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10 new Oracle Database Tricks for 19c
Presented by: Erik Benner, Mythics LLC

While 23c is now out, there is still a lot of life in 19c. This session will educate and demo several tricks in 19c that will
... help both DBAs and Application owners. Tricks like having two passwords on an account at the same time to facilitate password rotations will be covered. Or, if you are a developer how about SQL Macros to encapsulate complex processing logic directly within SQL. Or how about dynamic init parameters based on system resources!See More
Oracle Database,App to All

A Simple Check Helps Reduce Chances of an Old Tool Putting Business at Risk
Presented by: Steve Lemme, Oracle America, Inc

When companies only had the option to license monitoring tools for their applications and databases, a lot of time was spent
... evaluating them to ensure they would meet business needs. I know, I used to be one of those DBAs requesting budget, then became a tools vendor responding to such inquiries, and today a Product Manager for Observability and Management solutions. But as applications and their infrastructure stack changed, has anyone in the organization validated that the tools procured in the past, meet the latest business, compliance, or regulatory needs?See More
Oracle Database,App to All

AI Cage Fight! Gideon Taylor's Ida vs. ChatGPT!
Presented by: Andrew Bediz, Gideon Taylor

OpenAI's ChatGPT has wowed the world, disrupted industries, and inspired millions with fresh ideas of what artificial intelli
... gence can accomplish in the real world. And hey, we admire ChatGPT as much as anyone - but as purveyors of the premier enterprise chatbot solution, Ida, brought to you by our IntraSee team, we're pleased to inform you that there's gonna have to be a smackdown!! Come to our theatre session, forgive our theatrics, and watch these monster AIs go head to head. Will hulking ChatGPT's capacity to generate convincing, humanesque language on any topic put Ida on the ropes? Can ChatGPT compete with Ida's deep authenticated integration with enterprise applications and her ability to learn and adapt to the very bones of your organization? Come ready to cheer for your favorite bot, or just to enjoy the AI mayhem that will ensue. And although entertainment can be less fun when you learn something, risk it anyway, because the AI fight is coming to your institution next! And you thought an AI can't cry...See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,App to All

Automating your environment with OEM
Presented by: Erik Benner, Mythics LLC

In this session, you will learn how you can use several features in OEM to automate your database environment.. Starting with
... Dynamic runbooks to deal with the simple tasks, and then moving into using OEM as a DevSecOps tool to automate about everything, from Database provisioning, patching and operational automation. This session is full of live demos and Q&A, so bring your best questions!See More
Oracle Database,App to All

BI Publisher Templates – Excel, Pivot Grids & Charts
Presented by: Randall Groncki, IBM

PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud Apps and JD Edwards all use BI Publisher for reporting. Help deliver the reports your organization
... needs by ramping up your BI Publisher Skills. This session will be all about BI Publisher Templates, so it applies to all three software tracks. We will not discuss implementing the reports in any of the tracks to keep the content relevant to everyone. We’ll walk through three basic tools: • Basic Excel Template use • Pivot Grids in RTF Report Templates • Charts in RTF Templates • Structuring your dataSee More
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Build And Deploy An OML4SQL AI To Predict Rain
Presented by: Craig Shallahamer, OraPub, Inc.

Join us on an exciting and technical journey as we use Oracle AI technology and personal weather station data to build a mach
... ine learning model that can accurately predict rain six hours into the future! Our process will involve collecting and processing time series data, including various weather variables, and using neural network algorithms to model the relationship between these variables and the likelihood of precipitation. To ensure the accuracy of our model and provide a fascinating demonstration, we will use a time-series stepping evaluation process combined with a confusion matrix. With the help of Oracle's Autonomous Database and OML4SQL, we will be able to efficiently manage and process our datasets and deploy our model in a production environment. Come join us as we harness the power of data and machine learning to bring a new level of convenience and accuracy to weather forecasting!See More
Oracle Database,App to All

Cloud Computing SIG Meeting
Presented by: Erik Benner, Mythics LLC

What is your career post cloud? Is it time for a change? Are you worried about what could happen to your career as workloa
... ds move to the cloud? In this Cloud SIG Session, Erik Benner and the Cloud SIG will discuss what are your career options as you move workloads to the cloud. This session is for all admins, Database Admins, Operating System Admins, Application Admins etc. We will discuss what the cloud means to your career, things you can do to keep current with the needs of the cloud and the tools and technologies that you need to be thinking about. If you want a new career as a peanut farmer...this session is NOT for you.See More
Oracle Database,App to All

Cloud Transformation – Changing Dynamics Along the Cloud Maturity Model
Presented by: Sarah Martinez, Datavail

The move to the Cloud is filled with exuberance and challenges as your organization progresses along the Cloud Maturing Model
... . The wave of digital transformation brings disruptive changes to the organization as well as an opportunity to evaluate process and incorporate efficiency. True transformation succeeds when people themselves transform and adopt to change. This session will reveal what one of the largest fast foods icons had to contemplate as they started their journey and the maturation that ensued. Every role on the organization from technologists to leaders were required to embrace change for them to become “value creators”. What does your organization need to consider as it progresses along this maturity model? Has your organization considered the roles required as you progress from data center transformation to application stabilization, to supporting hybrid deployments before you modernize your applications? Come join Pramod Alluri, Global Cloud Transformation Leader at Datavail, for this insightful session as he takes you along the various stages of transformation with a true use case and provides key insights that your organization needs to contemplate across the Cloud Maturity Model, each step along the way! See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,App to All

Creating an Accessible Workplace for Neurodiverse Talent
Presented by: Kellyn Gorman, Microsoft Corporation

Over the past several years, organizations prioritized two strategies underpinning the employee experience: adjusting to remo
... te work and creating an inclusive and equitable environment for all. As workplaces increasingly move to a hybrid environment, designing them to meet the needs of everyone—including neurodiverse talent—is key. How should we reimagine ways of working from an accessibility standpoint by designing intentional workspaces that encourage productivity and inclusion.See More
App to All,DEI

Data as Code: Exploring Data and Database Portability
Presented by: Sean Scott, Viscosity North America

Databases are traditionally roadblocks to application development. Data refreshes are time consuming and require down time an
... d coordination across teams. Legacy environments must balance the risk of stale data against the time, effort, and inconvenience of reverting databases to baselines. Even modern agile shops struggle with this task, engineering complex processes or investing in complex solutions for data management. The primary obstacle? The way traditional databases merge software, configuration, and data, creating a bottleneck around niche skills unique to database administrators. Organizations eliminate that dependency by shifting to a container model and delivering Data as Code. Containers separate database software from its data. Decoupling data eliminates the need for specialized skills, making it another artifact in the development lifecycle. Individuals and teams can create and refresh data on-demand, version it alongside application code, and distribute it as code or objects. Data as Code reduces uncertainty introduced by data drift and allows organizations to experience greater development velocity, consistent and reliable testing, and improved application quality!See More
Oracle Database,App to All

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) for Organizational Agility
Presented by: Elizabeth Schriefer, iLearnERP

Hearing the buzz for Oracle Cloud Guided Learning? Want to provide modern, in-application support options to your users? Ne
... ed to alleviate some of the burdens on support teams? Join us to discuss the role of a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) in your organization’s digital transformation. In a time where quickness is key, help ensure your organization can support the change process of new technologies by using a DAP. What is a DAP? A DAP is a software that completely integrates with applications to help the user learn and become self-sufficient from inside the application. DAPs play a vital role in facilitating organizational change by providing user-friendly interfaces and resources for employees to interact with new technologies. iLearnERP can help with current state assessments, tool evaluation and selection, product training and setup, learning strategy, UPK content conversion, new content development, and digital adoption change leadership.See More
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Enabling Your Business Transformation Journey with JD Edwards
Presented by: Gary Grieshaber, Oracle America, Inc

What role does JD Edwards play in your enterprise?  What are the best products and services for the enterprise to achieve you
... r Business Transformation goals?  The answers to these questions are different for every JD Edwards customer. We know the future of JD Edwards includes innovative solutions to optimize and automate your business processes, leverage available and emerging digital technologies, and support your journey to leverage cloud applications and technologies. You’re looking for ways to take advantage of the latest innovations in JD Edwards applications and technology that will keep your business innovating in order to improve business outcomes. Join Gary Grieshaber, Group Vice President, Product Strategy, and Paul Houtkooper, Vice President, Product Development, to hear how your organizations can unlock opportunities and change quickly no matter what the challenge.See More
JD Edwards,App to All

Executive Forum: IT Organizations on the Offensive: Anticipating Opportunity
Presented by: Dan Roberts, Ouellette & Associates Consulting Inc.

**Pre-registration required** Today’s modern-day IT organization needs to be on the offensive — moving up the Maturity Cur
... ve so we can position our companies to fight off disruption while driving transformation and disruption ourselves. Beyond being a strategic partner to the business is the IT organization whose culture of innovation and business acumen enable it to look around the corner and see business opportunities and risks. You’re not just attending business meetings; you’re calling them to discuss new ways to drive revenue, facilitated by data and technology. It is as an anticipator that one becomes a true business leader. In this session, attendees will learn key insights about the skill sets that define each level on the IT Maturity Curve, where many organizations get stuck on the Curve, and what you must do to advance your leadership and organization along the IT Maturity Curve.See More
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Executive Forum: IT Satisfaction: A Critical Metric and Tool for Technology Leaders
Presented by: Bryan Tutor, Info-Tech Research Group

**Pre-registration required"" Customer satisfaction is a key driver for any organization, and IT is no exception. Monitor
... ing and measuring Business Satisfaction with IT is a key metric for all IT organizations, especially as technology leaders are being asked to do more and contribute to business transformation. In this session, Executive Forum attendees will learn and discuss measuring IT stakeholder satisfaction, demonstrating the business impact of IT constraints, deepening stakeholder relations, and prioritizing areas of improvement. Benchmarking and best practices, based on thousands of datapoints collected from IT leaders like you, will be shared giving Executive Forum attendees practical, how-to guidance. Also, as an attendee of the Executive Forum, you will be given complimentary access to Info-Tech Research Group’s CIO Business Vision diagnostic tool to help you assess and improve these areas of your business.See More
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Executive Forum: Q&A with JD Edwards Executive Team
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

** Pre-registration required* Executive Forum participants will benefit from this exclusive opportunity to sit down with t
... he Oracle executives developing the products used by your company and employees every day in product-specific break-out sessions for JD Edwards. Ask questions, get answers and leave better prepared to lead your company into the future. See More
JD Edwards,App to All

Executive Forum: Q&A with PeopleSoft Executive Team
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

**Pre-registration required"* IT and business leaders will benefit from this exclusive opportunity to sit down with the Pe
... opleSoft executives developing the products used by your company and employees every day. Hear strategic updates on the future of PeopleSoft, talk about the future needs of companies like yours, hear how other companies are leveraging their PeopleSoft investments and learn about things to consider as you build your technology roadmap. Ask questions, get answers and leave better prepared to lead your company into the future.See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,App to All

Executive Forum: What in IT Matters? Real Talk with Real World Experience & Executive Forum Customer Panel
Presented by: Dan Roberts, Ouellette & Associates Consulting Inc.

**Pre-registration required* Where are technology leaders investing their time and energy in a world of volatility, uncertai
... nty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA)? Learn from some of the brightest minds at the intersection of leadership and technology as they reveal what really matters most to them. Our panel of leaders will talk about grappling with prioritizing evolving technologies, to managing talent and creating an inclusive culture, to anticipating and positioning their team and company to seize opportunity. This session will deliver unfiltered insights into the biggest challenges and opportunities for IT. Leave energized, focused, and ready to get to work. Immediately following this session, Executive Forum participants will enjoy a cocktail reception, exclusively for Executive Forum registrants, giving attendees a chance to connect with other leaders and their stories. See More
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Exemption Certificate Management, The Keys to your Client's Front Door!
Presented by: Nick Mirgeaux, Avalara

Sales Tax Exemption Certificates is one of the fastest ways our clients end up in an expensive and lengthy Audit! In addition
... , most of our clients are unaware of the risks, with a manual process or out of date technology. Avalara ECM is the Trojan Horse, that several partners use to get their foot in the door and help our customers drive automation. Learn about the Risks, and ways you can deliver Real Business Value through Tax Technology.See More
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Franklin Electric: Powering AP operations with native E1 technology
Presented by: Cheryl Stockman, Franklin Electric

Use case of optimizing JD Edwards E1 Accounts Payable processing leveraging native JD Edwards technology. The story on how Fr
... anklin Electric converted from manual paper-based vendor invoice processing to a fully digitized process in EnterpriseOne. Including the implementation lessons learned, the efficiencies and benefits that come with template free OCR document processing, automated approval workflows extended on mobile and invoice 2 and 3 way matching. A customers journey to AP efficiency.See More
JD Edwards,App to All

Happy Hour: LGBTQIA+ in Tech
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

It's cocktail time! The LGBTQIA+ community and allies are invited to mix and mingle over drinks and nibbles. Make new frien
... ds, build your network and have some fun! All welcome.See More
App to All,DEI

Happy Hour: People of Color in Tech
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Interested in connecting with other POC in tech? Now's your chance to make connections and meet new friends in the tech comm
... unity. Grab a drink and join us for Happy Hour! All are welcome.See More
App to All,DEI

Happy Hour: Women in Technology
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Interested in building your network? Now's your chance to make connections with other successful, interesting and diverse wom
... en in the tech community. Grab a drink and join us for Happy Hour! All are welcome.See More
App to All,DEI

Healthcare Networking Session
Presented by: Carole Owens, AdventHealth

Come find your peeps for conversations and connections at the Healthcare networking session.
... See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,App to All

Higher Ed Happy Hour
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Working in Higher Ed? It's cocktail time! Come find your peeps for conversation and connections at the Higher Ed Happy Hour
... .See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,App to All

How NOT to move your application the cloud
Presented by: Erik Benner, Mythics LLC

Everyone talks about success moving to the cloud, no one wants to share their mistakes. But much is learned from mistakes. T
... his session will go over mistakes made ( anonymously of course) by customers. The impact and how everything was made right. Mistakes from planning to the cutover will be covered.See More
Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,App to All

Implementing Gender Identity and Expression: Considerations, Impacts and More
Presented by: Rahul Nori, State of Minnesota

The ability for an employee to identify and express themselves is a basic expectation, especially when it comes to a social c
... onstruct like gender. To on-board and retain an inclusive and diverse group of employees, there is a pressing need to add nonbinary gender option for employees in Self Service since it fosters a positive, welcoming and supportive environment. PeopleSoft HCM team delivered Gender Identity and Expression options with PUM Image 41. This presentation is a discussion of these features and our implementation experiences. We will talk about what there is to know and consider, how to analyze impacts to existing policies and procedures and finally implementing a solution to meet the needs for your organization that supports employee diversity and inclusion strategy. Learning Objective #1 Understand the need and impacts of Gender Identity and Expression. Learning Objective #2 Review what Oracle/PeopleSoft delivered in HCM PUM 41 Learning Objective #3 Considerations in implementing the features. See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,App to All,DEI

Inferring SQL Run Times And Analysis Using Raw ASH Data
Presented by: Craig Shallahamer, OraPub, Inc.

Have you ever wanted to know the runtime of your SQL queries without having to instrument your application? If so, this prese
... ntation is for you. By analyzing raw ASH data, you can learn how to infer the runtime of your SQL queries and gain valuable insights into their performance. For example, let's say you receive a support ticket stating that a particular query takes 45 seconds to run. How can you confirm this? Is 45 seconds an unusual runtime for this query? Has this happened before? Is there a bad execution plan being used? What would be a good execution plan for this query? And where in your application does this SQL reside? All of these questions can be answered by creatively analyzing ASH data. In this presentation, I will demonstrate how to manually infer SQL run times using ASH data, as well as how to use a simple yet flexible SQL script to analyze ASH data and report the results at the execution plan level. I will also show you how to use Python to analyze runtime samples. Join me as we explore the untapped potential of ASH data analysis and learn how to get the most out of our SQL queries.See More
Oracle Database,App to All

Innovate and Automate Through Your Own Digital Transformation Journey
Presented by: Ms. Shannon Roche, Kastech Software Solutions Group

In this session we will provide an introduction as to how you can you transform your business digitally through innovation an
... d automation within your Finance, Supply Chain, Human Capital Management, and Student Information systems, such as PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud, etc. We will provide an overview to how you can use robotic process automation, smart optical character recognition (OCR), artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML), etc. to enable your team members to focus on more strategic activities. In addition to a digital transformation overview, we will highlight - mobile expense automation and auditing - transcript smart OCR to SIS automation and articulation - test automationSee More
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IT Talent Trends: Re-evaluate Your Employee Experience from the Bottom Up
Presented by: Rob Meikle, Info-Tech Research Group

Over the past two years, organizations have ventured into unprecedented ways of working and supporting their employees. Busin
... ess models and employee expectations have both shifted dramatically, and the effects of those changes will continue to be seen long after we settle into the “next normal.” In this session, Info-Tech Research Group's Rob Meikle will share what business and IT leaders must do to build and keep successful teams in today’s environment: • Optimize recruiting and retention practices in the face of a competitive labor market • Build or maintain a culture of DEI • Manage the monumental shift to the new normal of remote work • Determine if the Great Resignation is impacting you and strategic steps to retain talent • Correctly assess development areas for their teams • Justify investing in IT talent Rob Meikle is an Executive Advisor, Keynote Speaker and Board Advisor to several emerging technology organizations. Rob is the former Chief Information Officer (CIO) for City of Toronto and the City of Brampton where he created high performance teams to deliver innovative and transformational solutions. His leadership experience spans the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. He is actively involved in his local community to foster sustainable inter-generational social impact. Rob became the first and only Canadian municipal CIO to be named on the prestigious global CIO 100 honoree list, receive the Global Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leadership Award and the National Government (GTEC) Next Generation Leadership Awards. He was twice featured on the cover of the Canadian CIO Magazine.See More
App to All,DEI

JDE A/P Automation Utilizing AWS Textract for our OCR-as-a-Service Platform
Presented by: Doug Palaske, K-Rise Systems, Inc.

AP Automation is a way to reduce the manual tasks related to your Accounts Payable Processes. Our A/P Invoice Automation is b
... ased on our low-code platform, EASYProcess. AWS Textract AI-Based Query Document API is used to intelligently get invoice information without needing position-based templates. AP Automation will eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes with a fully automated system that includes all these features: • No Mapping, No Template, OCR AI Does All the Work • Uses EASYProcess Robust Workflow Engine to Handle Approvals & Exceptions • Automated Voucher Entry, 2-Way & 3-Way Matching that Auto-Detects PO Receipt • Handling Tolerance & Miscellaneous Supplier Charges such as Freight & Handling Etc. • Vendors to Submit Invoices, Track Invoice Status & Payments, Flip a PO • Scanned Invoices Added to Vouchers as Media Attachments and Saved to the Cloud • Support of PDFs, JPEGs, Tiffs, Paper/Handwritten Invoices • Taking Pictures of Physical Invoices Using a Built-In Native App • Using a Low-Code Cloud as Oracle Recommends While Keeping JDE Vanilla Our acclaimed JDE OVI Certified (32 & 64 bits) EASYProcess Low-Code Platform provides JDE companies with an easy-to-use AP Automation web & mobile app which is pre-integrated with JDE data & logic.See More
JD Edwards,App to All

JDE Integrated Low-Code Platform for Process Automation, Workflow & Efficiencies. Item & Vendor Onboarding, CapEx Approval & Vendor Portal.
Presented by: Jeremy Stowe, K-Rise Systems, Inc.

First Quantum operates mines globally. Creating best practices modern web/mobile apps for strategic business value is criti
... cal. We’re replacing standalone Excels (but maintaining Excel Import/Export), Dropbox Folders and inefficient legacy systems. Our new apps have eliminated replicated data entry issues, missing & incorrect data while providing significant efficiencies. Easy workflow setup/change with robust real-time notifications (email, text, native app) with delegation, parallel workflow sequencing, escalation & assignment logic is essential. This session will review our many low-code platform apps like: (1) Item Master & Vendor Onboarding and Vendor Portal for Pre-Pay Management and Reconciliation for Damaged & Short Items against the JDE PO. We’ll review real-time JDE Integration with Orchestrations (current trend), BSFN, UDC Tables for Validation, Media Object, Status Codes and more.See More
JD Edwards,App to All

Leveraging Machine Learning in Oracle
Presented by: Rich Niemiec, Viscosity North America

This presentation will focus on what specific Algorithms that are inside Oracle can be applied to Business Problems. Robots m
... ay be the first to truly learn Machine Learning (ML) and expand into Artificial Intelligence (AI). Python is one of the keys to Machine Learning as we program the invention of Man's Mind to further replace man's most basic tasks. This session will focus on ML 101 and building the future ahead. Some business issues are seasonal, some relate to customers with certain attributes, some relate to customers we don't know exist, but all can be solved by using the correct algorithm to quickly prescribe a better corporate future.See More
Oracle Database,App to All

Managing Change in the Cloud
Presented by: Ms. Sue Shaw, CTR

So you have decided to take the leap into the cloud – do you really know what you are signing up for? Come hear how to proac
... tively manage change in the new world.See More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: ERP/SCM Cloud,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,App to All

Middle-east based financial services firm engages and empowers their workforce with Oracle Cloud HCM/ERP
Presented by: Pramod Alluri, Datavail

This Kuwait based stock exchange operator that manages the securities exchange and clearing segments modernized their on prem
... ise Oracle systems and takes a lead through their hire to retire and financial processes with Oracle Cloud HCM and Oracle Cloud ERP. They not only eliminated manual processes, operational inefficiencies, not aligned business processes, clustered integrations, maintenance tasks, such as applying security and technical patches but also took charge of tracking asset leases, financial reporting through a scalable roll out making zero impacts on their ongoing business,. Discover the problems we faced during implementations, lessons we learnt that can help you to better manage your ongoing and upcoming Oracle Cloud HCM/Financial SaaS implementations. In this session, you will learn several business process harmonization approaches, integration mechanism, best practices for implementations, tricks and tips that one can use for successful transformation over Oracle Cloud HCM and FinancialsSee More
Cloud Summit: HCM Cloud,App to All

Minding the (Talent) Gap
Presented by: Jay Chatterjee, IBM

A recent study by Korn Ferry reported that an estimated 85 million jobs will go unfilled globally by 2030 due to skills short
... ages, resulting in about $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenues. What workforce and technologies strategies are organizations executing to mitigate that potential and ensure they’re well positioned for the future? To address the skills shortage, employers need a world-class, highly skilled workforce. To remain competitive, it is critical to attract, develop and retain employees who know how to collaborate virtually, automate workflows, and leverage artificial intelligence and data. In this highly interactive and engaging session, we’ll examine the skills gaps that exist, where HR Leaders are investments to close these gaps, and the impact of technology innovations in aiding and accelerating progress. See More
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Monitor JD Edwards or Peoplesoft using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Application Performance Monitoring
Presented by: Avi Huber, Oracle America, Inc

Whether your Peoplesoft or JD Edwards application environments are on your premises, on the cloud, or hybrid combination they
... need to be monitored and it’s best to do it using a single solution. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Application Performance Monitoring (APM) provides the ability to monitor the application stack, perform synthetic and End User Monitoring and enable tracing to help diagnose performance issues faster and deliver a consistent level of service. APM enables monitoring of multiple components and application logic spread across clients, third-party services, and back-end computing tiers, on-premises or on the cloud.See More
Oracle Database,App to All

Move to Cloud, Make Users Happy, Save Money: In What Order?
Presented by: Paul Taylor, Gideon Taylor

When starting a digital transformation, it is best to know why you're doing it. Is moving to the Cloud a means to an end, or
... an end in itself? In this session we'll take a hopefully sober, and likely sobering look at outcomes you can expect when you put these three objectives in various orders. Moving to the cloud will definitely change user experience and functionality - probably in both positive and negative ways. Cloud moves always change cost structures - but don't automatically reduce cost. Your priorities should dictate the timing of your Cloud move, and may contradict herd mentality. You may find it worthwhile to invest in dramatically improving your PeopleSoft user experience today while you are preparing for your Cloud move. Sorry if we're the first to tell you this, but SaaS won't magically make everything better. Warning: Sacred cows (and conventional wisdom) are not safe in this session! We will explore possible paths that start with Moving to the Cloud, Making Users Happy or Saving Money. With each path comes unique insight and tips to making that path a success - and the pitfalls you can expect. What, did you think this was going to be easy?See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,App to All

PeopleSoft Financials PUG
Presented by: Jennifer Bentley, First Citizens Bank

This session targets PeopleSoft Financial users, where we will share and discuss hot topics in the PeopleSoft financial commu
... nity. This is an opportunity to network with your peers, ask questions, and share your ideas.See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,App to All

Preparing for Oracle 23c
Presented by: Rich Niemiec, Viscosity North America

presentation will look at which 23c features including True Cache, Locking Enhancements, Schema Level Privileges, Machine Le
... arning Enhancements & more to prepare for in 23c. Many features covered will be related to the DBA, but there are also some that focus on the developer. Also, some 19c new features (automatic indexing, Quarantine, JSON data, Three user-created PDBs, Read-mostly Standby, and Autonomous Databases) that should be investigated for use. This presentation will also have a few 21c new features such as AutoML, Standby Result Cache, and InMemory enhancements including Base Level. There will be simple examples, where possible, to show the basic functionality of the new features. in. We will also look at the autonomous database and Oracle’s focus on the future of security.See More
Oracle Database,App to All

Project Governance Academy: Practical Framework to Improve Project Accountability and Delivery
Presented by: Thomas Colbert, Terillium, Inc.

A leading cause of project overrides and failure is quite simply poor or non-existent alignment and governance. To drive “Re
... alization” vs. “Installation” outcomes, research and hard-earned experience have proven that structuring and commanding a change-based project governance approach provides greater control of scope, churn, and meeting expectations. This workshop will tackle the key fail-points of projects that compromise success, while at the same time providing a dynamic playbook that shifts the paradigm in delivering projects and technology change on purpose. Based on behavioral analytics, organizational psychology, and years of project leadership experience, this workshop is designed for any team looking to start a significant initiative, or just wants to get their project “back on track”.See More
App to All

Public Sector Happy Hour
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

State and Local government folks, grab a drink and join your peers to mix and mingle over cocktails at the Public Sector meet
... -up!See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,App to All

Regional User Group Party
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Hosted by the Packerland Regional User Group (PLUG), all RUG members are invited for drinks and conviviality. Come join us!
... See More
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Secure JD Edwards and PeopleSoft with SSO and MFA
Presented by: Canming Jiang, Datawiza

Implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Oracle ERPs, such as JD Edwards and PeopleSoft, ca
... n be challenging due to their lack of support for modern SSO protocols like SAML and OIDC. In this session, we will introduce Datawiza, our comprehensive solution that bridges the gap by seamlessly connecting JD Edwards and PeopleSoft to modern identity providers such as Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, and Google. By enabling SSO and MFA, Datawiza enhances the security of these Oracle ERP systems and protects sensitive data. Attendees will learn how to bolster their JD Edwards and PeopleSoft systems using our state-of-the-art Datawiza solution.See More
JD Edwards,PeopleSoft RECONNECT,App to All

Soaring from the Ground to the Cloud with Strategic Launch and Flight Plans
Presented by: Doris Wong, Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.

We recognize that every organization is different with a unique set of business and strategic requirements for your HCM, ERP
... (Financials / SCM) and EPM suite of applications, whether you are PeopleSoft, JDE, or EBS, or any other on-premise platform. The future of your HCM, ERP, SCM and EPM has more options than ever on how best to improve your systems, efficiencies, and costs to meet your continually changing business requirements, whether it’s related to application functionality or your infrastructure and platform. Come join us to take a closer look at the details behind 4 strategic flight plans that you can take on your journey to the Cloud. You control the flight schedules and how far you soar to your destinations. We will also share a few customer case studies for each of the strategic flight plans discussed. Flight Plan 1: Maximize Your Current Investment. Learn how to continue to maximize and leverage your current HCM, ERP, SCM and/or EPM investments today, along with best practices and tools used, regardless of your current platform. Flight Plan 2: Hybrid Infrastructure Cloud. Learn about options on how to begin moving your infrastructure to the Cloud. We will review lifting and shifting from your current IT on-premise platform to a Cloud infrastructure while keeping your PSFT, JDE, EBS applications and customizations intact. Or how to use tools like Cloud Manager to be able to better manage your infrastructure usage and environments. Flight Plan 3: Cloud at the Edges. Learn about options on how to extend your applications with Cloud solutions and the increase in functionality you can gain with this strategy. We will review a few of the common Cloud applications used and integration considerations, whether PSFT, JDE, EBS or any other platforms. Flight Plan 4: Go all the way with a journey to Oracle Cloud. We will review case studies of a few customers who have taken this flight plan and completed their trip.See More
PeopleSoft RECONNECT,Cloud Summit: Move to Cloud,App to All

Stump an ACE! Bring your best questions to this interactive panel.
Presented by: Erik Benner, Mythics LLC

Oracle ACEs are known as thought leaders and technology experts with Oracle Technlogies. In this panel, the top ACEs will be
... available to answer your questions. The panel will be the top ACE Directors and ACE Pros attending the conference, picked to make sure SaaS, Application, Database and OCI are all covered.See More
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The 7 C's of Great Leadership
Presented by: Dan Roberts, Ouellette & Associates Consulting Inc.

Through his years of working and networking with a vast array of CIOs across the globe, Dan Roberts, author and CEO of Ouelle
... tte & Associates, has seen firsthand what it takes for technology leaders to drive success. In this executive level session (designed for current and aspiring leaders), Dan shares his 7 Cs of Great Leadership. Attend and learn how to hone and maintain your focus on the issues that matter most and “avoid the shiny objects.” Dan Roberts, Tech Whisperer, Author, Speaker and CEO of Ouellette & Associates Consulting, has mentored, studied and partnered with thousands of CIOs and technology leaders for more than 3 decades. Roberts has authored two books, Confessions of a Successful CIO and Unleashing the Power of IT, hosts the CIO Whisperer podcast and is a regular contributor to – the CIO Whisperer Blog. Dan has dedicated his career to ensuring leaders and team members have the new mindsets, skill sets and tool set necessary to differentiate and elevate the IT narrative. Dan is considered one of the most connected executives in the CIO arena and passionate about connecting great people with great ideas. CIOs appreciate his ability to energize, to challenge their thinking and to build and sustain a world class IT culture and future ready workforce. See More
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The five critical drivers for your best long-term strategy extending Fusion Applications
Presented by: Gustavo Gonzalez, KNEX Technology

Many organizations have already invested a lot in your enterprise software in the cloud, or "Fusion Applications". But you've
... been told that Cloud SaaS cannot be customized or extended. This is holding new projects and initiatives in your business, and you need to act. In this session, we will cover how you can extend your Fusion Applications with the right set of tools, having total control over the code with a long-term strategy. You'll learn how Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service, embedded into Fusion Applications, is an option but not just that; we'll explore Oracle Integration Cloud, APEX, and other options that will give you a complete set of tools for your long-term development strategy. We'll also present cases of customers that have built solutions running integrated and seamlessly. With Fusion Applications, the users won't notice that they're running extensions. See More
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Transforming a Workplace Culture with Intentional Inclusion: A Case Study
Presented by: Veronica Unnikrishnan, 5Q

What does it look like to be intentional about inclusion? In the case of 5Q, a technology and cyber security services compan
... y, explosive growth in a short period of time led to its founders being surrounded by a small group with common interests. As a result, the company and its leadership unintentionally lacked diversity which led to some workplace culture challenges and missed opportunities. With a concerted effort, 5Q formed a unique team of diverse, talented members which has been a main driver of the company’s success and continued growth. In this interactive session, attendees will hear about real outcomes and the steps taken to integrate diversity into the 5Q organization. As Partner & SVP, Veronica is responsible for growing the business for 5Q’s four Service Lines and leads Employee Engagement initiatives. For the past 25 years, she has focused her career on delivering outstanding measurable outcomes and providing real solutions to very complex problems for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations. Veronica is a cultural transformation catalyst with years of experience leading change and delivering large and complex technology, process and people initiatives across multiple industries. She currently holds a patent in technology for third-party payment account services and is a DBJ Women in Technology award winner.See More
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UDO/Personalization SIG
Presented by: Mrs. Chantelle Cory, LSB Industries, Inc.

The UDO/Personalization SIG was formed to give JD Edwards users a venue to discuss the latest tools delivered by Oracle as pa
... rt of their “Citizen Developer” strategy. This SIG provides a communication venue between customers and Oracle to discuss enhancements and improvements related to the UDO tools.See More
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Presented by: Alex Baulf, Avalara

When it comes to implementing e-invoicing, businesses have no time to waste! Manual billing and invoice processing are outdat
... ed, error-prone and ineffective, costing companies significant resources every day. Additionally, there's another threat on the horizon - the mandating of e-invoicing by tax authorities. E-invoicing will soon become a tax compliance requirement, if it isn't already. Usage of e-invoicing processes and platforms is mandated by law in an increasing number of countries. As it stands, businesses have a choice - adopt e-invoicing or risk non-compliance and the inability to send invoices to customers. This seems daunting and leaves us feeling as if we have no reason to rejoice. In this session, we will dive into how the increased digitalization of tax compliance and administration connects to e-invoicing and contributes to creating a more sustainable, efficient, and compliant business world. We will also delve into the future of e-invoicing, how the upcoming trend to e-compliance is expected to transform the financial landscape as we know it and what your business can do to keep up with the changes. By the end of this session we will be rejoicing over e-invoicing!See More
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What's new with OEM 13.5
Presented by: Erik Benner, Mythics LLC

Enterprise Manager 13.5 is the latest version of OEM that provides a single pane of glass to your Oracle technology stack. In
... this session , learn what is new in OEM, and how it can be used to monitor your cloud and on premise databases and systems. Learn about key technologies that allows OEM to heal broken system automatically! Got your Release 5 RUs installed yet? Not sure what's a RU? Learn how OEM has moved to CI/CD for feature delivery, and how new features are available almost every month! Erik Benner will review these updates, highlighting major new features, as well as provide his insight to the future of OEM.See More
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Williams Companies Transforms Training Strategy to Increase User Adoption for a Growing Remote Workforce
Presented by: Mr. Steve Beatie, The Williams Company, Inc.

The purpose of training in any business is to drive behavioral change that will lead to increased business performance and en
... able an organization to meet its goals. The current environment created by the Covid-19 Pandemic, resulting in a growing remote workforce, has created new challenges driving system adoption. Combine that with Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK) support ending in December 2022, and the need for new tools arises. In this session, learn how Williams Companies was able to transform their training strategy and overcome these obstacles by focusing on performance support. Williams implemented the Epilogue Opus Digital Learning Solution to successfully deliver a virtual learning and performance support program for their 5,000+ employees during their Oracle Cloud Implementation.See More
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Women in Lean Leadership - Lessons from the Trenches
Presented by: Mona Abou-Sayed, Standard Bio Tools

Women aspiring for leadership growth will hear how to set themselves apart and grow their careers within any industry levelin
... g Lean. Join Mona Abou-Sayed, a senior executive and Lean expert, as she shares successes , challenges and lessons learned within the male-dominated technology field.See More
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Women in Technology Luncheon: Taking Women's Leadership to New Heights
Presented by: Valerie Davis, Dallas Fort Worth Alliance of Technology and Women

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for the WIT lunch. Walk-ups registrations will be accommodated as space allows. While the ratio
... of women in technology has grown in recent years, there is significant room for improvement when it comes to the number of women in leadership positions in technology. In 2022, women only held about 25% of the leadership positions in technology and only 14% of the software engineering positions. Join us for a candid panel discussion on taking women in leadership to new heights. Our panel will offer diverse perspectives about employee engagement, career development, and empowering women to leadership positions. They’ve also seen the challenges that arise in this space. Come hear about what you can do to build up women in leadership in technology, learn best practices and lessons learned from a variety of approaches taken, and discuss the challenges and opportunities to empower women into leadership positions in your organization.See More
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