. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions, share your story and learn from others. Build relationships that you can take with you after the conference and continue the conversation through Quest’s ERP Cloud SIG, which meets virtually throughout the year.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Extending Fusion Applications: What can you do?
Presented by: Debra Lilley, Inoapps USA

This is SaaS so you can't change it? Or can you? Let's understand how it is put together and what that means you can do and
... what you can't. If you can't do what you need inside SaaS, what are the options outside? And then how do you integrate these external extensions? APEX or VB? Lots of questions but easy to understand if someone explains See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Extending your SaaS Solutions. Best Practices
Presented by: Gustavo Gonzalez, KNEX Technology

Over the years, we have heard that Oracle Cloud Applications (Fusion Apps) are closed, and there is no possible way of custom
... izing them. Many organizations with unique business processes have been hesitant to adopt a SaaS solution because of these constraints. In this session, we will demonstrate how you can extend your SaaS solution and some of the best practices for executing it. We’ll start with Oracle itself, which has built many extensions such as AI & ML for multiple modules, pre-built Digital Assistants, out-of-the-box integrations with Warehouse Management and other products, and even integrations with Fusion Applications Warehouse (FAW), which provides a new set of analytics capabilities for your Oracle Cloud Apps. This is the starting point toward a world of extensions that every organization can perform, adding functionality not just to the features and functions that Oracle provides but building new functionalities to help their business processes. We’ll review some of the tools available and some of the best practices throughout the lifecycle of the development. We’ll also consider adopting security and governance when you extend your Oracle Cloud Applications. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Guardian Finance Transformation - PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud
Presented by: Marcel Esqueu, Guardian Life Insurance Co of America

Will review Guardian Finance journey from idea to implementation from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud. Discuss hardships endured
... during pandemic and totally virtual. Will include helpful hints for success along our journey and where we are todaySee More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Happy Hour with the Cloud product teams
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Enjoy a drink and conversation with the Oracle Cloud Apps crew during the BLUEPRINT 4D welcome reception.
... See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

HCM and Finance - a solution that is better together
Presented by: Brett Powell, Baylor University

Oracle Cloud provides a unified environment where HR and Financial business processes leverage a common environment. Beyond t
... he technical advantages, Baylor University has realized many functional advantages of a unified environment - enabling the university to make better and faster decisions based upon better visibility to key measures across their organization. This session will highlight processes that can help your organization realize the benefits of a unified finance and HR solution.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

How Heathrow Airport leveraged Automated Testing to underpin the largest business transformation project in its 75-year history
Presented by: Tyler Price, DWS

In 2019, Heathrow launched Project Magenta, a major upgrade of the back office that would replace its 15 year-old on-prem eBu
... siness Suite with Cloud Applications. The core aim of the project was to modernize the airport’s HR, Finance, Revenue, Service and Asset Management systems, empowering employees with modern tools to unlock their full talent and potential. It was to be the largest business transformation in Heathrow’s 75-year history. Ensuring a smooth integration and deployment of this ambitious project required detailed analysis of a huge number of functions, the ability to identify potential problem areas and the effective testing of the new processes to minimise operational disruptions. Heathrow’s technology consultant Capgemini had extensive experience of DWS’s testing software SwifTest and proposed to Heathrow that it should be an integral part of delivering Project Magenta. After a successful Proof of Concept, SwifTest was incorporated into a Quarterly testing cycle to handle around 150 tests within a two-week window. To achieve the same volume of testing would have taken 3-4 weeks if undertaken manually. Project Magenta went live in October 2021, with tasks as different as hiring new colleagues, procuring goods, and generating revenue all brought together into one suite allowing the airport to benefit from efficiency through automation and driving faster, accurate decision making. This session will focus on how Heathrow were able to access the core benefits of an automated testing program and how you can leverage the same; namely significant time and resource savings and the provision of high-quality data, evidencing each stage of the process and enabling clear records to be maintained. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

How MLB migrated its ERP solution as part of the “One Baseball” Initiative
Presented by: Angela Wilson, Argano

There is only one Major League Baseball! Learn how MLB migrated off multiple instances of JD Edwards and consolidated their u
... nique organizations to Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning. Discover how they overcame challenges, completed their ERP solution, and transformed their internal business operations by leveraging Financials, Procurement, and EBPCS to complete a major initiative they call “One Baseball.”See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

How spare parts manufacturers can digitize their supply chain process using Oracle TMS Cloud solutions.
Presented by: Pradip Das, Birlasoft

Customer expectations are evolving rapidly due to a variety of forces, which include, but not limited to, the ‘Amazon effect’
... , and rapid post-pandemic digitization. As a result, same-day delivery and two-day fulfillment are becoming the norm. That’s why it is becoming essential to digitize the end-to-end supply chain. Granular shipment tracking powered by fleet geo-locations is the key to improving customer experience. In this session, we show how spare parts manufacturers can leverage Birlasoft accelerators with Oracle Transportation Management cloud and Real Time Visibility solution to digitize end-to-end logistics processes. This solution can help organizations reduce logistics costs by identifying key improvement areas and elevate the customer experience.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

How to curate digital transformation journeys in global logistics with Oracle ERP/SCM/OIC Cloud
Presented by: Nishant Kumar, Birlasoft

Digital transformation business model innovation has fundamentally altered customer’s expectations and behaviors, putting imm
... ense pressure on legacy players. Every day, innovative technologies are developed to streamline products to the customer in ever shorter timeframes. This trend has trickled down to the logistics service industry and has fundamentally altered competitive dynamics while forcing incumbent logistics service providers (LSPs) to catch up. In this session, we share our insights from our work with a global logistics company, where we led the digital transformation of multiple, end-to-end business processes with Oracle Cloud modules. We will also unveil some of the challenges that logistics players may encounter through their digital transformation initiatives, and how Birlasoft can help move beyond them. We also highlight some of the key benefits of digital transformation for LSPs, which include: - End-to-end shipment visibility for internal business as well for your customers, partners, and vendors. - Single source of truth across all lines of business augmented by real-time, device-agnostic dashboards - Improve profitability and revenues across all lines of business with an omnichannel logistics platform - Automated scheduling and execution of deliveries, empowered by effective multi-party collaborationSee More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Is your business on the hook for new taxes?! Changes in communications taxes and how to stay ahead
Presented by: Dewey Minor, Avalara

State and Local governments can no longer depend on communications taxes of traditional wireline, wireless and even VoIP prov
... iders as reliable sources of revenue. Traditional voice services have been replaced almost entirely with new technologies like streaming and videoconferencing or being embedded into other cloud services and SaaS platforms. Communications services are increasingly pervasive and found in products, services, or apps that were typically never considered to be a telco or communications offering. The adoption of communications-platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) solutions, which deliver communications services like voice, videoconferencing, SMS, and wireless connectivity through simple APIs, has allowed services to become embedded in a wide range of product categories. And that can make them UNEXPECTEDLY subject to communications tax! To keep up, new rules and regulations are being introduced! Does this include you and your business' services? If you incorporate voice calling, video chat, or messaging services into any of your CRM, SaaS, or marketing automation platforms, you may be subject to a wide array of communications taxes. Whether you participate directly in the communications space or plan to incorporate any communications features or streaming into your product or service, staying ahead of communications taxes will remain important.See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

JDE to Cloud- CTB’s Case for Modernization
Presented by: Jennifer Leatherman, CTB, Inc.

CTB, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway manufacturing company, had been running and maintaining a highly customized and outdated JD E
... dwards World system supported by multiple 3rd party applications. The on-premises hardware was unreliable and disruptive, causing at times outages that impacted the production floor output and customer orders. There was also concern about retiring IT staff and loss of internal knowledge on how to maintain these highly manual, custom systems. CTB, Inc. evaluated various technology options and chose Argano and Oracle Cloud Applications. Argano partnered with Oracle to drive a transition plan to replace JDE World and multiple bolt-on solutions with Oracle Cloud. The implementation has been executed in two parts, with Oracle Cloud EPM and HCM in phase one, and Oracle Cloud ERP, SCM, and Fusion Analytics for ERP, SCM, and HCM in phase two. Additionally, CTB, Inc. uses Oracle CPQ, Oracle OTM, and RF-SMART, and now there are seven CTB, Inc. manufacturing plants using Oracle Cloud ERP Manufacturing. This session will discuss the following key Topics: 1. Building the Partnership with Oracle and Argano 2. Benefits for CTB Moving to the Cloud 3. Design, Config, Test Process 4. Go-live do’s and don’ts (lessons learned) About CTB, Inc. CTB, Inc. is Helping to Feed a Hungry World® through a number of business units that manufacture and supply systems and solutions primarily for the grain, poultry, pig and egg sectors of the agricultural supply chain. Based in Milford, Indiana, U.S.A., the company operates from multiple locations in various countries around the world and serves its customers through a worldwide network of independent dealers and distributors. About Argano 4 Oracle Argano 4 Oracle is a strategic partner building digital foundations for end-to-end enterprise modernization—one team across Oracle Cloud Applications, OCI, and Oracle on-premises products. See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Lasso in Item Master Chaos: A Global Success Story in Oracle Product Hub Cloud
Presented by: Catherine Hull, Grant Thornton LLP

With 5 disparate ERP systems and country-specific product management applications in place, Fellowes had difficulty in unifor
... mly visualizing and managing item data across their enterprise. The diverse and global nature of Fellowes’ business results in complex and localized rules created to manage product information. The seven business lines in scope each had their own set of unique needs and the Oracle system needed setup to support the need or remove the need through other efficiencies. Utilizing Oracle Product Data Hub (PDH) features such as item classes, new item requests, extensible flexfields, and more, Fellowes was able to craft a solution that fit their needs uniquely at business line level and generally at company level. This session will give insight into how Fellowes ‘lassoed in’ all item data into Oracle PDH, the benefits realized in using Oracle PDH for item management, and ideas for applying these leading practices at your company.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Learnings from challenges encountered in Oracle Transportation Management Cloud migration initiatives
Presented by: Nishant Kumar, Birlasoft

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud platform enables companies to manage transportation activity throughout their supply c
... hain. As a result, it houses critical large-scale transactional data. Here are some of the challenges we encountered while undertaking an Oracle Transportation Management Cloud migration for our customer: - Accommodating all customers/regions/installs at one time for UAT and POST-GO live. - No out of box option to migrate transactional data from on-prem systems to cloud. - Multiple staging steps of migration from legacy to the latest versions call for a single-step solution. - Identify a strategy to mitigate the business impact of downtime from cutover. In this session, we share our learnings from this initiative by showcasing the factors which need to be considered in such migrations. These include: - What changes are required for integration - What customizations can be moved to the cloud - How to move MD & transactional data to the cloud - What changes are required in reports - How to configure users in CloudSee More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Managing Change in the Cloud
Presented by: Ms. Sue Shaw, CTR

So you have decided to take the leap into the cloud – do you really know what you are signing up for? Come hear how to proac
... tively manage change in the new world.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,App to All

Modernizing Finance Processes with Machine Learning in Oracle Cloud EPM
Presented by: Summer Watson, Oracle America, Inc

To support finance's shift toward becoming more data-driven, Oracle is investing significantly in advanced technologies such
... as AI, machine learning (ML), and process automation for the Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management platform. Learn the platform's new AI and ML capabilities, practical considerations, and important announcements around the roadmap. This is a must-see presentation if your finance organization is looking for ways to modernize process.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Monitoring As a Services (MaaS)
Presented by: Pandurang Ranjalkar, Birlasoft

Extended Oracle Integration C Oracle Integration(OIC) is a Integration Solution that allows you to connect your application
... s in the cloud or on-premise. OIC includes Integration Insight, which gives you out of the box business user dashboards for your integrations and processes. OIC does have Error handling mechanism to handle error at Global level and Scope Level but also provides the features to Create custom fault which can be Raised by using "Throw New Fault" activity. Sometimes faulted instances are required beyond OIC retention period for re-submission & better error analysis. This solution will provide features like capturing different kinds of errors based on business process which occurs during various stages of data processing which will be captured and updated in the staging table using propriety REST API implementation engine. See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Optimizing data extracts to grow with the Cloud using Oracle BICC
Presented by: David Patzelt, Grant Thornton LLP

Oracle’s Business Intelligence Cloud Connector (BICC) is a robust solution that allows users the ability to export bulk data
... to external storage options without the challenges of writing complex SQL queries. With the ability to leverage out of the box solutions or create custom extracts, users can more efficiently deliver and integrate their Oracle Cloud data with external data warehouses and reporting solutions. This presentation will educate attendees on the strategy of when and how to implement BICC. Presenters will review the necessary questions to ask when considering BICC and how to build a successful framework of requirements to ensure BICC is the right tool for the job. High level use cases will be shared with attendees to help them understand how BICC can integrate in their application ecosystem today, whether they’re currently working on an Oracle Cloud implementation or are an existing, mature client. Presenters will also share best practices and lessons learned to guide attendees to an optimized and efficient utilization of BICC. The session will conclude with a walkthrough and demonstration of BICC, aimed at empowering attendees with the knowledge of navigating through the solution and creating their own extracts. Presenters will focus on how to best gather requirements and build custom data extracts to efficiently meet their business’s needs. Presenters will also review pros/cons of the various configuration and delivery options within the solution to help attendees envision how BICC can best work for their businesses.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Oracle Cloud Apps - Ignite & FailFest Sessions
Presented by: Anastashia Alfred-Waller, Baylor University

Ignite Session 1: Using Oracle Journeys to streamline processes and prevent mistakes Speaker: Anastashia Alfred-Waller, Lea
... d HCM Analyst. Baylor University has diversified its journey experience to give applicants, employees, retirees, and those leaving the organization a customized step-by-step iterative process designed for their success. Learning how to evolve and customize the Oracle Journey experience for full-time/part-time employees, interns, retires, and separating employee is only half the battle. Ignite Session 2: Workforce Comp - Struggles and fixes Speaker: Rob Longshore, Analyst ITSS, Yum Brands Quick overview of some troubles we ran into with how our WFC module was setup in the past, as well as some fixes we found to make our headache a little less painful. FailFest Session 3: How to fail your Cloud Project Fast James McBride, Financial Systems Manager, Voya Financial In this fail fest session we will discuss easy ways to ensure you Oracle Cloud project will fail to launch smoothly. Based upon experience doing implementations and post go-live support; we will discuss attitudes or decisions that will ensure failure of your cloud project and how to avoid those mistakes. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Oracle Cloud ERP: A journey: not a destination
Presented by: James McBride, IV, Voya Financial

In this session we will discuss the often asked question: What do you wish you had known? The ride from On-Premise to Cloud i
... s always hectic and full of learning. But, that learning does not stop at Go-Live. Given the ever-changing and evolving nature of the Cloud Applications there is always more. Let’s spend some time discussing lessons learned and lessons ongoing.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud
Presented by: Mr. Drew Wilson, Oracle America, Inc

Attend this session to learn about the key use cases enabled by Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service. Learn how th
... is solution can help you reduce risk and accelerate success when implementing boardroom strategies including being a cloud-first company, growing inorganically through mergers and acquisitions, and building a data-driven enterprise with trustworthy information assets for informed decision-making and positive business outcomes. Learn about what's new and what's coming in the future, so you can fold this service into your plans for the coming year.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Reporting and Smart View Update
Presented by: Al Marciante, Oracle America, Inc

Oracle Cloud EPM has the most flexible, robust and comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities. This session will cove
... r the latest updates to Narrative Reporting, Reports and Smart View along with insight to the roadmap of upcoming features.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Roundtable: How to Manage Employee Change When Moving to Oracle Cloud ERP
Presented by: Gina Keeler, Oracle America, Inc

As you consider your cloud migration effort, engaging your business users early and often in your project is vital for succes
... sful change management. In this roundtable, you’ll hear from customers who have successfully managed change in their organizations. You’ll learn about strategies for creating a change management plan, and gain information specifically for on-premises customers considering a move to Oracle Cloud ERP.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Smart Automated Testing for Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps
Presented by: Patrick Neary, DWS

- To keep pace with Oracle’s Fusion Cloud App updates, organizations need to think about transforming the way they test. Upd
... ate projects don’t come without risk and extra emphasis must be placed on the importance of automated functional/regression testing to mitigate risk. - The right testing solution can help improve all areas of end-to-end testing from test planning and management, script development, execution, results analysis, and defect monitoring. It is important that organizations can design and implement functional and regression test strategies that meets their immediate needs however simple or complex those needs might be. If immediate needs are simple or straight forward, your solution needs to support evolution towards a strategy that is robust, repeatable, and supporting of business and organizational change. See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Sync Your BOM and Engineering Change Process with JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP
Presented by: Naoki Tokuhashi, QBuild Corporation

Integrate your JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP with your engineers' CAD, PDM and PLM systems and streamline the engineering c
... hange process! Are you challenged by having siloed systems not communicating with each other which results in higher overhead cost in engineering, costly purchasing and production errors, and a slower turnaround time? For discrete manufactures, engineering data (Item Master and BOM) in ERP is the cornerstone. Learn how you can streamline data flow from engineering to production using a direct, live, bi-directional integration by QBuild! Objective #1 Learn how to bi-directionally synchronize engineers' CAD, PDM, and PLM data with your JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP using CADLink. Objective #2 Learn how to control engineering change processes such as ECR, ECO, and ECN using a web application, ECx Manager. Objective #3 Learn an alternative method of controlling engineering change processes in JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP's ECO module with CADLink. See More
JD Edwards,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Telecom equipment’s’ player soar higher with complete Oracle Cloud suite transformation journey– implements 52 Oracle Cloud modules
Presented by: Sarah Martinez, Datavail

A global networking and communications equipment public company with revenue over $600M is executing a full digital transform
... ation program, saying goodbye to its legacy systems which have been in use and upgraded for the last 21 years. The organization will become one of the first in the nation to implement an updated and modern ERP Cloud platform foundation. This client is using Oracle’s complete suite of cloud-native applications and secure network infrastructure solutions, to evolve their network setup, get deeper business insights and grow revenue. In this presentation, we review the client’s cloud adoption journey to infinite continuous improvements and never falling behind or having to plan and pay for costly upgrades every 2-3 years. The client also expects to save considerable time and money by ending the maintenance, support, and development of their legacy on-premises systems. Oracle Cloud Applications provide quarterly updates that the client can adopt quickly with no customizations and less testing. As important as the selection of the software solution is the choice of implementation and support partner. The organization chose Datavail as it wanted to build innovation into its operating model driving faster and higher quality speed-to-market and aligning their old/new product development with its sustainability and growth objectives. The client is on an ongoing project plan divided into multiple go-lives – with the successful implementation of Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud HCM, the company now expects to add Oracle Cloud Applications for supply chain, customer experience and enterprise performance management for a fully integrated platform to run its business.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

The business case for making the move from on-premises ERP to Cloud ERP
Presented by: Gina Keeler, Oracle America, Inc

The pressure is on to stay nimble and to pivot quickly and competitively in ever changing market conditions. Are labor intens
... ive, manual processes holding you back? Are you struggling to gather and analyze data in a meaningful way? This session will help you reimagine your business using modern cloud applications that deliver deep enterprise insight through automation and touchless processing using next-generation technologies like AI and machine learning.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

The Coexistence Story: Oracle EPM Cloud & HCM
Presented by: sAchin cHoudhari, Circular Edge

74% of businesses say cloud migration will enable greater cross-team collaboration, but can HR and finance truly align? As a
... finance or HR leader, you shouldn't have to struggle to share information from disparate systems. This session will present a framework for graduating from disparate, manual planning tools to an enterprise-grade solution that evolves with your business. Learn how to fill current gaps such as built-in modeling, flexible workflow, and robust reporting.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

The five critical drivers for your best long-term strategy extending Fusion Applications
Presented by: Gustavo Gonzalez, KNEX Technology

Many organizations have already invested a lot in your enterprise software in the cloud, or "Fusion Applications". But you've
... been told that Cloud SaaS cannot be customized or extended. This is holding new projects and initiatives in your business, and you need to act. In this session, we will cover how you can extend your Fusion Applications with the right set of tools, having total control over the code with a long-term strategy. You'll learn how Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service, embedded into Fusion Applications, is an option but not just that; we'll explore Oracle Integration Cloud, APEX, and other options that will give you a complete set of tools for your long-term development strategy. We'll also present cases of customers that have built solutions running integrated and seamlessly. With Fusion Applications, the users won't notice that they're running extensions. See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,App to All

The Strategic Value of Oracle Guided Learning
Presented by: Matthew Vaughn, Oracle America, Inc

Digital transformation is not for the faint of heart. Learn about the strategic value of implementing Oracle Guided Learning
... to drive target outcomes of your digital transformation. Digitizing your core operations is often just the foundation for offering new or enhanced digital products and services. Strategic business imperatives to reduce costs, improve quality, improve speed-to-market, drive growth, and improve experience often underpin the rationale for digital enablement. The value chain, by necessity, includes the user adoption curve for your critical business technology. Find out more about how Oracle Guided Learning, Oracle's best-in-class digital adoption platform, can enable success for your transforming organization.See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Time & Labor to Payroll to Projects – Pathways to Integration in Oracle Cloud
Presented by: Jason McCabe, Elire, Inc.

Mapping and tracking the movement of data from the Time & Labor module to the Payroll module into Projects is tricky. Getting
... the necessary information such as time, pay, and fringe costs into the Oracle Cloud ERP Projects module requires a specific integration to accommodate this transfer. Since there is no delivered integration to accommodate this, discover how Elire built custom integrations to move data into Projects for public sector clients.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Top Signs It's Time for Modern EPM to Reduce Costs and Increase Profitability
Presented by: RJ Linehan, Circular Edge

Forward-looking CFOs today have to know not only "What happened?" but also "What would happen next?" This is where an EPM sys
... tem comes in; consolidating data from a variety of sources, such as your ERP system, front/ back-office applications, and external data sources and analyzing this data to deliver actionable insights. Join this session to explore the benefits of adopting an EPM solution to increase profitability, cut costs and streamline and optimize business processes across your organization.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Transformation in Project Costing through Cloud Project Financial Management
Presented by: Jason McCabe, Elire, Inc.

Project-based organizations face various unique and specific challenges. While budgeting and forecasting have critical roles
... in a successful project, one of the most common issues faced by project managers is how to accurately and efficiently manage and track costs for a project throughout its changing timeline. A solid understanding of the plan vs. budget vs. forecast for costs is required in order to deliver cost-effective results for your projects. Oracle Project Financial Management is a key resource and intelligent tool which allows organizations to see the big picture and track every project. This solution prepares the business executives, project managers, and their project team members to achieve full financial control over their projects and allows them to utilize their time on other important goals, instead of burdening them with administrative tasks such as managing multiple spreadsheets and disconnected tools. Join this session to see how enterprise software can integrate core financial data into a project financial management solution to transform and streamline your process.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Transitioning to Oracle Cloud: The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Presented by: Dee Ann Haworth, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) is the 3rd largest United States tribal government that supports its programs with multi
... ple commercial enterprises as well as grant funding. CNO made a strategic decision and multi million dollar investment to pivot from JDE to Oracle cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Many factors were considered to enable this transformational change and we'll share our experiences from implementation to go-live. Learn the things we wish we would have known, what failed, how we survived, and how our system has grown since go-live. Join us in discussing our cloud-based journey including the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud

Triumph over turbulent times with integrated business planning and execution
Presented by: Sesh Rao, Oracle America, Inc

Volatility in demand and disruptions in supply has highlighted the need for integrating supply and demand plans with financia
... l plans on a regular cadence. Integrated business planning and execution across finance and supply chain can help you be agile, act quickly, and pivot to new business models. In this session, you will learn how to leverage best practices of integrated business planning and execution to triumph in today's uncertainty. See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Using Visual Builder Add-in for Excel to improve Source to Pay Processing
Presented by: James McBride, IV, Voya Financial

During the session we will discuss how to use the Visual Builder Add-in for Excel to improve bulk processing of Source to Pay
... activities such as Supplier and Purchase Order maintenance. Topics covered will include installation, initial configuration, documenting, and training on the tool. A demonstration will be done on a use case that is used by Voya to improve business processing.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud

Presented by: Alex Baulf, Avalara

When it comes to implementing e-invoicing, businesses have no time to waste! Manual billing and invoice processing are outdat
... ed, error-prone and ineffective, costing companies significant resources every day. Additionally, there's another threat on the horizon - the mandating of e-invoicing by tax authorities. E-invoicing will soon become a tax compliance requirement, if it isn't already. Usage of e-invoicing processes and platforms is mandated by law in an increasing number of countries. As it stands, businesses have a choice - adopt e-invoicing or risk non-compliance and the inability to send invoices to customers. This seems daunting and leaves us feeling as if we have no reason to rejoice. In this session, we will dive into how the increased digitalization of tax compliance and administration connects to e-invoicing and contributes to creating a more sustainable, efficient, and compliant business world. We will also delve into the future of e-invoicing, how the upcoming trend to e-compliance is expected to transform the financial landscape as we know it and what your business can do to keep up with the changes. By the end of this session we will be rejoicing over e-invoicing!See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,App to All

What You've Always Wanted to Know About EPM Cloud
Presented by: RJ Linehan, Circular Edge

Many CFO's and business leaders agree that the finance organization is key to better decision-making and to the future succes
... s of the business. But they also agree that current capabilities of most finance groups fall short of what’s needed to take on the challenges of a digital economy. What’s needed is a cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM) system that gives finance groups the flexibility, advanced analytics, and robust reporting that can help lead the business forward. Join this session to explore the benefits of an EPM solution and how it integrates with JD Edwards and other ERP's to promote integrated planning throughout the company, including finance, human resources, sales, marketing, and supply chain.See More
Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud