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E1 Manufacturing and Distribution User Group Meeting for INFOCUS23
Presented by: Thomas Liptak, Penn Engineering & Mfg Corporation

The EnterpriseOne Manufacturing and Distribution User Group's meeting at INFOCUS
... See More
JD Edwards

“Lead or Get Left Behind: B2B Digital Commerce for JD Edwards Manufacturers and Distributors”
Presented by: Mr. Fermin Rodriguez, SmarterCommerce

Research shows that most Manufacturers and Distributors now view digital commerce as a strategic imperative to both achieve t
... heir growth objectives and to meet the growing digital experience demands of existing customers. However, IT and Business leaders often find that mainstream solutions lack effective JD Edwards connectivity which in our experience is a critical enabler of digital commerce success. What is the right approach to digital commerce for your organization? JD Edwards Manufacturers and Distributors must first understand the current B2B Ecommerce landscape and adopt solutions that natively enable critical capabilities such as real-time JD Edwards integration with your business data and customer relationships, a robust content engine for product data and key content resources to serve customers, and the analytics required to continually optimize the business. A successful digital commerce solution should also deliver 24/7 Customer Self-Service with features such as: Inventory Availability, Customer-Specific Pricing, Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Product Variants, E-procurement/Punchout, Vehicle/Equipment Fitment, Omnichannel, B2B Buyer Approval Workflows, Enterprise Search, Account Management, and Payment Processing. This approach to a digital commerce solution built with your ERP at its foundation radically minimizes IT complexity, accelerates your ROI and business value, all while providing an outstanding digital customer experience. Join us for: • Industry analyst insights • Digital Commerce product demonstration • Q&A panel discussion with JD Edwards B2B Digital Commerce customers See More
JD Edwards

23 ERPs and counting... Global Analytics at Silgan
Presented by: William Cokeley, Silgan

Due to multiple acquisitions that have been made, Silgan has over 20 different ERPs (Including JD Edwards and EBS) within its
... enterprise portfolio of applications, creating challenges to viewing global performance. Any global views of data had to be manually extracted & created, did not meet the cadence that the business required to run the business optimally, and ultimately provided limited visibility to the business as a whole. Silgan decided to implement a Global Data Lake to consolidate data from all of their ERPs. In doing so, they were able to obtain critical global sales and purchasing KPIs in a timely manner, provide automation to their international tax processing, and gain efficiencies in the pricing of their finished goods. Join Will Cokeley, Vice President of Business Technology at Silgan, and Craig Kelly, Vice President of Analytics at Syntax to learn how Silgan implemented a global data lake and benefit from multiple use cases. See More
JD Edwards

30 Companies in 7 Months – Learn How Phibro Achieved a Complete Security Overhaul
Presented by: Mary Kay Christophersen, Phibro Animal Health Corporation

Security roles at Phibro Animal Health Corporation were over 10 years old and had not been strategically managed during this
... time. Like so many JDE implementations, security was completed quickly towards the end of the projects. As a result, there were many security elements that did not adhere to standard best practices. The situation was resulting in significant effort by the security team to manage records at a user level, business disruption, lost productivity, and compliance issues that surfaced in their audit findings. This session will walk through how they were able to easily design the security roles they needed, complete a successful testing phase, and then implement that solution across 30 companies, reduce organizational risk and consequently was able to spend much less time managing security because of a much more effective security model!See More
JD Edwards

4 Key Projects for Your JDE Security Strategy
Presented by: Linda Nelson, ALLOut Security

Yes you can! That is, be successful with quick deliverables that are imperative to your JDE security landscape. While the id
... ea of security changes always seem quite overwhelming, there are 3 key projects that are not only possible but can be seen as low hanging fruit. We will introduce the What, Why, How, ROI and Tips for these projects. Join us to get key information you need to support your team’s JDE security strategy!See More
JD Edwards

A Symphony of Change: Orchestrating a Better HR ESS
Presented by: Darren Young, Paul Mueller Company

In 2019, Mueller presented at InFocus and showed how we were beginning to utilize the low-code / no-code toolset to improve o
... ur processes in HR and Payroll. In this session, we will review what we started with and expand on where we are now and what we are going towards. Our current improvement process is creating our own employee self service, and Orchestrator is a huge component of this task. This session will review some of the components in place and / or in test, and display how we are making our employee's lives much easier with this capability.See More
JD Edwards

ABC's of UDO's and Orchestrations for Project and Service Industries (Finance, Job Cost, Subcontracts, Homebuilder))
Presented by: Chad Holewinski, The MASYC Group, Inc.

Learn about real life examples of process automation, business improvements, and how businesses are using EnterpriseOne's Orc
... hestrator in conjunction with User Defined Objects to accelerate adoption. This session will share how companies from the homebuilding, land development, and other project and services focused lines of business are embracing the future with many of the features included in Release 23. Included in the conversation are Orchestrations, Notifications, Form Personalizations/ Extensions, CafeOne's, Queries, and EnterpriseOne Search. Find out how these project and services businesses have created a culture of continuous improvement via embracing Citizen Development "on the glass".See More
JD Edwards

Accelerate Business Operations with Mobility, Workflows & Notifications in JD Edwards using AtomIQ
Presented by: Arun Chhatpar, Circular Edge

Empower your business to maximize the value of your JDE investment with AtomIQ, the platform for modern, digital user experie
... nces, process automation and extensibility via web/mobile apps, workflows and notifications. Realize the benefits of cross-platform, configurable notifications; pre-built apps; end user layer; low-code/no-code; reduced development costs; workflows – all while achieving 2X improved user productivity. Join this session to learn how to supercharge digital transformation and unlock next-level efficiency using AtomIQ!See More
JD Edwards

Accelerating Business Reinvention with Globant’s JDE Power Up and Applied AI Platforms
Presented by: Ricardo Fisch, Globant

In this session attendees will learn how Globant's JDE Power Up approach and tools, along with its applied AI platforms - Nav
... igate and MaiDa - have enabled profound business transformation in some of the world's largest JDE implementations. We’ll share real success stories that demonstrate how JDE Power Up has yielded tangible business benefits, helping clients achieve their goals while simultaneously reducing total cost of ownership. Join us to see how Globant’s JDE Power UP program: * Strategically blends the latest JDE 9.2 features and tools, including Orchestrator and UDOs, to automate business processes and enhance integration. * Leverages Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle PaaS to augment performance, business continuity and security, offering scalability to adapt to changing needs. * Integrates Oracle Cloud Applications with JDE to extend functionality to supplier and client markets, while empowering internal processes such as financial planning and HCM. * Leverages Globant’s applied AI platforms - Navigate and MaiDa - to optimize and monitor business processes, ensure compliance with global models & regulations, benchmark best practices, foster continuous innovation and JDE improvement, and optimize support services, all while reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).See More
JD Edwards

Activating JDE Update Easy Mode: Real-World Examples Demonstrating the Power of Application Lifecycle Management
Presented by: Susan Szymanski, Denovo

JDE Updates. They strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned of users. But they don’t have to! See how Honda Logis
... tics and others have made update worries a thing of the past using the power of Application Lifecycle Management. In this session, we will cover: • Review of the Continuous Adoption upgrade model o Preparation and Prerequisites • Different approaches for Continuous Adoption o Pros and Cons • Actual Customer Case Studies o Business Drivers o Timeline o Impact to BusinessSee More
JD Edwards

Adapting JDE Form Control Extensions: Modifying Form Extension Behavior Based on Application Version
Presented by: Rob Marotta, GSI

Form Extensions are very useful and powerful User Defined objects but have been limited to one Extension for an application.
... A new enhancement makes it possible to use the application version in the form extension to change the behavior of the extension effectively eliminating this limitation. By joining us, you will gain a solid understanding of how to modify form extension behavior in JDE based on the application version. This knowledge will empower you to create robust and version-aware form control extensions, ensuring compatibility and efficient operations within your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system. See More
JD Edwards

AI Now: Leveraging your JDE data with powerful Machine Learning
Presented by: Todd Wilson, Preferred Strategies

Data has become the new currency, and businesses need to harness it to gain a competitive advantage. JD Edwards is a valuable
... source of data but analyzing it can be time-consuming and error prone. In this presentation, we will explore how the integration of AI, ML, and Data Science can help you get the most out of your JDE data. We will examine the benefits and challenges of using these technologies and provide practical examples of how they can be applied to JDE data analysis. Leveraging Machine and Data Science has never been more accessible and never been as essential. Join us to learn how to unleash the full potential of your JDE data and drive business insights and efficiencies through the power of AI, ML, and Data Science.See More
JD Edwards

AP Automation Achieved at FIRSTstudent
Presented by: Raymon Clarke, First Student Inc.

For one of the largest school bus operators in North America, process automation is critical. Automating payables from JD Ed
... wards in a complex application environment with multiple procurement systems, data sources, maintenance systems, service centers, vendor contracts and inventory systems is no simple task. Come to this session to learn how FIRSTstudent partnered with Basware and KS2 Technologies to achieve AP Automation success with what the business considers one of their most successful IT projects of all time. Objective #1 Key value points, benefits and value you should expect to obtain from an AP Automation solution. Objective #2 Best practices and lessons learned when implementing an AP Automation solution Objective #3 Integration methods for connecting external procurement systems with JD EdwardsSee More
JD Edwards

Apply Updates via Web Client
Presented by: Jason Rice, Oracle America, Inc

REGISTRATION REQUIRED to attend this session: This Hands-on Lab will illustrate the value and ease of applying JD Edwards Upd
... ates via the web client interface. NOTE: A LAPTOP IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION TYPE. In addition to a laptop, please bring a tablet (recommended) or a smartphone to the session.See More
JD Edwards

Applying Updates Continues to get Easier with JD Edwards Update Manager
Presented by: Jason Rice, Oracle America, Inc

System administrators can now apply their application patches anywhere, anytime and from any device using the web-based JD Ed
... wards update manager. Join this session to know more on how this removes the dependency on deployment server, while making it convenient and simple for administrators. See More
JD Edwards

Are you addressing data compliance? It's highly likely there is personal data in your JD Edwards system. Find out why data compliance matters for JDE and understand the key drivers for addressing it!
Presented by: James Paske, Klik IT Limited

Data compliance may sound straightforward as a concept, but do you know whether your organization is complying with legislati
... on that controls the way personal data is held? We'll show you where personal data is commonly held in JDE and look at rules governing the way personal data is stored, accessed and used.See More
JD Edwards

Auditing Object Usage
Presented by: Kimberly Ulmer, The Anschutz Corporation

Data collection and tracking has become a way of life in the business world. And tracking your enterprise system users and w
... hat objects they are accessing on the system and when, is necessary for managing and protecting your data. Explore the Object Usage Tracking feature in JDE E1 and show how you can use it to help track the Who, When, and What of the objects used on your system.See More
JD Edwards

Automated Real Time Condition Monitoring in JDE Using IoT and BLE Devices
Presented by: Abhijit Phadke, Applications Software Technology Corporation

Case study to achieve automated machine sensors to track and trace for machine condition monitoring e.g., temperature, vibr
... ation etc. When thresholds are reached, send alarm or notification alert to trigger maintenance and replace traditional calendar-based preventive and predictive maintenance approach with more advanced and effective condition and predictive approaches to reduce cost, improve reliability and reduce downtime and increase digitalization. Solution leveraged Internet of Things (IOT) Industry 4.0 through cloud-based Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and automate transactions via Orchestrator and REST APIs for Maintenance WO creation and processing. See More
JD Edwards

Automatic Warehouse Transfers: Just set it down and forget it!
Presented by: Nicholas Pohl, J. Geiger Consulting, Inc.

Freeing up your forklift operators and material handlers from data entry and bar code scanning limits risk and removes error!
... J. Geiger consulting will show you how to utilize JD Edwards, Orchestrator, UWB (Ultra-Wideband), and RFID technology to transfer inventory just by picking up the product and placing it in the correct location all while maintaining data integrity and inventory transaction in your JD Edwards system! Additional items included in 90 minute deep dive since BP4D23: - Deeper look into the Orchestrations - Deep look into UWB technologies and how they work - More robust demonstration of multiple transactions - Error handlingSee More
JD Edwards

Automating system administration and Java patching with Chatbots and Orchestrations
Presented by: Javeed Khan, Oracle America, Inc

System administration and Java patch management can be a daunting task when you manage a large set of servers. Join this sess
... ion to learn how our internal JD Edwards DevOps team has been leveraging Chatbots to automate CNC system administration activities and Orchestrator for automating Java patching, which saves time and resources. Note: This session has a virtual presenter.See More
JD Edwards

Automation, Consistency and Smart Choices to run the Shop Floor using OneView; the ability to view live data and how to make quick operational decisions.
Presented by: Felipe Lopez, Penn Engineering & Mfg Corporation

How we run the Shop Floor using OneView reports. Creating our own OneView reports have provided us the ability to view live d
... ata in various ways enabling us to make quick operational decisions. See More
JD Edwards

Avoiding AP Automation Implementation Pitfalls
Presented by: Leif Peters, IntelliChief

Your company has decided to embark on the journey of AP Automation to streamline AP operations, save money and better manage
... cash flow. Embracing emerging technologies like AP Automation is an exciting step forward for every stakeholder, but moving from a manual process to an automated and improved process is daunting at best. So how do you avoid the common (and not so common) pitfalls of implementing the right AP Automation solution for your company? Join us for a lively session on how to plan for, implement and manage a successful AP Automation project and avoid the mistakes that will torpedo the success of your project.See More
JD Edwards

Best Practices for Using Excel for JDE Analytics
Presented by: Mr. Adam Crigger, Preferred Strategies

What are the best tasks for Excel in a world with ever more demanding analytics needs? Excel is widely used in business for
... a broad range of functions from simple math to extremely complicated computations, but it is not a secure development platform and is prone towards formula errors, data loss/rework, and conflicting results. This session will examine Excel’s strengths and weaknesses and explore the following: • How to store business calculations in a central location instead of in dozens of spreadsheets. • How to ensure security is correctly applied so that sensitive information is protected. • How to give business users the flexibility of Excel without downloading megabytes of data into the file. • See how built-in Excel functions (e.g. pivot tables, cube functions) can add new functionality and insights in your business. See More
JD Edwards

Building a Workflow - Afternoon Session
Presented by: Haiyan Wang, Oracle America, Inc

REGISTRATION REQUIRED for this session: True, workflow has been part of the EnterpriseOne product for years. But with the rec
... ent emphasis on automation and low-code/no-code frameworks, the EnterpriseOne product development team has delivered some significant enhancements to help you develop, deploy, and launch workflow processes even easier. This hands-on lab will give you a chance to get your feet wet by building a simple workflow process. NOTE: A LAPTOP IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION TYPE. In addition to a laptop, please bring a tablet (recommended) or a smartphone to the session. This session is also offered on September 28th at 8:00 am.See More
JD Edwards

Building a Workflow - Morning Session
Presented by: Mr. Bart Vanden Abeele, Oracle America, Inc

REGISTRATION REQUIRED for this session: True, workflow has been part of the EnterpriseOne product for years. But with the rec
... ent emphasis on automation and low-code/no-code frameworks, the EnterpriseOne product development team has delivered some significant enhancements to help you develop, deploy, and launch workflow processes even easier. This hands-on lab will give you a chance to get your feet wet by building a simple workflow process. NOTE: A LAPTOP IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION TYPE. In addition to a laptop, please bring a tablet (recommended) or a smartphone to the session. This session is also offered on September 28th at 3:30 pm.See More
JD Edwards

Building Customized Visual Dashboards with Real-Time SoD & Critical Access Alerts
Presented by: Stefanos Stylianou, ALLOut Security

Are you keen to learn more about how you can create interactive dashboards and alerts to manage your SoD or Critical Access r
... equirements? It’s time to leverage the latest 9.2 functionality together with ALLOut 4.1 to deliver meaningful risk insights for management validation. Enable key business stakeholders to stay up to date with the latest system access information and ensure approvals are automatically documented for compliance purposes within the system. Join this hands-on session and learn some quick wins with a No Code/Low Code approach to personalizing JD Edwards.See More
JD Edwards

Business Analyst SIG Meeting
Presented by: Linda Sloan-Compton, Pinal County Government

Please join the JD Edwards Business Analyst SIG! This group is designed to allow interaction amongst professional peers to s
... timulate discussions, share best practices, offer tips and tricks, and share ideas. See More
JD Edwards

Business Process Automation Ignite Sessions
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Join us for four unique customer stories in this fast-paced session type! Session 1: Business Process Automation: Removin
... g Obstacles Technical innovations are one aspect of the puzzle. Leveraging additional tools to smooth the new process integration. Speaker: Michelle Hasna, Hadrian Session 2: Ignite JDE with Embedded Automation Learn how embedded JDE applications can increase efficiency and simplify user experience. Speaker: Thomas Liptak, Penn Engineering & Mfg Corporation Session 3: Robotic Packaging and AP Automation At Nitto/Hydranautics we have worked to leverage technology and advance the use of our ERP integrations into JD Edwards. Using JD Edwards Orchestration and AP Automation tools we have taken steps to automate repeatable transactions. In this session we will discuss our approach and the path we have taken to achieve the success we have had. Speaker: John DeLuca, Hydranautics Session 4: Robust user provisioning resulting in no IT internal controls audit gaps Come hear how Printpack went from a manual, time consuming, and prone to mistakes review process to a bi-annual rolling audit; developed a standard roles combination matrix for all job codes; and built workflows to push the audit/approval to line managers. Speaker: Christel Craig, PrintpackSee More
JD Edwards

Can JD Edwards Keep Up? From Zero to $100M in Online Sales with EnterpriseOne
Presented by: Mr. George Bisker, Cardinal Glass Industries, Inc.

Cardinal Glass is the largest fabricator of sealed insulating glass and low-emissivity coatings used in North America. To sup
... port its mission of delivering the highest quality glass products for residential windows, effective collaboration with customers is critical, especially in a complex make-to-order environment. After deploying JDE E1 with Sales Configurator, Cardinal sought to enhance its customer service level with 24/7 web capabilities for customer entry of configured orders and visibility into order status, invoice history and payment history. With its JDE E1 and SmarterCommerce Ecommerce solution, Cardinal is now able to provide comprehensive 24/7 customer self-service through its web portal. The results of the web portal initiative have included a reduction in configured order processing and handling costs, improved order accuracy, increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in call center requests for order status, duplicate invoices or more.See More
JD Edwards

Capital Asset Management Kick-Off Networking
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Pick your track and join your fellow JD Edwards peers immediately following the JD Edwards Keynote for a little friendly comp
... etition consisting of great conversation, networking, trivia and chances to win prizes!See More
JD Edwards

Centralizing Master Data Management – Product, Supplier, Customer, Assets/Equipment, Employee and Custom Data - Replacing Excel/Email with a No-Code Platform
Presented by: Doug Palaske, K-Rise Systems, Inc.

Accurate master data is crucial to create & maintain system integrity. MDM guides users to ensure data is properly entered, a
... pproved, and systematically loaded, via integrations, into JDE. It utilizes system processes reducing manual entry for improved accuracy and efficiency. Increased data complexity, volume, stricter compliance, and governance requires real-time event-driven data processing to achieve a single master view of data. Eliminate excel, email, and shared/drop box folders. Automation removing inefficiencies like duplicate or missing data. Significantly reducing the time cycle saves money. Highly skilled resources are not required. Modern technology allows Business users to create forms, workflows and business logic using Visio style designer tools. Pre-integrated to JDE endpoints. Business can easily manage Form Creation & Change. We’ll demonstrate simple DRAG & DROP to form from selected fields (e.g., Item F4101 / Item Branch F4102 / Price F4105 / Branch Plant F0006 / UDC F0005, etc.) Take the first step today to convert from: Tedious, Complex, Error Prone, Labor Intensive to a No-Code Workflow and Form centric managed approach of organized master data.See More
JD Edwards

Check out Everything You Can Do with Web OMW Without a JD Edwards E1 Development Client
Presented by: Clayton Seeley, Oracle America, Inc

Web OMW has been updated over the last several releases with capabilities that developers and administrators can leverage to
... manage and accomplish day-to-day development and admin activities without a development client. This session highlights many of those new features as well as outlines potential new innovations coming soon. See More
JD Edwards

CNC Role in JD Edwards Release 23 and Beyond.
Presented by: Chris Speciale, Terillium, Inc.

Harness the new tools provided with R23 to power creative solutions. CNC tools enable advanced lifecycle management configura
... tions and simplify administration. Learn strategies to leverage the latest capabilities within your organization.See More
JD Edwards

Combining Visual Builder and Orchestrator to enhance business processes and simplify data entry
Presented by: Michiel Houtsmuller, Aevitas Property Partners

Oracle Visual Builder and Orchestrator form a very powerful combination to create apps that make it possible to enhance workf
... low automation and ease of data entry. Two apps will be shown that were created with Visual Builder. One app will show a workflow that is created to enter meter readings with a mobile device in the field. Another app is a Tenant Portal app that tenants can use to login and see and download their legal documents and invoices which are stored in JD Edwards. In this app they can also create service requests and pay invoices. Both apps do not store any data locally. All data is retrieved from and sent to JD Edwards through Orchestrations.See More
JD Edwards

Command Central: The Power of Executive Dashboards
Presented by: Alysa Mauer, M.D.C. Holdings, Inc.

Your business runs on data, but today’s data moves lightning fast. Executive-level managers need up-to-the-moment analytics t
... o identify trends, manage goals, and fuel strategic decision-making. Behold the power of C-Suite real-time dashboards! Join Alysa Mauer, Business Solutions Manager at MDC Holdings, a leading builder of single family residences throughout the US. Alysa will run through a day in the life of an executive. See More
JD Edwards

Configuring Project Cost Detail within JD Edwards
Presented by: Mr. Aaron Wood, Grant Thornton LLP

From the smallest of tasks, to the most complex projects, JD Edwards has several options to consider for managing your level
... of cost detail for all of them! While there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, many customers do not realize the robust capabilities that are available using the standard functionality within these different modules. But which is the best solution to utilize for each of my types of projects? Join us as we discuss the functionality available within the General Ledger, Work Order Management, Job Cost Accounting, and even Engineer-to-Order (ETO) modules to accomplish project detail costing objectives, as well as options for additional project details to support your cost information. In addition, we will discuss the common characteristics for each module and specific use cases to help you decide which would work the best for your project needs.See More
JD Edwards

Continuous Adoption Ignite Sessions
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Join us for four unique customer stories in this fast-paced session type! Session 1: Roadmap to Orchestrator Lucart grou
... p, after the implementation of Release 9.2, wants to take advantage of the new technical features made available by JDE. Orchestrator is certainly one of them. Michele De Giacomo, ERP leader of the group, will illustrate the adoption roadmap of the Orchestrator and the progresses made so far. Speaker: Michele De Giacomo, Lucart Session 2: Continous JDE Technology adoption in the Salt bussiness After a decade on the JDE Road many were the resources adopted and great value delivered to the business. Since processes improvement to Digital Transformation, Refinaria Nacional de Sal S.A., a salt company producer in Brazil, changed your operation and business using Orchestrator, RPA, CafeOne and other technology resources. Oracle Technology continuous adoption brought to the company a new era of data and business management. Speaker: Wilker Costa Silva, Refinaria Nacional de Sal S.A. Session 3: Inventory: MFA Oil and the larger picture With an introduction of MFA Oil, and our services, this presentation walks through some of our processes in JDE and identifies some of the problems that plagues our environment. With help from CJ Inventory Diagnostics, we went through a journey to reconcile our inventory issues, using a custom toolset. The larger presentation will go into more detail about the solution in place. Speaker: Siddarth Rajagopalan, MFA Oil Company Session 4: Continuous Adoption – why you want to be in second place Let first place figure out the issues; don’t be less than second place or you will create more work for yourself. Statistics prove – the longer we wait to do anything, the more likely we are to not do it at all. MOVE Forward. Speaker: Daniel Bohner, Amalgamated Sugar CompanySee More
JD Edwards

Continuous Adoption Ignite Sessions #2
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Join us for three unique customer stories in this fast-paced session type! Session 1: It’s the Journey not the destinatio
... n “Change is the only constant” and adopting to it proactively helps better alignment with business goals. It's important to use think ahead, stay futuristic, and have sustenance. Staying vigilant to Oracle roadmaps, business initiatives, and underlying Technoloy transformations can help your organization. Speaker: Rajesh Ranabhor, Edwards Lifesciences Session 2: Leading Edge Transformation Taming the ever-changing business needs and keeping up with the technology advancements. Leveraging the latest technology feature functionality delivered by Oracle to simplify the transformation. Make mistakes early and learn / adapt sooner than later, thereby reaping the benefits and staying ahead of the curve. Speaker: Mitesh Shah, Edwards Lifesciences Session 3: Design considerations – how your naming conventions can work together to make security management easier. User your Security Role ID in your menu folder and E1 page names to make it easier to apply and troubleshoot user access issues. With more than 30 companies under the Phibro umbrella, we found using the significant numbers from the Company No as a prefix helps find everything related to a single company. Additional naming rules mean we can also find all roles and users with access to a business process across companies. Speaker: Mary Kay Christophersen, Phibro Animal Health Corporation See More
JD Edwards

Continuous Adoption: Plan, Protect & Adopt
Presented by: Darwin Thangappan, ASIR Inc.

Continuous adoption is not possible without regression testing. Regression testing gets complex when production releases need
... s to happen often. Regression testing is a critical aspect of software testing that aims to verify that existing functionality remains intact after changes or updates are made to the software. Manual regression testing can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, especially when repeated frequently or across multiple versions of the software. Test automation is an effective approach to address these challenges and achieve continuous regression testing adoption. Staying code current with Release 23, defintely needs a regression testing strategy with test automation. we recommend the plan, protect & adopt strategy in this session.See More
JD Edwards

Create a real time dashboard enabling process and quality control of inbound receipts using Receipt Routing and the Quality Management module.
Presented by: Melody Bivona, Penn Engineering & Mfg Corporation

In this session we will demonstrate the power of using Receipt Routing/alternate routings partnered with the Quality Manageme
... nt module to assure proper inspection and sign offs are completed before offshore purchased product is available for customer shipments. Using queries, watchlist, OneView reports and composed pages we have created an Incoming/In Process dashboard providing visibility to live status.See More
JD Edwards

Create Logic without Coding with Logic Extensions
Presented by: Haiyan Wang, Oracle America, Inc

In this session we will explore the latest major addition to the JD Edwards low code/no code extensibility framework: logic e
... xtensions. Since the initial release of logic extensions in Release 22, this feature has been steadily enhanced with additional capabilities for business analysts and developers alike. Manipulate text strings and dates. Do arithmetic. Perform loops and conditional processing. Launch workflows. Process sets of data. Get numerical sums, averages, and groupings right out of the database. Launch logic extensions directly from application forms. Come to this session to get the scoop on these and other enhancements to logic extensions. See More
JD Edwards

Cumulative Value of JD Edwards Updates: Under the Hood
Presented by: A.J. Schifano, Oracle America, Inc

Did you catch the session at BLUEPRINT 4D: ""The Cumulative Value of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Enhancements: What You Can Do N
... ow That You Couldn’t Do Before""? In that session, AJ, Dave, and Ervin showed how the JD Edwards digital platform can be applied to solve some common business problems. In this session we'll look behind the scenes at how those demos were created using just a few simple orchestrations and user-defined objects. You too can be applying the JD Edwards digital platform to solve your most pressing business challenges.See More
JD Edwards

Customer Case Study: Enterprise Automation at First Capital Realty using Orchestrator and more.
Presented by: Mr. Simon Streeter, First Capital Realty

Learn how First Capital Realty is embracing digital transformation and automation across the enterprise leveraging orchestrat
... ions for automating some key processes bringing about efficiencies and increasing user productivity. Some of the use cases include automated receipt void batch, manual invoice billing, vendor portal self-service system, and cash receipts matchingSee More
JD Edwards

Customer Panel: Extending JD Edwards with Oracle SaaS Applications
Presented by: Mr. Ward L Quarles, Oracle America, Inc

JD Edwards customers are using Oracle SaaS applications as an extension to JD Edwards for innovation and competitive advantag
... e. Learn how leveraging your existing Oracle JD Edwards investment and extending JD Edwards with hybrid cloud provides more choice, agility, and control to both IT and line of business. Hear how JD Edwards customers are leveraging Oracle Cloud applications. Panelists: Rajesh P Ranabhor, Edwards Lifesciences Kishore Dhanapal, Edwards Lifesciences Melody Bivona, Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corporation Tom Liptak, Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corporation Dean W. Matvey, Fond du Lac Reservation See More
JD Edwards

Cycle Count From Your Phone
Presented by: Mr. Matt Sohrweide, J. Geiger Consulting, Inc.

J.Geiger Consulting will present on how you can learn to leverage the functionality within JDE 9.2 paired with Orchestration
... s to simplify and automate processes within your organization such as cycle counting, among others. In addition, Orchestrations allow for the interfacing of JDE with other technologies such as RFID, IoT and mobile devices just to name a few. Let the J. Geiger team show you how you can utilize low code tools you may already own!See More
JD Edwards

Data Security/Masking for Bank Accounts in EnterpriseOne
Presented by: Kristina Campbell, KS2 Technologies, Inc.

This presentation is recommended for technical and functional users who would like to better understand Bank Account Masking
... functionality in EnterpriseOne release 9.2. This enhancement allows companies to mask real-time bank account numbers in applications, reports and data browser. Topics include: • Overview • System setup • Viewing Bank Account Information See More
JD Edwards

Deconstructing the JDE cost roll process
Presented by: Mr. John Howe, Dober Group

Understanding product costing and the roll-up process in a single facility/ branch plant is complicated enough. It is far mo
... re challenging when you are transferring product across multiple branch plants and adding value and costs through the internal supply chain. Learn how we developed an approach to handle being able to deconstruct product cost to get to material only costs and then be able to enhance with new cost additives (labor, overhead, transportation, etc) at any branch plant. Objective #1: Wanted to see material only cost at a distribution branch that could have multiple transfers from other branches Objective #2: Need a way to see other cost additives (labor, overhead, transportation, etc) at any branch plant See More
JD Edwards

Deep Dive. Seamlessly Embed VBCS Mobile Application into JDE
Presented by: Thomas Liptak, Penn Engineering & Mfg Corporation

Discuss what VBCS and Similar External applications are. Discuss Use Cases for JDE Embedded applications. Provide Demo an
... d Tutorial of Soft Coding records for the following passing JDE user login credentials to embedded applications.See More
JD Edwards

Digital Transformation with JD Edwards Connected B2B Ecommerce at Weaver Leather
Presented by: Peyton Anderson, Weaver Leathergood, Inc.

Weaver Leather (Weaver) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality leather products. With the increasing impo
... rtance of connecting with customers online, Weaver has invested in its online ecommerce platform over the past few years, and now manages a half dozen brands for B2B customers. Their site is continually improving, and feature optimized UI, mobile responsiveness, robust predictive search and real-time JD Edwards integration. The state of the art design and functionality empowers B2B customers for frictionless shopping. The results have been positive, with sales increasing quarter after quarter. This presentation focuses on five (5) specific lessons that Weaver has realized through this process of optimizing their online presence into an Amazon-like experience. This presentation highlights some keys to successfully launching a JDE-integrated webstore.See More
JD Edwards

Discuss the Possibilities of AI/ML with JD Edwards
Presented by: Jeff Erickson, Oracle America, Inc

AI/ML is headline news but what does it mean for your organizations and JD Edwards. As the JD Edward product team researches
... how AI/ML can add intelligence into business, join us at this roundtable provide input ton future product development for AI/ML for JD Edwards. This session has a virtual presenter.See More
JD Edwards

Document Management and eSignature Workflows with Orchestrator & More
Presented by: Saravana Kumar, Circular Edge

This session will include several case studies from customers who overcame challenges associated with managing high volumes o
... f documents and paper-based processes that required a lot of time and effort. We’ll demonstrate how these customers were able to automate and streamline their processes across purchase orders, employee status changes and more using Orchestrator and additional applications.See More
JD Edwards

E1 Fixed Assets: 2023 Basics & Applying Tools Release to Fixed Assets
Presented by: David Cutler, KS2 Technologies, Inc.

JD Edwards E1 Fixed Assets is a stable product with relatively few functional feature updates in the recent past. However, ne
... w functionality and features as part of each tools release are often overlooked and not communicated to users. By combining tried and true functionality with new tools release features such as Form extensions, Personal forms and custom grids, you can make Fixed Asset more robust, your frontline workers more effective and give Fixed Assets a well-deserved make-over. This presentation will discuss the JD Edwards Fixed Assets system fundamentals and how to leverage the latest updates in JDE tools releases that will make a difference in the day to day work for your accounting personnel. See More
JD Edwards

E1 Technology SIG Round Table - Integrating JDE
Presented by: Riesa Case, Smithfield HPG

The Orchestrator is JD Edwards' newest tool for integrating and customizing your sofware. This round table will cover the dis
... cussion of the creation, use, and scheduling of orchestrations and notifications, as well as troubleshooting orchestrations/exceptions). The Tech SIG will partner with Customers and Oracle to showcase live Demo solutions in the integration area. Tips and tricks as well as best practices will be highlighted. This is your chance to learn how orchestrations work. You can share your experiences with the product and this tool and what great integrations you have created with it. You can also ask for enhancements to the tools, like the Orchestrator Monitor, Scheduler and Studio. See More
JD Edwards

E1 Technology SIG Round Table - Upgrading JDE
Presented by: Mr. Daniel Bohner, Amalgamated Sugar Company

We will talk about the process and tools of upgrading JD Edwards software - from a tools and technology perspective. New feat
... ures, 64-bit, de-customizing by use of UDO’s will be discussed. The processes and tools provided for upgrading software are also on the table! Share your experiences with upgrading with other customers, vendors and Oracle who are involved with upgrading your JD Edwards software. Request better tools in the form of Enhancement requests that the Technology SIG and Oracle manage.See More
JD Edwards

E1 Technology SIG Roundtable: Maintaining JDE
Presented by: Diane R. Miller, ERP Suites

Attend this session to join others who have System Administration, Security, or Development enhancement ideas to bring up for
... entry into the Quest Enhancement System so Oracle knows to include in next releases of the E1 software. If you don’t have a specific enhancement, you can still join us to bring up a question or issue you are seeing in your environment and the others in attendance may have solutions, guidance, or ideas of things to try to solve that problem.See More
JD Edwards

E1MDUG - Enhancement Meeting for INFOCUS23
Presented by: Karen Brigiotta, Syntax Systems USA, LP

Please join us for a discussion on enhancements related to JD Edwards Manufacturing and Distribution. All interested parties
... are welcome to attend.See More
JD Edwards

E1MDUG AUA (Ask Us Anything) Roundtable for INFOCUS23
Presented by: Mr. Deron Brod, Stanley Engineered Fastening

Sales Orders, Purchasing, MRP, Manufacturing? Bring your list of questions to this session., Members of the EnterpriseOne Man
... ufacturing and Distribution User Group will lead an interactive discussion to find solutions and give you ideas to take back to your organization.See More
JD Edwards

E-Invoicing Revolution: Transforming AR-AP Invoicing with JD Edwards
Presented by: Daniel Smith, Steltix

In this presentation, we will explore the world of e-invoicing and its significant impact on B2B commerce. Attendees will gai
... n valuable insights into e-invoicing, its differentiation from AP automation, its global adoption, and its implementation using JD Edwards. We will also examine the business benefits of e-invoicing and present a case study showcasing the successful integration of e-invoicing within JD Edwards using Steltix's AR-AP e-invoicing solution. Currently, even the most advanced "automated" invoice processes are still considered manual and vulnerable to fraudulent claims. Paper invoices or PDFs are generated and sent via email, FTP, or postal service, requiring sorting, scanning, and manual data entry for matching and payment evaluation. E-invoicing revolutionizes this process by enabling the direct electronic exchange of structured invoices between supplier and customer ERP/Finance Systems. No more PDFs, emails, or OCR; e-invoicing ensures a touchless experience where invoices are transmitted securely through the Peppol Network. Governments worldwide are mandating e-invoicing for B2B commerce and internal departmental processes due to its efficiency in invoice processing and payment. The benefits of e-invoicing are numerous: - Cost and Time Savings - Fraud Prevention - Improved Accuracy and Efficiency - Enhanced Productivity and Workflow - Faster Payments - Integration and Data Insights - Compliance and Audit Trail - Environmental SustainabilitySee More
JD Edwards

Eliminate Email Distribution List Maintenance by Leveraging Orchestrations
Presented by: Neidi Rodriguez, Sr., M.D.C. Holdings, Inc.

Many people need access to the same reports from EnterpriseOne. Traditionally, email distribution lists were used to send ema
... ils with the attached report to the various users. Maintaining the distribution lists got to be cumbersome with new hires, position changes, and employee turnover. MDC Holdings made the decision to locate the report output in a central location for quick access. See More
JD Edwards

Embrace AI-powered Efficiency: Unleashing the Potential of ChatGPT in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP
Presented by: Gustavo Barizon, Innova9

This session will demystify the integration of OpenAI's ChatGPT with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP, illuminating the transform
... ative impact on business operations. We'll cover ChatGPT's functions, its potential when synergized with ERP, and real-world implications. You'll see how ChatGPT can optimize ERP operations, automate tasks, enhance decision-making, and streamline workflows. The presentation, fortified by case studies, demos, and discussions, aims to equip you with a tangible grasp of AI's role in augmenting ERP systems and boosting productivity.See More
JD Edwards

Enterprise Automation
Presented by: A.J. Schifano, Oracle America, Inc

Just look what you've done! Stories abound about how customers and partners are using the JD Edwards digital platform, anchor
... ed by Orchestrator, to automate business processes, integrate with Cloud services, and simplify the user experience. Now it's time to up the stakes from process automation to enterprise automation. What would it look like if every aspect of your business operations had some level of automation? What would that mean for efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness of business data? What volume of data might be generated, and what insights might that data provide? Are there "blind spots" you need to reveal? Enterprise Automation is the future, and it is not far off. We can get started today. See More
JD Edwards

EnterpriseOne 9.2 Manufacturing Enhancements Review
Presented by: Dave Greiner, Oracle America, Inc

There have been so many customer driven improvements made in the 9.2 release, big and small, it can be difficult to keep up w
... ith them all. Attend this session for an overview that will bring you quickly up to date with the enhancements that have been delivered for Manufacturing Management. See More
JD Edwards

EnterpriseOne 9.2 Requirements Planning Enhancements Review
Presented by: Dave Greiner, Oracle America, Inc

There have been so many customer driven improvements made in the 9.2 release, big and small, it can be difficult to keep up w
... ith them all. Attend this session for an overview that will bring you quickly up to date with the enhancements that have been delivered for Requirements Planning. See More
JD Edwards

EnterpriseOne new single sign-on (SSO) options using JWT
Presented by: Mr. Frank S Jordan, ERP Suites

EnterpriseOne has provided multiple authentication features in the past. Recently a newer option using JSON Web Token (JWT)
... can support a variety of identity management products that used to require a proxy/gateway server for Single Sign-on (SSO)See More
JD Edwards

EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Tech Tips
Presented by: Mr. Frank S Jordan, ERP Suites

EnterpriseOne Orchestration tips and tricks experienced from the technology perspective. Learn some of the architecture, con
... figuration and areas to pay attention to implementing and troubleshooting orchestrations. See More
JD Edwards

EnterpriseOne Search - an alternative to enhancing user inquiries
Presented by: Bernadette Dannemiller, Terillium, Inc.

How can I search for a customer address record based on their city, state and zip? How can I narrow down my item lookup in pu
... rchase order entry to only view items for my specific vendor? The answer used to be "you can't without an enhancement" - there were some workarounds, but nothing that completely met the business need. And then along came EnterpriseOne Search! This UDO allows custom searches to be built, including over multiple business views or tables, so that you can provide lookups on the fields that the users need, display only the data that is useful, and allow selection of records directly from the search. The E1 Search can be used in almost any application or functional area - this session will be based in Distribution applications, but that's a limitation of the time we have and not the tool itself!See More
JD Edwards

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Requirements Roundtable
Presented by: Jeff Erickson, Oracle America, Inc

Environment, social, and governance (ESG) reporting may be a priority for your organization. Creating and posting ESG reports
... is becoming a requirement across all industries. Does your JD Edwards data and reporting tools support your ESG requirements? Join us to discuss what is needed for ESG compliance for your company. See More
JD Edwards

ERP Training SIG - Hot Topics in Training – Digital Adoption, AI, Micro-Learning and More
Presented by: Terri Lee, M.D.C. Holdings, Inc.

ERP Training SIG Meeting - Hot Topics in Training – Digital Adoption, AI, Micro-Learning and More
... See More
JD Edwards

Error Handling in Your Orchestrations
Presented by: Justen Geiger, J. Geiger Consulting, Inc.

Unless you are the exception and all of your Orchestrations process flawlessly you will run into times when an error occurs f
... or one reason or another. In this session you will learn ways to build error handling into your Orchestrations so that they can either recover and continue or alert the appropriate parties on steps to remediate or resolve the errors. Allow your organization to use Orchestrations with confidence knowing that the errors can be handled within JDE!See More
JD Edwards

Experiment with Latest Web OMW and Package Build Enhancements
Presented by: Janet Rans, Oracle America, Inc

REGISTRATION REQUIRED to participate in this session: This Hands-on Lab will highlight the exciting development features that
... are now available via the EnterpriseOne web client and do not require a development client to perform. NOTE: A LAPTOP IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION TYPE. In addition to a laptop, please bring a tablet (recommended) or a smartphone to the session.See More
JD Edwards

Financial Management Kick-Off Networking
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Pick your track and join your fellow JD Edwards peers immediately following the JD Edwards Keynote for a little friendly comp
... etition consisting of great conversation, networking, trivia and chances to win prizes!See More
JD Edwards

Fixed Assets Depreciation in JDE changing methods without customization
Presented by: Mr. Craig Hill, C&A Technology LLC

Although the JD Edwards Fixed Assets system provides a wide range of standard depreciation methods, there might be a need for
... specific depreciation algorithms other than those provided with the standard depreciation methods. For example, to help small businesses, owners can claim their first-year bonus depreciation in qualifying personal property used for business purposes. Using bonus depreciation, they can deduct a certain percentage of the cost of an asset in the first year it was purchased, and the remaining cost can be deducted over several years using regular depreciation.See More
JD Edwards

Fond du Lac Case Study: The Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Cloud & JDE
Presented by: Mr. Dean Matvey, Fond du Lac Reservation

The advancement of technology is becoming as inevitable as death and taxes. Aging infrastructure and systems can often leave
... organizations stuck in the mud as their competition moves forward. As a result, most Oracle JDE customers are all faced with, and at least considering, the move to cloud applications. When, how, what applications, and whether they should be making the move to cloud applications at all, are top of mind. Many customers have adopted a functional hybrid approach. One of the most common of these functional areas has been in Human Capital Management (HCM). In this session, we will cover the approach used by FDL to assess how functional requirements could be supported by capabilities within both JDE and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications (OFCA). In this hybrid approach, data must be shared between both JDE and OFCA and processes adapted to accommodate both solutions and deliver the best of both worlds to FDL.See More
JD Edwards

Form Control Extensions
Presented by: Kou Lo, Oracle America, Inc

REGISTRATION REQUIRED to attend this session: The JD Edwards extensibility framework, and in particular personal forms and fo
... rm extensions, have brought an even greater level of flexibility to an ERP system that is renowned for its flexibility and configurability. And now another enhancement called form control extensions takes that flexibility to the next level. Not only can you control the fields on forms by showing, hiding, enabling, and disabling them, but you can do so dynamically, based on conditions such as the value in a field, who the user is, or which version of a program is running. Best of all, it's all done without development or programming skills using the low-code/no-code extensibility framework. Check it out for yourself in this hands-on lab. NOTE: A LAPTOP IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION TYPE. In addition to a laptop, please bring a tablet (recommended) or a smartphone to the session.See More
JD Edwards

Get Current, Stay Current - Trek's journey to 64-bit
Presented by: Mr. Tom Spoke, Trek Bicycle

Trek upgraded from JDE 9.1 to 9.2 back in 2018. Since then, they've stayed current on the tools and technology side but have
... fallen behind on the application side. With 64-bit becoming a requirement for future tools releases past 9.2.5, Trek decided to embark on an application upgrade to not only get code-current but to convert to 64-bit processing. The project commenced in Jan of 2023. The first major milestone was to get code current. For Trek, it meant upgrading from UN2 to UN7. Following the upgrade to UN7, Trek migrated to 64-bit processing. See More
JD Edwards

Get Started with Orchestration Creation and Configuration
Presented by: Todd Nelson, iLearnERP

In this course we will demonstrate building a basic orchestration and then continue to add components to see the process of c
... onfiguring and mapping an orchestration from beginning to end. We will include the use of form, data, and connector requests and additional components. This is an introductory session for those beginning to work with the Orchestrator. We will include a basic orchestrator quick reference card for future build of orchestrations.See More
JD Edwards

Get Your Data Right in JDE – Why You Need a Data Lake to Perfect Your JDE Data
Presented by: Kausik Dasgupta, Magic Software Enterprises, Inc.

No matter what goals companies aim to achieve – whether it's optimizing their supply chain, enhancing customer engagement, ad
... apting to market changes, or reducing costs and increasing productivity – data plays a pivotal role in driving insights and actionable outcomes. As organizations have progressed in their digital transformation journey, they now face a critical challenge: how to effectively leverage their data and transform it into actionable intelligence. With the proliferation of data sources, it becomes increasingly vital for businesses to seamlessly integrate these sources and extract cross-departmental intelligence in near real-time. Join this session to discover the advantages of connecting and collecting data from diverse sources, whether on-premises or in the cloud. By leveraging an optimized cloud-based data management and analytics platform, organizations can aggregate data from operational and business systems across their entire enterprise. For instance, data from JD Edwards ERP system, procurement applications, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms can be securely integrated into a centralized cloud-based data lake. Kausik "KD" Dasgupta, CTO NA at Magic Software, will explain how an actionable data layer can support various systems and data sources for different types of analysis. For instance, how to enhance your ERP system by providing contextualized data from the data lake, encompassing comprehensive store maintenance costs such as parts expenses, external service fees, internal repair technician charges, and time spent managing maintenance-related activities. The raw data can be customized to adhere to industry standards and conventions or tailored to your company's specific requirements. This enables you to harness the full value and potential of your data in a centralized repository, enabling real-time action and driving improved business outcomes.See More
JD Edwards

Getting Started with Oracle Guided Learning for JD Edwards
Presented by: Matthew Vaughn, Oracle America, Inc

Join us in this session to gain practical proven insights and strategies for driving ongoing adoption of JDE in your organiza
... tion through the use of Oracle’s Guided Learning, a robust digital adoption platform. Steltix, Oracle University and Oracle JD Edwards Development have launched Oracle Guided Learning for JD Edwards (OGL4JDE). This cloud-based enterprise, in-application training platform is designed to simplify and accelerate the adoption of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for users. Not just new users, but for all users to understand and adopt new features and capability in each release of JDE, follow process and adhere to policies. ? OGL4JDE facilitates smooth process completion and policy enforcement for employees, suppliers, and customers by providing guidance based on their role and the business process they are working on. The platform offers an array of features, including Process Guides, Message Guides, Smart Tips, Launchers, and more, allowing users to efficiently navigate through JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, learn new processes and tasks, and optimize their usage of the system. An exciting aspect of OGL4JDE is that the license includes up to two additional applications, in addition to JD Edwards. INFOCUS Attendees will learn best practices and real world examples of how organizations have commenced their journey adopting OGL4JDE including: - Common 'Day 1' use cases for OGL4JDE adoption - Using OGL4JDE to support JD Edwards continuous delivery - Using OGL4JDE in a JD Edwards Applications / Tools upgrade - Using OGL4JDE as a project (and BAU) communications tool - Using OGL4JDE to facilitate UAT Testing preparation - Benefits realized through the adoption of OGL4JDESee More
JD Edwards

Getting the Most out of Agribusiness
Presented by: Rohini Viswanathan, Oracle America, Inc

Innovation and transformation are the keys to a thriving business. This session focuses on how JD Edwards combines business
... and technology trends to deliver solutions that enable you to reinvent agribusiness management with ERP. You will also get a sneak peek at new enhancements to support Blend Management auditing. Join us as we explore what's possible with JD Edwards today to transform key business processes and empowering your organization to conquer today’s challenges and thrive in the digital business economy. Note: This session has a virtual presenter.See More
JD Edwards

Hands-on Learning Lab: Create Interactive JD Edwards Financial Reports with Power BI
Presented by: Michelle Werkmeister, Preferred Strategies

With the General Ledger as it’s backbone, your ERP system is likely the most essential database in your organization. It hold
... s the data you need to adapt and grow, but do you have the right skills and tools to transform the data into decision-ready information? Join us for this interactive Power BI learning experience that will teach you how to build your own financial reports tailored to common GL analytics scenarios. We will explore how to develop an interactive GL dashboard that includes KPIs, Actual to Budget variance analysis, and methods for analyzing revenue in this 90-minute hands deep dive session. See More
JD Edwards

Harness the power of Server Manager APIs and Offline Orchestrations to Automate System Maintenance, Health Checks and Monitoring
Presented by: Tonio Thomas, Circular Edge

Server Manager APIs have paved the way to monitor and maintain E1 Servers. The capability of SM offline orchestrations now al
... lows you to leverage the automation capabilities of Orchestrator to simplify E1 maintenance procedures for shutdown and start-up operations, health checks, and alerting.See More
JD Edwards

Harnessing the Power of Release 23 and OVI’s to Unlock Your “Hidden Cost Center”
Presented by: Scott Hollowell, Asset Management Solutions

“Do more with less” “We need to tighten the belt” “Only projects & initiatives with a tangible ROI are moving forward at t
... his time…” While this is the first post-pandemic in-person InFocus conference, there is still a long shadow cast by Covid-19 upon business operations. Interest rates (aka the “cost of capital”), labor shortages, global Supply-Chain disruptions… all put pressures on the operations of our businesses and our corporate budgets for IT upgrades, Six-Sigma initiatives, cost/expense management, etc. In this session, we will discuss how your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE E1) solution provides the tools for you to see your “Hidden Cost Center,” that part of your business operation that invisibly erodes your corporate budget and profitability. We explore how these tools in JDE E1, recently elevated with Release 23, can be assembled to promote Operational Excellence, a state where all aspects of your EnterpriseOne business solution supports the goals of your company. We invite you to attend this EAM Title Track spotlight session to see what the “art of the possible” looks like when EnterpriseOne Release 23 capabilities are combined with Oracle Validated Integration Solutions for JD Edwards (OVI). See More
JD Edwards

HCM SIG Roundtable Meeting
Presented by: Mrs. Katie Lewis, Brasfield & Gorrie LLC

The monthly HCM SIG meeting will be in person at InFocus. This is an opportunity to meet other SIG members and share ideas an
... d issues and have meaningful discussion around the JDE Human Capital Management module.See More
JD Edwards

Hidden Gems of Advanced Pricing
Presented by: Ervin Rhodes, Oracle America, Inc

JD Edwards Advanced Pricing is a powerful module capable of managing challenging pricing scenarios that are ever present in t
... oday's global market. With so many features to offer, it is easy to overlook what you could use to your advantage along with new enhancements that have been added to the overall cumulative value of Advanced Pricing 9.2. Join this session to be reminded of hidden gems and learn about new enhancements in Release 23. Note: This session has a virtual presenter.See More
JD Edwards

Hidden Gems of Order Management
Presented by: Ervin Rhodes, Oracle America, Inc

This session will focus on the cumulative value of features delivered in Order Management since the inception of JD Edwards E
... nterpriseOne Release 9.2. The primary focus of this hidden gem session is on Order Guides and Outbound Inventory Management. You will also learn about enhancements to modules such as Advanced Pricing, Sales Order Management, Agreement Management and more. These functional enhancements along with UX One, Orchestrator, and Preconfigured Notifications improve the efficiency of the order management process. See More
JD Edwards

Hidden in Plain Sight: A punch list of JDE EnterpriseOne tips and tricks I was the last person to discover
Presented by: Chris Papineau, Terillium, Inc.

JDEdwards EnterpriseOne is a complex product and CNC is niche which has grown over the past 28 years or so into an enormous p
... lant named Audrey which seems to be saying "Feed me!" Any CNC can get caught up in these tentacles and see their install or upgrade grind to a halt over numerous single point failures, nuances, and tribal knowledge items. This session will document an eclectic assortment some of these items, relevant to installs, upgrades, and configuration. Included and JAS server tweaks, fixes to back-end Enterprise server problems, Configurator UXone issues, and useful SQL solutions to JDE conundrums. This is a surface level survey of useful roadblock eliminators rather than an open heart surgery session into bare metal details.See More
JD Edwards

High Value Orchestrator Use Cases for Real Estate
Presented by: Mr. David Kratzke, Grant Thornton LLP

You have probably heard about some amazing use cases for JD Edwards Orchestrator, but how can these be applied to leasing, pr
... operty accounting and commercial real estate? Grant Thornton will demonstrate an orchestration that can be utilized by nearly every Lessor to help automate a manual process. We will review the Orchestrator Studio components utilized to support the orchestration and provide an “under the hood” look at these orchestrations. We will also discuss a number of use cases your organization can achieve with Orchestrator, including process automation, enhanced integrations, process workflow and notifications.See More
JD Edwards

Hoffman Construction's Mobile App using Orchestrator, VBCS, and OCI: Empowering JDE Health and Safety Incident Reporting
Presented by: Mr. Dave Wagoner, Hoffman Corporation

This presentation will shed light on the mobile application commissioned by Hoffman Construction, designed to streamline the
... reporting of Health and Safety incidents. This application enables users to submit incidents directly from their phones, facilitating real-time incident management. Built by ACBM on a technology stack that includes JD Edwards, Orchestrator, OCI, and Oracle VBCS, this application reflects an intriguing blend of technology and functionality, pushing the boundaries of what is typically expected in the construction industry. The presentation will provide a deep dive into the infrastructure of the application, the integration of different technologies, and the level of effort involved in its creation. We will discuss lessons learned during the application's development and deployment stages, including both triumphs and hurdles, providing insights into the practicalities of such an initiative. A live demonstration will be conducted, offering attendees a first-hand experience of its functionalities. A Q&A session will follow.See More
JD Edwards

How Hydranautics enabled JDE for data capturing devices
Presented by: Mahesh Sathenjeri, Syntax Systems USA, LP

With the latest features of Orchestrator Studio, Oracle has created powerful tools to automate business processes and integra
... te them with ancillary systems. One of the key requests that comes from businesses is to provide a data capture solution that is faster and connected to JD Edwards. During this session, we will demonstrate how Syntax has partnered with Hydranautics to transform their data capturing solution by leveraging JDE tools that including IoT and Orchestrator.See More
JD Edwards

How Morgan Olson Customers Rely on JD Edwards Data and Processes for Ordering Parts
Presented by: Mr. Fermin Rodriguez, SmarterCommerce

For Morgan Olson Parts (MOP), providing customers 24/7 access to a catalog of 8500+ replacement parts for their installed bas
... e of Morgan Olson walk-in step vans is critical to keep their customers’ (e.g. UPS, FedEx) fleet on the road and delivering. However, to deliver accurate replacement part information requires complete traceability for each manufactured step van and its often customer-specific specifications. With JD Edwards, MOP is able to track a unit’s manufactured bill of materials to the end vehicle identification number (VIN) and to properly tag serviceable parts for future replacement. Building on this ERP foundation, MOP set out to digitally transform their parts ordering process by implementing an ecommerce webstore ( The combined webstore and JD Edwards solution provides customers with VIN search capabilities to view available parts by van assembly so they can pinpoint the exact part required for the van repair. In addition, MOP has provided customers access to view visual parts diagrams, place orders, manage accounts and retrieve service related documents on a 24/7 basis over the web with real-time pricing, inventory, and account specific information.See More
JD Edwards

How the Global Manufacturing Company H&R is Redefining their E1 Security Model.
Presented by: Dr Frosoulla Kofterou, ALLOut Security

Clear accountability is vital, especially for enterprises that are tasked with satisfying global audit and compliance initiat
... ives in standard JD Edwards. This session will give you actionable insights into how the global manufacturing company H&R are redesigning their security model in stages to achieve this goal. Starting from designing an optimal SoD framework, utilizing security history reporting and privileged user access monitoring, the organization has now embarked on stage two of their compliance initiates in just over 6 months. This is an excellent opportunity to learn best practice steps towards revamping roles, menus, and security from a company that is in the process of meeting its compliance goals via a global rollout.See More
JD Edwards

How to automate and play catchup on your JDE development documentation?
Presented by: Jeff Copper, C&A Technology LLC

Too many projects cut out the documentation tasks of a project when budgets get tight. CAT will review how you can circumven
... t that issue to automatically provide details technical specifications for all JDE objects in a word format where a user can annotate the results without starting from scratch.See More
JD Edwards

How to Avoid a Thunderstorm-When Moving to the Cloud
Presented by: Sherri Conrardy, Redfaire International

Moving to the cloud doesn’t need to cause a thunderstorm. During this session we will explore when the best time to move, ben
... efits of the latest tools release, and check list of things to avoid. You’ll walk away with a better understanding on how to move to the cloud without causing a storm. No need to bring your umbrella, we will make sure the sky stays clear and sunny!See More
JD Edwards

How to become an ERP-centric enterprise. The roadmap of a fast growing multinational company which has chosen jDE as the base for its operating model review
Presented by: Massimiliano Bartolozzi, Lucart Group

Lucart group is running JDE since 2012. In 2019 the group started a series of acquisitions which brought the company from a
... 5 plants, 470M€, 1200 employees, Italian company, to the current 12 plants, 730M€ 1900 employees multinational group. Within the group strategic plan the CIO had to develop the enterprise digital roadmap and the tools that were going to support the growth. Decision was made to confirm JDE as the pillar of the future business process re-engineering effort and a refresh strategy was developed in 3 steps: 1- Replatform JDE from AS400 to Windows/SQL using a private cloud environment. 2- Technical and functional Upgrade of JDE from 9.0 to 9.2 , moving from 620 days of customizations to the current 380 days adopting standard functionalities. To ensure the success of this complex upgrade, Lucart group leveraged the skills of Oracle ACS (Paul Hall). 3- Upskill the IT team on new JDE capabilities (orchestrator, UX, OCI, others) through a “Fridays for learning” initiative. In parallel, Lucart group started and “operating model review” with one of the big 5, which resulted in a process re-engineering roadmap of 23 initiatives to be completed within 3 years. Again, JDE was chosen as the vehicle to implement and secure the new business processes, and a team of local and international partners (Atlantic, GN Techonomy, Quistor and Steltix) was selected to enable the business transformation through JDE. While the roadmap is still executing, Lucart continued its best-in-class tools adoption strategy with Oracle HCM in the cloud; in 2024 a new strategic plan will be developed. In this presentation you will learn why Lucart group decided to bet on JDE for its ERP-centric strategy, why the Oracle – JDE ecosystem has been key for the successful development of this ambitious program, and how the partnership between IT and business was set up to ensure commons goals. See More
JD Edwards

How To Protect Your JD Edwards System from Ransomware
Presented by: Mr. John Bassett, GSI

During this session learn how to protect your JD Edwards system from cyberattacks. Topics covered will include: -A ransomwar
... e attack case walk through -Protecting your perimeter -Locking down ports -Use of intrusion detection/prevention -End point protection tools -What to do if you determine you have been hit -Create an incident response manual & template See More
JD Edwards

How to streamline and optimize your JD Edwards AP and AR processes with no code/low code technology.
Presented by: Pascal de Kleijn, SCANMAN & Fizor

We all do it, but we shouldn’t! Manually processing of purchase orders, remittance advices, bank payments and supplier invoic
... es is time consuming, error sensitive and has a high impact on the visibility of the cash position of the company. In this session we will discuss the process inefficiencies, the impact on your organization, customers and suppliers and how you can automate these processes with smart and scalable low code/no code solutions, fully integrated with JD Edwards E1. See More
JD Edwards

How to Successfully Incorporate RPA into Your Automation Strategy?
Presented by: Rajan Kaistha, RST Solutions

In this session, RST Solutions will help you better understand the Automation Technology Landscape and where Robotic Process
... Automation (RPA) fits into it by taking a deep dive journey into the world of RPA. During our time together we will help you gain clarity about the nuances between different types of RPA use cases and how it differs from other automation technologies, how to successfully choose and implement what is right for you and discuss various capabilities that are available in the RPA marketplace. Objectives: 1.Review the Automation Technology Landscape and where RPA fits into it. 2.Discuss the various types of RPA solutions/products and how to determine which is right for you. 3.Discuss how to create a Center of Excellence or Automation Committee to help your organization manage your automation roadmap. 4.Show RPA examples and dive into the various advantages that they can afford your organization. See More
JD Edwards

How Tyndale automated archiving of data and corrected data integrity issues using Purge-It!
Presented by: Adam Rispens, Tyndale House Publishers

After being on JDE for a few years our data set was growing, and performance was starting to decline – it was time to look at
... archiving data! We enlisted the help of a JDE integrated tool called Purge-It! This tool allows us to archive the data from JDE from within JDE. Their applications and processes use the JDE interface and structure. As we embarked on this journey it helped us to discover process issues that needed to be addressed as well as some data issues that needed to be cleaned up. Purge-It! Has standard archiving setups for our main JDE modules such as Sales Order, Procurement, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger. Their custom module allows us to create our own archiving routines for suggestions, shipments, sales ledger, and EDI. We were able to fully automate the archive process by making use of date offsets and setting the jobs to run on our JAMS job scheduler. All of the archived data is still viewable from JDE if we need it too. We have gained cleaner data and a lot of performance improvements! See More
JD Edwards

How Tyndale Automated drop ship and direct fulfillment Order processing using Orchestrator, customization, EDI and other tools.
Presented by: Adam Rispens, Tyndale House Publishers

Direct fulfillment orders for one of our largest customers was a very manual process from order intake through shipping and A
... SN. Each customer has unique requirements for document branding and lableing of the orders. Another Brainstorming opportunity for us!! In the end we came up with a fast, efficient way to input, process and ship the orders – which automated everything - aside from putting the book in the box! In this session we will walk through how we accomplished the automation by switching the customer to EDI, adding a customization to sales order entry for branding options, automating the order allocation, using an Orchestration to pack the orders in JDE, producing the proper custom labels and packing slips with the alternate company Logo (Branding). We then use Power Automate to ship the orders via Nexxio and a Job scheduler (JAMS) to automate ASN generation. For another Customer that couldn’t do EDI, we also created an Orchestration for the order entry. Now we are processing direct fulfillment and drop ship orders at lightning speed! See More
JD Edwards

How-to Deploy ESU’s Using Only the Web with Release 23
Presented by: Steve Pollack, GSI

In this session, you will learn how to leverage the enhanced capabilities from Release 23 to apply software updates from the
... web and you will also learn how to build and deploy packages from the web to deploy software updates to end users.See More
JD Edwards

Human Capital Management Kick-Off Networking
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Pick your track and join your fellow JD Edwards peers immediately following the JD Edwards Keynote for a little friendly comp
... etition consisting of great conversation, networking, trivia and chances to win prizes!See More
JD Edwards

Implementing Warehouse Management Solutions using Orchestrator
Presented by: Michelle Hasna, Hadrian Manufacturing, Inc.

Hadrian is a multi-facility manufacturing operation, previously processing cycle counts through the distribution of scheduled
... batch reports. Reports were automatically printed, allocated between a small team, manual recorded then returned to the supervisor for entry into JDE and variance analysis. Recounts required the redistribution of the same batch report, upon completion the supervisor would update the original JDE with the recount then approve the count. Join this session to hear how Hadrian overcame these challenges using Orchestrator and low-code/no-code tools.See More
JD Edwards

Improve the Efficiency of Your Logistics Operations with JD Edwards 9.2
Presented by: Ervin Rhodes, Oracle America, Inc

The cumulative value of enhancements in JD Edwards Logistics can help you improve the efficiency of your logistics operations
... . Functional enhancements along with UX One, Orchestrator, and Notifications will inspire you to re-imagine how this is possible. For example, enhancements in Warehouse Management can improve the utilization of your warehouse space and increase labor productivity. Come to this session to learn more about what is possible for Logistics in Release 23. See More
JD Edwards

Improvements to the JDE Work Order printing experience
Presented by: George Thevallil, Graymont Limited

Come and hear how Graymont improved the experience of the Maintenance planner preparing our Work Orders to be printed . We'll
... take you down a journey where we invested in STR software's Avent-X platform and the continuous improvements we have been working on since then. Avent-X was just the start we needed to make our end-users printing of Work Orders easier. From expanding the use to our Safety related reports , navigating away from STR’s webpages to a JDE form for selecting attachments, to our most recent click-reduction improvements and more improvements being planned down the line....experience the journey with us.See More
JD Edwards

Improving Financial Performance by Archiving E1 Data
Presented by: Mrs. Kara Mitchell, M.D.C. Holdings, Inc.

MDC Holdings is one of the top homebuilders in the United States. Since going live with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in 2010, the
... y had accumulated mass amounts of data and needed a way to archive financial records and purchase orders. MDC chose to use Essentio’s Archivist tool to build a custom solution to archive records based on their Homebuilder data. Join this session to learn about Archivist and how MDC has benefited from the partnership with Essentio. MDC will share their process to determine what tables needed to be archived, how they develop custom archive rules based on Community close date using Essentio’s Archivist Software, changed selected E1 reports to pull from Production and Archive databases, and improved year-end rollover based on data reduction. See More
JD Edwards

Improving your CAM maintenance management program by leveraging proven operations management best practices.
Presented by: Mr. Steven M. Yniguez, Grant Thornton LLP

Capital Asset Management (CAM) is a critical part of any asset intensive organization. Companies looking to survive in diffic
... ult times and thrive in a competitive landscape lean on Continuous Improvement (CI) efforts to gain a competitive advantage. So what CI projects do you have planned for your CAM team? Unfortunately, most maintenance environments fail to recognize how to leverage CI projects to their CAM program. Simply put, they are "too busy" focusing on doing more with less. CAM should no longer sit in the shadows of continuous improvement. In this session we will focus on defining some key industry best practices and discuss how they can be applied to your E1 CAM efforts to improve your overall maintenance performance. This session promises to be both fun and informative!See More
JD Edwards

Intermediate Orchestrations with Step by Step Instructions
Presented by: Mrs. Lisa Tran, Monterey Mushrooms, Inc.

I started learning orchestrations by implementing and automating simple tasks. Eventually the demands became more complicate
... d and there is a learning curve with some orchestration features. In this session, I will cover some of the cool things that I have learned and provide steps to duplicate. Topics include importing data from a .csv file, using attachments to attach output to an email, use standard JDE business function call in an orchestration, use logic extension to validate and retrieve data from item ledger, handle exceptionsSee More
JD Edwards

Introduction to Orchestrator - 60 Minutes
Presented by: Mr. Bart Vanden Abeele, Oracle America, Inc

REGISTRATION REQUIRED to attend this Hands-On Lab style session: Have you heard the word ""Orchestrator,"" maybe even attende
... d a few live or virtual presentations, but just haven't had the time to try it out for yourself? Well your time has come. Attend this hands-on lab hosted by the JD Edwards team to get your very first hands-on exposure to one of the most transformational tools in the EnterpriseOne toolbox. No prior experience needed. Just bring your laptop and a browser. NOTE: A LAPTOP IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION TYPE. In addition to a laptop, please bring a tablet (recommended) or a smartphone to the session. This session is also offered on September 28th at 9:15 am.See More
JD Edwards

Introduction to Orchestrator - 90 Minutes
Presented by: Nami Fujiyama, Oracle America, Inc

REGISTRATION REQUIRED to attend this Hands-On Lab style session: Have you heard the word "Orchestrator," maybe even attended
... a few live or virtual presentations, but just haven't had the time to try it out for yourself? Well your time has come. Attend this hands-on lab hosted by the JD Edwards team to get your very first hands-on exposure to one of the most transformational tools in the EnterpriseOne toolbox. No prior experience needed. Just bring your laptop and a browser. NOTE: A LAPTOP IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION TYPE. In addition to a laptop, please bring a tablet (recommended) or a smartphone to the session. This session is also offered on September 29th at 8:00 am.See More
JD Edwards

Is JDE Your Future?
Presented by: Scott Sears, GSI

What lies ahead in the future for JDE customers? Join GSI, an Oracle platinum partner, for this candid discussion on your va
... rious options to ensure the ongoing success of your organization. 1. What are my SaaS options? 2. What deployment options are most popular with JDE customers and why (on-prem, managed services, private, public, etc.) 3. 3rd party expansion of JDE footprint (buy VS. build) Finally, we will offer attendees the opportunity for further evaluation within their companies to discover what is the best path forward for their JD Edwards software.See More
JD Edwards

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne System Admin Roadmap
Presented by: Clayton Seeley, Oracle America, Inc

Get updates on latest enhancements for JD Edwards System Administration. This session will illustrate work done in simplifyin
... g and automating tasks that continue to lower the bar for Total Cost of Ownership. Note: This session has a virtual presenter.See More
JD Edwards

JD Edwards Extensibility Framework: No-code Extensions for User Interface, Process Modeling, Automation, and More
Presented by: Naga Srihari Oruganti, Oracle America, Inc

Have you heard? Enterprise Automation is ""the next big thing."" It's the natural extension of the success we have had with p
... rocess automation using the JD Edwards digital platform. The foundations of Enterprise Automation are models and metrics: models to help us visualize our critical business processes, and metrics to tell us how well those processes are running. In this learning lab you will see how you can use current EnterpriseOne capabilities---some new and some not-so-new---to get started with Enterprise Automation today. Note: This session has a virtual presenter. See More
JD Edwards

JD Edwards Financials SIG Meeting
Presented by: Chandra Wobschall, BrightView Landscape

The Financials SIG meets monthly, providing presentations from fellow users, Oracle, or business partners on subjects effecti
... ng the Financial modules. If you are not familiar with our SIG, please come and find out more. If you are already attend our meetings, please come to meet fellow SIG members and have an opportunity to ask fellow members how they resolve certain issues.See More
JD Edwards

JD Edwards Inventory Reconciliation Custom Suite of Applications
Presented by: Siddarth Rajagopalan, MFA Oil Company

CJ Inventory Diagnostics has partnered with MFA Oil to produce a suite of comprehensive custom Inventory Reconciliation tools
... within JD Edwards which assists with reconciling the Item Balance (F41021), Item Ledger (F4111), and General Ledger (F0911) tables. This suite of online tools replaces the cumbersome reporting process and manual Excel spreadsheets making the month end process streamlined, faster, and more efficient. Variance analysis and finding the root cause for inventory integrity issues has never been easier! We will demonstrate a full Inventory Reconciliation including: • Quantifying quantity, amount, and GL variances at the Company, Business Unit, and Account levels of detail • Why it's important to include the Item Balance as part of your reconciliation * How Inventory Quantity and Value are calculated and compared to Item Ledger Quantity and Value • Finding root causes to common quantity, amount, and GL variances using drill down functionality and determining what actions to take and why * Understanding commit fails, why they happen, and how to fix them * Understanding primary UOM and conversion changes/deletions and what impacts they have on inventory integrity * Understanding cost variances caused by weighted average cost * Understanding the impact of using the wrong line types with inventory GL Class Codes and vice versa * Etc. • How end of day processing impacts your reconciliation • Automated Inventory Level-Set • Automated GL Level-Set The custom suite of applications that will be demonstrated in this overview are: Inventory Reconciliation Workbench, Item Balance/Ledger Integrity, Item/Account Ledger Integrity, Unprocessed End of Day, General Ledger Summary, Running Weighted Average Cost Analysis, Item Ledger Variance Analysis, General Ledger Variance Analysis, Sales Ledger Variance Analysis, and Purchasing Ledger Variance Analysis. See More
JD Edwards

JD Edwards Security Update
Presented by: Pradip Pandey, Oracle America, Inc

Security has always been a major concern for every organization while handling data and its communication over the network.
... Learn how Oracle is continuing to secure your JD Edwards implementations with our latest security enhancements and best practices. See More
JD Edwards

JD Edwards Welcome and Roadmap
Presented by: Paul Houtkooper, Oracle America, Inc

JD Edwards continuous delivery of innovation in EnterpriseOne 9.2 enables you to automate and transform business processes, c
... reating competitive advantages and improving operational efficiency. Join Paul Houtkooper and members of the JD Edwards product team as they highlight current and future product innovations, including strategies for Release 24 and beyond. Gain insights into other sessions where you can get detailed education, learn about best practices, and increase your understanding of the value of our recent offerings. This session will feature insights from the following Oracle presenters: Gary Grieshaber Paul Houtkooper Jeff Erickson AJ Schifano Clayton Seeley David Greiner Nicole Laurent David Bilthuis See More
JD Edwards

JD Edwards: Simple Workflow Creation (Part Number Additions)
Presented by: Bud Shaw, GSI

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, efficient and streamlined workflows are essential for organizations to stay
... competitive and agile. JD Edwards, a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, empowers businesses to optimize their operations and enhance productivity. One crucial aspect of JD Edwards is its capability to create simple yet powerful workflows, particularly for part number additions. This presentation delves into the process of harnessing JD Edwards' simple workflow creation features to facilitate the addition of part numbers, a fundamental task in any inventory management system. Attendees will discover how to leverage JD Edwards' intuitive interface to design, implement, and automate part number addition workflows, streamlining the process from start to finish. Key topics covered in this presentation include: • Creating a workflow that will send part number additions to different departments (engineering, purchasing, sales, costing, pricing, etc.) to fill in the relevant codes and fields • Understanding Part Number Addition Workflow Requirements • Configuring Simple Workflows in JD Edwards • Automating and Monitoring Workflows • Ensuring Compliance and Data Integrity • Real-world Case Studies See More
JD Edwards

JDE 101: What all new Users of JD Edwards should know!
Presented by: Mr. Ward L Quarles, Oracle America, Inc

Are you new to JD Edwards? Are you bringing new employees that need to know more about applications from JD Edwards. Join us
... to learn the basic JDE fundamentals and concepts and prepare you for a great career.See More
JD Edwards

JDE A/P Invoice Automation Utilizing AWS Textract for our OCR-as-a-Service Platform
Presented by: Ben Tyrell, K-Rise Systems, Inc.

Is your accounting team looking for a way to reduce the manual tasks related to your Accounts Payable Process? We have the pe
... rfect solution for you with our A/P Invoice Automation based on our low-code platform, EASYProcess. AWS Textract AI-Based Query Document API intelligently gets invoice information without needing position-based templates. We will show you the features of this platform in this interactive session! Our fully automated system includes: No Mapping, No Template, EASYProcess Workflow Engine, Automated Voucher Entry, 2-Way & 3-Way Matching, Handling Tolerance & Miscellaneous Supplier Charges, Vendors to Submit Invoices, Track Invoice Status, Flip a PO, Scanned Invoices Added as Media Attachments and Saved to the Cloud, Support of PDFs, JPEGs, Tiffs, Paper/Handwritten Invoices, and many more! Our acclaimed JDE OVI Certified (32 & 64 bits) EASYProcess Low-Code Platform provides JDE companies with an easy-to-use AP Automation web & mobile app pre-integrated with JDE data & logic. See More
JD Edwards

JDE Continuous adoption – Security edition
Presented by: Brian Connor, ERP Suites

Oracle is continuing to add new security features with every release. Are you taking advantage of those enhancements? Join
... this session to learn more about the latest security features and how to use them to your advantage.See More
JD Edwards

JDE Demand Supply Execution (DSE) to Manage Requirements for Shipment and Production Schedules betwe
Presented by: Mr. Craig Hill, C&A Technology LLC

Firm or planned demand requirements enable you to receive, interpret, or validate, net order information for shipments, and t
... o automatically communicate shipment details to the supplier or customer. The system interprets and receives information using EDI documents that are transmitted from customers to suppliers, and then populates the appropriate demand scheduling tables to create records within sales orders, and forecasts. Forecasted schedules are transmitted from the manufacturer or distributor to the supplier to cover a future period and are formatted as a series of year-to-date cumulative totals. You can use this information for forecasting and planning when ordering parts and materials in high volume supply chainsSee More
JD Edwards

JDE Developer - Ask Us Anything (AUA) '23
Presented by: Mr. Daniel Bohner, Amalgamated Sugar Company

Let's take a few moments to talk, share and challenge each other - about the JDE Tools we use daily. We'll have some very Se
... nior Level names in the panel - and we'll work through the processes we are struggling with in our day to day JDE Development Cycles. This session is an open panel - where the audience is ALSO the panel. We'll pass the microphone, Share what we are doing and create resolutions or awareness.See More
JD Edwards

Presented by: Marc Richard, JD Irving Ltd

-Introduction to the EAM SIG and it's objectives. Also small topic of Custom tools created at JDIrving to support Asset mana
... gement processes, as a flavor of what typically is presented at out SIG.See More
JD Edwards

JDE Meets ML: Unlocking Lower Inventory Levels and Higher Customer Satisfaction with ML Generated Demand Forecasts
Presented by: Craig B Kelly, Syntax Systems USA, LP

More accurate demand forecasts allow companies to optimize their inventory levels while maximizing customer satisfaction. Leg
... acy JD Edwards demand forecasting is limited to data that resides within the customer's instance of JDE while relying on dated algorithms, resulting in suboptimal forecast accuracy. But now some options exist where JD Edwards' data can be combined with other sources (both internal and external to the business) and leveraged to train ML-based models to generate accurate forecasts which can then be orchestrated back into JDE. The resulting effect allows JDE to run a more efficient MRP process, ultimately increasing margins for the company. Come learn more about the types of data that can easily be combined with your sales history and leveraged with advanced ML that can transform your business using a data-driven landscape. See More
JD Edwards

JDE Modernization: Fast-Tracking Clients to a Digitally Enabled JDE
Presented by: Rick Katz, Deloitte US Consulting

Our JDE Modernization program helps drive value for our clients with the ability to maintain and enhance their JD Edwards sys
... tem and end-user experience, avoiding a costly ERP implementation or change management process, and protecting the investments already made.See More
JD Edwards

JDE Orchestrator based Testing and Process Automation
Presented by: Kyudong Shim, Deloitte US Consulting

JDE Orchestrator based automation helps to automate and regression test end-to-end business processes with a dynamic input da
... ta sets. This session highlights and discusses customer case which Deloitte built JDE Orchestrator based process automation solution was leveraged for improved testing efficiency and productivity. The solution includes reports and dashboard for easy review of results of the execution.See More
JD Edwards

Journey to keeping JDE Instance code current with latest POD architecture enhancements..
Presented by: Mitesh Shah, Edwards Lifesciences

Summary: We are a Global Medical device company with 7 manufacturing locations and 15+ distribution locations worldwide. We h
... ave a sizeable JD Edwards user base of 4900 plus users using all modules Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing in addition to Supplier Portal and Customer Portal applications. Our JD Edwards instance involves customizations, localization, multiple languages, bolt-ons and countries with multiple currencies. We initiated our journey to upgrade our JDE instance in 2022 from base application release 9.2 (32-bit) to JDE application release R22 (64-bit) with tools release to R23 ( and completed the upgrade in less than 12 months. Challenges: 1. How to stay code current with a highly customized JDE ERP system: All customizations needed to be retrofitted while our business-critical projects were in flight and never stopped. That meant we did not have the privilege to freeze our code set. 2. How to reduce our monthly downtime during code deployments: One of the challenges we faced with our old system was the monthly downtime required during project deployments. As we are a global company with presence all over the globe, we have business processes running 24x7, which means any downtime to the JDE system has a direct impact to our business processes. Solution: Journey to keep our JDE Instance code current and achieve zero downtime deployments: 1. Used out of the box tools and developed a few of our own to deploy smart retrofit processes, while releasing new capabilities (monthly production releases) and keep code current. 2. Implemented POD architecture which helped us achieve Zero Downtime Deployments. Key to successful Upgrade to 64-bit JDE. See More
JD Edwards

Landed Cost Automation using Orchestrator saves us thousands of dollars per year!
Presented by: Karen Riner, Tyndale House Publishers

No Joke! We discovered an issue in our receiving process that was literally costing us thousands of dollars. Many Landed Cos
... t entries were being missed! As a book publisher, we have quite a bit of landed cost that needs to be added for things like Freight, Creative costs, components, Paper, and Signature blocks. We did a review of last year and the total unit costs missed were sometimes upwards of thousands of dollars per title! So, we needed a good solution – and fast! In this session we will walk through how we solved our issue of the missing landed costs. We created an Orchestration that can read the landed cost lines on the Purchase Orders and once the product is received and put in stock it will automatically apply the landed costs. Creating this orchestration was a bit complex in that we had to figure out how to collect the proper category from the PO line as well as do some calculations based on the actual number of units received. So this resulted in a set of 3 orchestrations running in a sequence – but they handle it all! We only need to review exceptions. We also included notifications for the POs that were successfully completed and another if there was an issue. No more watchlists getting ignored or Landed Costs forgotten! Unit costs are kept updated and we are saving thousands!See More
JD Edwards

Leverage MS Excel for the Web and with Orchestrator to Unlock your E1 Data. Think different.
Presented by: Mr. Eric Kuefler, KS2 Technologies, Inc.

Excel is a great tool for formatting and analyzing data. It can also become a powerful UI when combined with JDE Orchestrator
... and other APIs. Our speaker, Eric Kuefler, will review examples and uses cases as shown in his recently published book on Amazon - "Enterprise Excel: Leverage Excel and APIs to Unlock Your Enterprise(one) Data". Join this workshop to learn more about how to leverage Orchestrator, AIS and APIs from other applications to build a singular front end in Excel.See More
JD Edwards

Leverage Notifications for Expired Employee Records
Presented by: Mrs. Kara Mitchell, M.D.C. Holdings, Inc.

Employee address book numbers and email addresses can be used for various business processes - approvals, integrations, email
... distribution lists, and so on. Learn how MDC Holdings is using orchestrations and notifications to proactively alert users of employees records that have expired and are used in business processes.See More
JD Edwards

Leverage the Power of O365 to supercharge your JD Edwards investment
Presented by: Tonio Thomas, Circular Edge

Microsoft Teams has quickly become very integrated in the day to day operations even surpassing outlook. With so much interac
... tions flowing through Teams, we could utilize its power to automate a wide variety of JDE tasks. 1. Use cases of Integrating JDE Tasks with Teams 2. Real time alerts and notifications 3. Automation and SchedulingSee More
JD Edwards

Leveraging Advanced Freight Broker Solutions: A Case Study on Geospace Technologies' Supply Chain Transformation
Presented by: Carlos Pagotto, Geospace Technologies

In the fast-paced global market, effective supply chain management is the key to gaining a competitive advantage. In this ses
... sion, we will dive deep into how Geospace Technologies, a leader in seismic monitoring solutions, revolutionized its supply chain operations through the integration of a cutting-edge Freight Broker solution. The case study will discuss how the technology enabled Geospace Technologies to streamline their freight operations by automating critical processes, providing real-time freight quotes, and enhancing back-warehouse operations. Attendees will gain insights into how such a digital transformation led to increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved carrier relationships. Furthermore, the presentation will dissect how Geospace Technologies successfully mitigated the common challenges during the implementation and transition phase. This conference session is an excellent opportunity for professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of how innovative digital solutions can revitalize traditional supply chain systems.See More
JD Edwards

Leveraging JDE Orchestrator for Streamlined Automation of Business Processes in Real Estate and Homebuilding
Presented by: Richard Nuskind, KS2 Technologies, Inc.

This presentation showcases the transformative power of JDE Orchestrator in automating business processes within the real est
... ate and homebuilding industry. The JDE Orchestrator, a feature-rich component of the JD Edwards ERP system, offers seamless integration and customization capabilities for enhanced productivity, data accuracy, and decision-making. Attendees will receive an overview of the Orchestrator's key features, including its intuitive interface and integration with various industry applications. Real-world use cases will highlight its ability to automate project management, budgeting, procurement, sales, customer relations, and finance. Benefits such as operational efficiency, scalability, compliance, and faster time-to-market will be discussed. The presentation emphasizes best practices and implementation strategies for successful Orchestrator adoption, addressing change management and organizational readiness. By leveraging the Orchestrator's automation potential, real estate and homebuilding professionals can drive efficiency, improve customer experiences, and achieve sustainable growth in a competitive market.See More
JD Edwards

Leveraging Steltix Automation Tools at MYR Group – Overview and Case Study
Presented by: Timothy Scott, Steltix

In this presentation, we will review how Steltix Automation products help streamline current processes in JD Edwards. These
... solutions help everything from Time Entry to Field Services teams with Steltix Appshare Mobile applications and streamline the process of onboarding new users for JD Edwards. We will also talk about how MYR Group leverages solutions to help control change management between environments with solutions like Version Workbench. All of Steltix solutions are built to help Automate the use of JD Edwards. These solutions range from the aspects of the ease of user adoption and mobility, Invoice Automation, Bulk Data Imports, Single Sign-On/Multi Factor Authentication, and Oracle Guided Learning. The MYR Group has been leveraging Steltix solutions for more than two years. MYR uses Steltix products in both the Information Technology and Business/Field Service areas. A background on the MYR Group Inc.: • MYR Group subsidiaries provide transmission and distribution (T&D) electrical construction services to customers throughout the United States and Canada. • MYR Group turned to Steltix Digital Solutions turbocharge adoption and benefits of simplifying business processes, automation, mobility and modernising their users’ experience. • MYR Group subsidiaries provide transmission and distribution (T&D) electrical construction services to customers throughout the United States and Canada. • By leveraging Steltix Digital Automation Solution and JD Edwards, MYR Group have modernised the user experience and rapidly delivered mobility to their field services teams and warehouse that would otherwise not be possible. • Experience a modern UI for mobile phones, tablets and scanning devices for: • Field and local Maintenance Orders • Field Services Work Order Time Entry • Leave Approval • Time Card Approval • Management visibility to Time Cards See More
JD Edwards

Lewis Management Corp.’s Release 23 Upgrade Success!
Presented by: Adriana Drake, Lewis Management Corp.

Lewis Management Corp., a Southern California Real Estate Developer, shares the approach to their successful upgrade to Enter
... priseOne’s Release 23. The upgrade included taking advantage of many of the Release 23 features like Orchestrations, Personal Forms, CafeOne, and Form Extensions. Getting the business team involved was key to the project’s success. The project included engaging hands-on workshops, in-depth planning sessions, and detailed testing.See More
JD Edwards

Logic Extensions for Business Analysts
Presented by: Michele Hall, Oracle America, Inc

REGISTRATION REQUIRED to attend this session: You're a business analyst, and you mean business. You see problems, and you get
... them fixed. Sometimes you can do it on your own: an orchestration here; a form extension there. But sometimes you need help from a developer for some custom coding. With logic extensions you just might be able to reduce the number of times you need to call on a developer for that custom coding. It's a bit like writing a program, but without the coding. In this hands-on lab you'll be able to get a taste of what logic extensions can do to help you solve problems without knowing a programming language. Geeks welcome, but not required. NOTE: A LAPTOP IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION TYPE. In addition to a laptop, please bring a tablet (recommended) or a smartphone to the session.See More
JD Edwards

Logic Extensions for Developers
Presented by: Aaron Johnson, Oracle America, Inc

REGISTRATION REQUIRED to attend this session: You're a developer, and you've built your career on the sublime beauty of a wel
... l-engineered program. After all, at its heart, software runs on programming. So what's all this hype about low-code/no-code tools? You might be thinking, "What can logic extensions possibly do for me?" How about array processing? Data aggregation. Table I/O. Looping and iterating. Conditional branching. Recursive patterns. Business functions. Debugging. There's plenty of deep functionality to keep even the most seasoned developer intrigued for more than a few cups of coffee. In this hands-on lab you'll get to kick the tires on logic extensions and see for yourself how powerful they can be. Bring your own caffeine. NOTE: A LAPTOP IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION TYPE. In addition to a laptop, please bring a tablet (recommended) or a smartphone to the session.See More
JD Edwards

Loving Life with JDE on OCI - Dollar Shave Club's Journey to Cloud Hosting
Presented by: Paul Cioni, Denovo

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is well known for their products and unique selling proposition to the market. They are a well-establ
... ished market leader and have a support team and strategy that supports their market goals. The IT team made the decision to move JDE applications to a managed cloud services solution through Denovo to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In this session, DSC will share the reasons for their decision, what the project migration looked like, successes, and lessons learned from the run & maintain aspect of running JDE on OCI.See More
JD Edwards

Low-Code No-Code for Dummies
Presented by: Mr. Nitin Lakhpat, Circular Edge

Building applications has become easier than ever with the introduction of low-code or no-code platforms. Now, it’s possible
... to create even more complex apps without spending huge money, waiting for days or months, or employing multiple developers, all thanks to these technologies. But how do you select the right platform? Join this session to explore use cases that can help you decide which platform is the right choice and how to take your first steps towards rapidly building and deploying your own web and mobile apps.See More
JD Edwards

Make processes easier for users with the tools JDE provides
Presented by: Bruce Bender, Dutch Valley Foods

Real world examples of how Dutch Valley Foods used UDO tools to make it easier for our users. Being able to have users do mul
... tiple processes with only a few clicks.See More
JD Edwards

Make your end-users more productive with Low-Code, No-Code and On The Glass enhancements
Presented by: Iara Ramanauskas, Graymont Limited

End-Users often need to shift/toggle between applications to get all the information needed to create PO Requisitions, monit
... or balances on open PO’s, verify the receipt and payment status of PO’s or search for engineering drawings and equipment documentation. The result is a time-consuming and inefficient way to look up information that needs to be used downstream in a business process.  In this session, learn how Graymont has used the power of Orchestrations, Café One Layouts to link information within and outside of JDE, and Auto-Suggest based lookups to help our end-users with their daily tasks.See More
JD Edwards

Manufacturing and Distribution Kick-Off Networking
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Pick your track and join your fellow JD Edwards peers immediately following the JD Edwards Keynote for a little friendly comp
... etition consisting of great conversation, networking, trivia and chances to win prizes!See More
JD Edwards

Martin Marietta’s Successful journey with JD Edwards Enterprise One Mobile Apps
Presented by: Vevin Kumar Senthil Kumar, Martin Marietta

This session will walk you through Martin Marietta’s journey with JD Edwards Enterprise Mobile App development and the busine
... ss value we derived through mobility. Join us to understand our thought process behind choosing a hybrid mobile app development framework and how it connects seamlessly to JD Edwards through the Orchestrator and AIS server. See More
JD Edwards

Maximize Productivity by Streamlining Cash Disbursements and Invoice Reviews from JDE
Presented by: Adriana Drake, Lewis Management Corp.

Everyone is looking for a better way to do their job. For finance and accounting teams, reviewing and researching questions a
... bout Cash Disbursements and Invoices can be one of the most repetitive, time-consuming activities. At the Lewis Group of Companies, they wanted to make it easier and more efficient for users to research these processes and review payment activities. Join Adriana Drake, Vice President – Controller, to discover how they leveraged modern analytics to empower their executive and decision-making teams with the ability to access and analyze critical JDE accounting information independently instead of relying on the accounting department for assistance. In this interactive session, learn how Lewis was able to streamline the invoice review process, and free up valuable time for the finance team so they could focus on the good stuff: discovering how to improve their organization.See More
JD Edwards

Michelman: Using Orchestration to Transition from Standard JDE Scanning Solutions for Manufacturing
Presented by: Trisha Muir, Michelman, Inc.

Case study demonstration / review of the custom applications created to replace traditional scanning software. Trisha Muir,
... Michelman Director of ERP long realized status quo batch work order processing had to be improved. One primary reason was the need to improve visibility to the necessary PPE, hazards and process instructions before starting to manufacture a batch and capturing the acknowledgement from the operator. Michelman was able to add validations within the process to minimize waste, improve safety metrics, and reduce off-spec batches resulting in cost savings. Sustainability is one of Michelman’s core values; digitizing the paper work order helps them to achieve their goal of reducing the use of paper globally. Functionality includes full Work Order Edit of: Parts List, Process Instructions & Quality Tests with improved automation of Machine/Labor hours and Quality test data. Other functional elements include Audit, Inventory Look-up, Inventory Transfer, enhanced Media Object Integration and the ability to store “Comments” and “Versioning” of Media Object revisions. Demo review will show User Role setup/permissions for Chemists, Quality, Operators, and Supervisor with dashboards associated to each role. Trisha will also review Michelman business case. See More
JD Edwards

Minimizing Downtime with R23
Presented by: Christopher Haraf, Terillium, Inc.

Harness new E1 tools and architecture in your enterprise to reduce downtime. New functionality including virtual job queues,
... no downtime package deploys and kernels that reconnect can be leveraged separately or along with architecture solutions to greatly limit your system downtime.See More
JD Edwards

Mobilizing Work Orders with JD Edwards
Presented by: Jonathan Kaplan, Magic Software Enterprises, Inc.

Mobile Is always a hot topic but most mobile apps don’t get adoption. What are the best mobile use cases for JD Edwards and h
... ow do we build apps that users will love? In this Learning Lab, we will take a deep dive into mobile using a common use case of developing a mobile work order app. We will cover the end-to-end process of creating a mobile app, including tips and techniques for: • Picking the right use case • Identifying target users • Designing the ideal user interface • Implementing the app • Using native mobile features • Integrating with JD Edwards • Testing and rollout • Collecting user feedback Our focus will be real life case studies of customers who have implemented these features on top of JDE. We will talk about the best practices in JDE such as configuration, business functions and the use of orchestrations. We will show how all of this can be achieved in a reasonable amount of time using low-code and no-code tools. After this session you will know how to find the best opportunities for mobile in your organization and how to get started creating compelling apps. Magic Software is the leader in JD Edwards integration. We will discuss how low code and no code tools can make building mobile applications for JD Edwards faster and more reliable, without sacrificing user experience. See More
JD Edwards

Modernize Your Asset Integration Strategy: Leveraging IoT Fleet for Enhanced Efficiency and Performance
Presented by: Larry Furino, ACBM Solutions

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations face the constant challenge of optimizing their asset integrati
... on strategies to stay competitive and achieve operational excellence. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), a new era of asset management has emerged, presenting unprecedented opportunities for businesses to transform their operations and unlock hidden value. ACBM Solutions, a leading provider of IoT-based asset management solutions, empowers organizations to harness the power of real-time data and intelligent analytics to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and drive business growth. In this session, we will explore the transformative capabilities of IoT Fleet and how it can revolutionize your asset integration approach. We will delve into the following key topics: 1. Discover how cutting-edge IoT technology can enable you to seamlessly integrate your assets into a unified ecosystem. 2. Enhancing operational efficiency by providing real-time visibility and monitoring of your assets, empowering you to optimize resource allocation, minimize downtime, and enhance overall operational efficiency. 3. Explore how the comprehensive asset analytics and predictive maintenance capabilities of ACBM Solutions' IoT Fleet can enable proactive decision-making, thereby improving asset reliability, reducing maintenance costs, and extending asset lifespan. 4. Driving Cost Savings and ROI by understanding how IoT Fleet can help you identify cost-saving opportunities, optimize asset utilization, and achieve a rapid return on investment. Uncover the potential for reducing operational expenses, minimizing manual intervention, and enhancing resource allocation. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the benefits and potential of IoT to modernize your asset integration strategy. Join us to unlock the power of IoT, elevate your asset management capabilities, and accelerate your organization's journey towards digital transformation.See More
JD Edwards

Moving to the cloud with large amounts of data. Find out how Young Living leveraged Oracle Advanced Compression to move its business to the cloud.
Presented by: Allen Jacot, Syntax Systems USA, LP

In this session, attendees will learn how Young Living leveraged AWS RDS with Oracle Advanced Compression to handle large dat
... abase loads. Young Living had many different JD Edwards environments with very large data sets that needed to move to the cloud. Using the AWS architecture, they were able to meet business requirements by leveraging the latest technologies. Young Living and Syntax will share the journey to the cloud and the challenges encountered managing the large data sets. This includes planning for disaster recovery as well as data refreshes for large data sets across many different environments. Young living will share the results that were accomplished using Oracle Advanced Compression. Including performance, compression ratio, and what it takes to administer a system such as this. See More
JD Edwards

Multimode Manufacturing
Presented by: Dave Greiner, Oracle America, Inc

JD Edwards Manufacturing Management allows for any combination of the following production modes: discrete, process, rate sch
... edules, and orderless. Attend this session to determine if your organization is using the most appropriate production methods for every item you manufacture. See More
JD Edwards

NEW Planned Component Replacements and Component Rebuilds Module for JD Edward's CAM
Presented by: Scott Hollowell, Asset Management Solutions

Whether you manage a fleet of dozers and haul trucks, or a production facility with pumps and motors, you face the same chall
... enges within JD Edwards Capital Asset Management (CAM): How to you track when major components are due for replacement? How do you handle the rebuilding of components and track the cost of the rebuilt spare? How do you track the history of how many times a component has been rebuilt and retire it when it is “used up?” How do you prepare next year’s budget for major component replacements? Asset Management Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of the Planned Component Replacement (PCR) module for JD Edwards CAM. With PCR you will now have the ability to define and track rotable / rebuildable spare components and perform Fit /De-Fit actions to replace them when the time is due. The PCR Dashboard gives you full visibility to all of the components in your fleet or plant and allows you to track components that are in service, out for rebuild, and available spares. Join us for the debut of this exciting new module for JD Edwards CAM.See More
JD Edwards

One Company’s Decision to Convert from SKU’s to the JDE Configurator
Presented by: Mr. Craig Hill, C&A Technology LLC

One company’s decision to convert all their business systems over from SKU based processing to using the JD Edwards Configura
... tor. This had huge impact on sales order processing, product data management, and manufacturing shop floor control. It also effected EDI processing of customer orders. However, the product data management process on orders of never before sold configurations of Medeco’s product was greatly improved. Was it worth the effort of setting up the JDE Configurator? Come find out as we explain the journey we took to convince management of the investment, explained it to customers, and retrained the customer service department on the order entry process.See More
JD Edwards

Optimize Resource Utilization with JD Edwards Capital Asset Management
Presented by: Shruti Ghatage, Oracle America, Inc

Asset-intensive companies often have large numbers of employees and equipment. Without appropriate management tools, these re
... sources may not be utilized effectively. Join this session to learn how new capabilities of resource utilization improve the usability and optimize resource utilization. Note: This session has a virtual presenter.See More
JD Edwards

Oracle Guided Learning with JD Edwards
Presented by: Prashanth Thimmavajjala, Oracle America, Inc

Even the best EnterpriseOne enhancements don't enhance anything if users don't know how to use them. Stopping everything in t
... he middle of a business process to search for help or documentation is disruptive and distracting. But it doesn't have to be that way. Oracle Guided Learning is a modern, intuitive platform for delivering help, training, and guidance to end users right within the EnterpriseOne user interface itself. Keep the most important part of your system - the human part - continuously updated and running smoothly. Join this session to learn more about how Oracle Guided Learning can be leveraged with JD Edwards. Note: This session has a virtual presenter. See More
JD Edwards

Orchestration Monitoring
Presented by: Nicole Laurent, Oracle America, Inc

The more we rely on orchestrations to automate our critical business processes, the more important it is to monitor how those
... automations are running. Whether it's simple assurance that everything is running fine, or a quick notification, analysis, and fix of an anomaly, we need clear insight into what's happening. In this session we will explore some recent enhancements to Orchestrator Monitor that were a direct result of your enhancement requests. See More
JD Edwards

Orchestrator Ignite Sessions
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Join us for four unique customer stories in this fast-paced session type! Session 1: What Embedding Orchestrator in Your
... Development Process Means for Your Infrastructure Developers and BAs are quick to adopt Orchestrations to meet development/enhancement needs. This should be encouraged, but thought should be given to ensuring you infrastructure is properly resilient to those new demands. Join this session to explore AIS as a critical part of supporting not just business-needed UDOs, but depended on business validation/process implemented through Orchestrations. Speaker: Andrew Lopez, Spirax Sarco SXS US Session 2: Fast Freight Quote Come hear about an excellent tool we are using for inside sales and customer service in JD Edwards that gives freight cost in seconds from your sales order! Speaker: Carlos Pagotto, Geospace Technologies Session 3: Shop Floor Time and Quantity collection using Orchestrations and VBCS Our shop floor data collection third party application was no longer supported in 2021. We realized how powerful it would be to create our own application using Orchestrations and VBCS so we took on the challenge. What we have now is so much more than a shop floor data collection system! Speaker: Melody Bivona, Penn Engineering & Mfg Corporation Session 4: Orchestrator at Edwards Lifesciences Edwards Lifesciences uses JDE EnterpriseOne 9.2 and several modules, including Manufacturing, Order Management, Logistics, Financial Management, and Service & Warranty. In this session, learn how we’ve used Orchestrator to manage fixed asset creation from sales orders for warranty sales, hear our best Orchestrator advise and plans for future Orchestrations. Speaker: Jim Mackowiak, Edwards LifesciencesSee More
JD Edwards

Orchestrator in the Real World - How Ajinomoto Foods North America Tackled Complex Integrations in Just 6 Weeks
Presented by: Izhar Fuentes, Magic Software Enterprises, Inc.

What if you had to integrate JD Edwards with multiple systems? Now imagine you had a hard two-month deadline. How would you
... go from requirement gathering to a completed project in such a short time? At Ajinomoto Foods North America, JDE serves as the central hub for their business applications, supporting vital functions such as HR, supply chain, manufacturing, shop floor operations, infrastructure management, and cybersecurity. Like many other companies, Ajinomoto’s team encountered frustration with multiple systems, high error rates, and the lack of a standardized integration method. So when the team was challenged to deliver complex integrations to multiple systems with a short deadline, they needed a new approach. Join this session to hear how with the combined power of Magic xpi and Orchestrator, Ajinomoto successfully automated their asset management system, resulting in improved data quality and enhanced visibility across their operations – and in just 6 weeks! Attendees will gain insights into the innovative approach Ajinomoto took starting with Orchestrator. By harnessing Magic xpi's certified JDE connector, no-code integration studio, and built-in monitoring capabilities, Ajinomoto supercharged their orchestrations. Learn why this powerful combination allowed them to deliver in record time. Don't miss this session to discover how Ajinomoto Foods North America achieved rapid and successful integration, ultimately streamlining their operations and improving efficiency.See More
JD Edwards

Orchestrator Product Updates from Engineering
Presented by: A.J. Schifano, Oracle America, Inc

Are you 100% up-do-date on all the latest capabilities and enhancements in Orchestrator? Probably not. Attend this session fo
... r a fast-paced review of recent Orchestrator enhancements directly from the JD Edwards product development team. See More
JD Edwards

Order Promising Configuration Options in JD Edwards
Presented by: Craig Davied, Grant Thornton LLP

Almost every MFG / distribution company faces challenges to determine the dates to promise products to their customers. Since
... it is very expensive to pay for additional storage for finish good (FG) inventory, most companies need to accurately estimate the lead times in order to procure raw materials, manufacture FG products, as well as transfer them to their distribution centers in order to ship and/or deliver them to their customers when necessary. There are numerous configuration options available in JD Edwards which can impact when FG products will be available to distribute to customers, but which are important for your business? As well, once identified, how should they be configured? Overall, how can I correctly design my supply chain modules in JDE in order to be as efficient as possible with my supply chain processes, without impacting my promise dates to my customers? Join us as we discuss some of the key MFG and distribution functionality available within JD Edwards related to the supply chain planning and execution processes which can play a role in the dates that FG inventory will be available to ship and/or delivery to customers.See More
JD Edwards

Our Integrated Story With JD Edwards
Presented by: Blake Hudson, Brasfield & Gorrie LLC

In this session, we’ll share real world examples of how Brasfield & Gorrie has integrated data with JD Edwards. We’ll describ
... e a variety of interface methods we've used over the past 14 years, such as Orchestrations paired with UBEs, COM processes and Groovy, applications we've interfaced, such as SuccessFactors (HCM), Procore (Construction) plus others, and lessons we've learned along the way.See More
JD Edwards

Pernod Ricard JD Edwards Code Current and Cloud Strategy
Presented by: Janusz Wisniewski, Wyborowa

JD Edwards in Pernod Ricard is implemented in several countries. Each implementation was done separately per country/region a
... nd with a lot of customizations. Few years ago Pernod Ricard started introducing global platforms (financial reporting, planning, product management) which are to be integrated with JD Edwards. This requires unification and harmonization of processes and data but still with a local flavour. The program called SPA started and part of the SPA is consolidation of Pernod Ricard companies into one cloud installation. There are at the moment 7 countries using the global JDE platform and more on the way. The presentation will explain background, code current strategy, integration strategy, de-customization and smart customisation approach. Orchestrations and UDOs usage. Besides success the presentation will also show the areas of concern and some failures. The presentation will also show where BSSV integration wins over Orchestrations. Our Cloud platform is code curent and we follow JDE Releases every 6 months. Release 22 was implemented within 1 month and Release 23 implemented during January-February 2023 within 6 weeks. Only two retrofits done :-). See More
JD Edwards

Pioneering New Frontiers in Enterprise Software with JD Edwards Orchestrator Logic Extensions
Presented by: Gustavo Barizon, Innova9

In the world of enterprise software, innovation is the key to staying ahead of the curve. This session presents the revolutio
... nary JD Edwards Orchestrator Logic Extensions – a feature that is poised to redefine JD Edwards development and how businesses approach their enterprise software solutions. The Orchestrator Logic Extensions serve as a game-changer, expanding the development capabilities within JD Edwards, enabling new functionalities and business process automation like never before. This session will delve into how this innovative feature allows for the creation of more complex, nuanced logic and business rules without the need for extensive coding. Through a detailed demonstration, we will illustrate how businesses can leverage these extensions to optimize their JD Edwards implementation, leading to increased business efficiency, adaptability, and agility. Participants will gain valuable insights into the potential of JD Edwards Orchestrator Logic Extensions and learn how to navigate potential challenges during their implementation phase.See More
JD Edwards

Play "IT" Safe! - Explore New EnterpriseOne Security Features in Release 23
Presented by: Alex Rodriguez, SmarterCommerce

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has been maturing rapidly over the past decades and now includes many new advanced features to allow
... customers to further safeguard and secure their deployment of the solution. Implementation of additional security has become critical in today’s hyperconnected world and is also required for many companies in order to meet new and ever-changing Cybersecurity compliance requirements. Among the new features that will be discussed are password reset self-service, TLS support for databases, preventing DOS attacks, new OCI security capabilities and centralized configuration for E1 servers. This session will cover general security best practices for all aspects of EnterpriseOne and also include a live demonstration of how to configure and use some of the latest Release 23 features.See More
JD Edwards

Practical Approach to Providing Capable to Promise at Sales Order Entry Time
Presented by: Will Haig, C&A Technology LLC

Although you can purchase Oracle’s Global Order Promising software, we developed a more cost effective approach to proving pr
... ospects and customers with capable to promise information at sales order entry time. Everyone knows JDE provides available to promise information. However, if you are make to order, or you don’t have product in stock at the moment, how do you tell a prospect or customer what when you are capable of promising product, without just quoting standard lead times. Standard lead times are usually longer than what you can really do. We developed a way to look at cumulative manufacturing and purchase lead times, capacities, and quantities on hand of component parts to give customer service people more accurate dates to promise product to customers. This is helping turn prospects into customers and keep existing customers. And we improved the ability to ship on time.See More
JD Edwards

Preview of New Inventory Management Features
Presented by: Dave Greiner, Oracle America, Inc

Inventory management and control will be made much more efficient and flexible by a coming soon feature that will allow avail
... ability and movement to be determined by a Location Hold field in the Location Master. This will eliminate the need to update individual item/lot/location records. For inventory planning, safety stock provides protection against unforeseen fluctuations in supply or demand. Another feature coming soon will eliminate the need to manually maintain safety stock values by providing the ability to have them calculated and populated by the system. Attend this session for a detailed preview of these upcoming new features. See More
JD Edwards

Process Automation of Customer Credit Limit Analysis & Address Book - Customers and Suppliers - Have better data, integrate and improve the approval processes of sales orders and procurement processes
Presented by: Wilker Costa, Sr., Refinaria Nacional de Sal S.A.

The most recent features of JD Edwards ERP establish the path to Digital Transformation inside the company, growing up the po
... ssibilities to change the business processes and update the user´s knowledge about technology. In a commodity producer, many are challenges to produce more with fewer resources (not only in the manufacturing process), looking for a balance between revenue and cost every day. JD Edwards ERP and his resources are important and powerful tools to help us to attend to these challenges. In this article, we´ll share with the audience how we use these features to automate, control, and manage the Credit Limit of customers and Address Book on customers and suppliers process, a very important step in sales and buying processes. A mix of technological solutions, including external data searching, where the goal is to beyond the automation process, improve security, and reduce the risk of human mistakes and interpretation data – the key to the decision maker in these processes (sales and buying). OBJ1 Maximizing the JD Edwards investments, using technology to improve and give more security to sales and buying processes, creating data historical records about customer's sales, and reducing the risk of human mistakes. Using JD Edwards features, 3rd party solutions in data searching services, and government data validation make the perfect integrated solution, aligned with the business rules and requirements to automate these processes. OBJ2 Integrating all steps of the process, we improve the data and reduce drastically the workforce actions, interpreting these data according to the business rules and doing decision processes according to the business requirements stead of human understanding. Goals in the business area: reduce and realign the workforce resources. Goals in the business process: reduce time execution, improve the decision-making processes, sales loss prevention, business processes transparency and reduce the data interpretationSee More
JD Edwards

Process in Alignment – Printpack’s Road to Delivering Compliant System Access
Presented by: Christel Craig, Printpack, Inc.

This session will take a deep dive into how Printpack developed a robust and sustainable process to ensure that ongoing hirin
... g, terminations, and job changes are captured and E1 access changes appropriately executed. Discuss how we moved from an annual “all-inclusive” user access review to a bi-annual exception-based review by provisioning user access based on standard role combinations based on job codes. We will walk through how they were able to utilize employee change triggers from their HR system (Workday) and a set of defined standards to simplify process and set themselves up for success. The session will: - Review requirements for employee hires, terminations and job changes - Detail the process flow for each - Discuss options to automate workflow involvedSee More
JD Edwards

Procure to Pay - Made more Powerful
Presented by: Angelin Isaac, Oracle America, Inc

An area that all organizations look to optimize and automate is the procure to pay process. Learn about enhancements to procu
... rement and advanced pricing in procurement that are available today to optimize procurement and get a review of what is planned for the future. Note: This session has a virtual presenter.See More
JD Edwards

Quest Enhancement Requests – Your Voice to Oracle
Presented by: Andrew Ostdiek, JF Shea Co Inc

The Quest Oracle Community has always provided the vehicle for the E1 community to request enhancements to the JD Edwards. T
... his facility allows E1 users to have an open, communication line to Oracle, to suggest and propose enhancements to include in future E1 product releases. These enhancement requests are managed by Quest Special Interest Groups (SIGS), to review those received via the Enhancement Tool available on the Quest website and moving them forward for Oracle’s review. Join us as we review how you can access the Enhancement Tool, enter requests, and understand how to advocate and affect what may be delivered in future E1 releases!See More
JD Edwards

Real Estate SIG Meetup
Presented by: Brian Lord, Hines

In this popular annual session we will join our Real Estate peers for networking and hear the latest updates on recent and fu
... ture enhancements to the Real Estate Module. Meet with your fellow Oracle customers and the vendors who support the industry. This is a great opportunity to interact with Oracle product managers and leading companies who focus on Real Estate, Home Building and Construction. Objective 1: Meet the OREUG Board Objective 2: Network with fellow attendees Objective 3: Network with Oracle and vendors See More
JD Edwards

Redefine and Reimagine IT Management with Oracle Autonomous Database
Presented by: Simon Law, Oracle America, Inc

Learn about the features, benefits, and value of the world’s first autonomous data management solution in the cloud that deli
... vers automated provisioning, patching, upgrading, scaling, and tuning without any human intervention. Get an overview of the JD Edwards support for Oracle Autonomous Database and learn how it helps you to reimagine your IT management, eliminate human labor, increase your system availability, reduce your risk, and set the stage to leverage future Oracle innovations. Note: This session has a virtual presenter.See More
JD Edwards

Reimagine your JD Edwards on OCI with OCI services
Presented by: Mr. Dave M Geoffrion, Oracle America, Inc

Join this session to know why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the best platform to run your JD Edwards on. Find out more about
... JD Edwards investment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and the various OCI Services that you can leverage with your JD Edwards on OCI. Note: This session has a virtual presenter.See More
JD Edwards

Release 23 Net Change - Tools Features and Functionality
Presented by: Nick Wilson, ERP-One Consulting, Inc.

If you are looking to get an overview of all Tools Release changes between R22 and R23 (9.2.7.x) this session is for you! Du
... ring it, we will review Platform Changes, System Administration enhancements, Logic and Extensibility updates, Orchestration Studio, JDE Update Manager and Cloud integration with OGL. This 90 minute session will include a presentation portion to overview the entire change set, followed by a demo to "show and tell" the Top 5 features that will be sure to excite your JDE community.See More
JD Edwards

Relying on JD Edwards for Global Distributor Ordering and Account Management Portal
Presented by: Bud Conlin, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation

For over 75 years, Sennheiser has shaped the future of audio resulting in industry-leading products, accurate sound reproduct
... ion and tailor-made solutions for recording, transmission and reproduction of sound. As part of a global strategy to automate distributor sales orders, Sennheiser looked to take a JD Edwards-first approach to deploy a Global Sales Portal in over a dozen countries with real-time integration to its global single instance of JDE EnterpriseOne. Customers can view pricing from JD Edwards Advanced Pricing, availability checking, quotes, order entry directly into P4210/P42101, order/shipment/invoice/payment inquiry and account profile administration. Additionally, Sennheiser's sales representative team can access the portal and place orders on behalf of customers as an alternative UX to traditional JD Edwards order entry.See More
JD Edwards

Removing the mystery from material planning (DRP/MPS/MRP) to improve your supply chain.
Presented by: Mr. Steven M. Yniguez, Grant Thornton LLP

Is your company struggling to understand material planning? Are you looking for tips to assess your MPS / MRP material plan?
... Are your planning inputs meeting target integrity? Does your team have the skills necessary to plan in a changing environment. Come join this fun and informative session to learn how to leverage your JD Edwards investment and provide a world-class materials management solution.See More
JD Edwards

Securely deploying mobile applications in the field
Presented by: Russell Codlin, Rinami

One of the main challenges to mobile solution deployments is how to enable secure access for users in the field. This session
... walks through critical components including mobile platform selection and deployment methods, user authentication with MFA and SSO, securely exposing API interfaces to the internet, user authorization and identification, auditing and monitoring. Considerations around delivering a defence-in-depth approach will be discussed and how to limit the attack surface exposed as part providing a mobile solution that can be used in the field without obtrusive security controls. Included in the session will be an overview of solutions available from a variety of vendors including Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Apple, AWS and Okta. See More
JD Edwards

Security, Orchestrator, and Business Process Automation Ignite Sessions
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Join us for four unique customer stories in this fast-paced session type! Session 1: How to analyze, safe guard, and prot
... ect your JDE EnterpriseOne from Cyber-Attack You should be prepared to figure out what type of malware is on your system and how to protect yourself and your E1 system. Some of the attacks would be like: Social engineering, application/service attacks, wireless attack, Ransomware, and many more. We are going to show you the steps to safe guarding your E1, actions to avoid to safeguarding your E1, and steps to take if your system is breached. We will also show you some of the attacks that you should avoid at all cost and how to do a security assessment for your E1. Speaker: Mo Nour, Hoffman Construction Session 2: Automate Workflows with JDE Notifications! Utilizing JDE Notifications can put the workflow and approval in the Users hands. Notify the credit department that they have orders on hold that need to be released or addressed. Speed up Supplier Banking changes by notifying the approver their approval is needed. Using UDO Watchlists and Notifications in JDE empower users to take action. Speaker: William Cokeley, Silgan Session 3: Orchestrations for Mobile Apps Sharing some insights about designing orchestrations for Mobile Apps including choosing the right REST API, AIS session handling, performance optimization, and security. Speaker: Vevin Kumar, Martin Marietta Session 4: Automating recurring monthly orders Utilizing the P4004Z Recurring Orders application were able to enter a contract start date, end date for each bill to/ship/item combination. We then run an automated process to generate all the required sales order from this. When a customer\item expires the billing automatically stops. Another advantage is we now have a centralized location with all customer/item effective contract dates are stored. Speaker: John Howe, Dober GroupSee More
JD Edwards

Simplify and Automate your Project Management Processes
Presented by: Mr. Eric Kuefler, KS2 Technologies, Inc.

Join this session to learn from our partners KS2 how JD Edwards’ latest enhancements and unique solutions such as Project Sta
... tus Inquiry, Orchestrator for Job Cost reporting, Single Sign On with PingID, integrated Homebuilder on OCI & OIC, and Excel 4 Purchasing (E4P) helped to simplify and automate processes.See More
JD Edwards

Smart Scheduler, ERPSign & More JDE Bolt-Ons for Release 22/23
Presented by: Cesar Acevedo, Hadrian Manufacturing, Inc.

Simplify, automate and digitize your JDE! Join this session to explore must-see JDE innovations for maximizing your E1 invest
... ment, including Smart Scheduler for batch job scheduling automation, Smart Build for package automation, ERPSign for integrated eSignature workflows, Smart Sense for E1 Server Monitoring & more.See More
JD Edwards

Solve Business Process Issues with Logic Extensions
Presented by: Graham Brown, M.D.C. Holdings, Inc.

Users are involved in many business processes which can lead to data entry errors or missing data. With logic extensions, MDC
... Holdings has eliminated the need for some data to be re-entered in different applications. Determining how the data flows within the system and the current business process is key to creating logic extensions to streamline the way people work. See More
JD Edwards

Speed Networking
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

REGISTRATION RECOMMENDED: Think speed dating - but without all the awkwardness! Join us for 90 minutes of networking with oth
... er JD Edwards users where you'll be paired up and have the chance to meet and talk shop briefly before moving on and chatting with another JD Edwards user. Sign up in your MyConference Portal today. Registration is recommended for this event. Walk-ups will be accommodated as space allows.See More
JD Edwards

Stay Future-Proof by Getting to 64-bit JD Edwards Today!
Presented by: Clayton Seeley, Oracle America, Inc

Join this session to understand how migrating to 64-bit JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 can future-proof your business. Understa
... nd the technical details related to moving to 64-bit JD Edwards, best practices and considerations. See More
JD Edwards

Streamline & Simplify Your Financial Close
Presented by: Harshal Sheth, Circular Edge

While the specific process for closing an accounting period is unique to every company, there are common tasks within JD Edwa
... rds E1 that should be taken across Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger. Join this session to: - Gain a better understanding of the sequence of closure processes - Learn best practices for month-end and annual close - Determine which reports should be run to maintain system integritySee More
JD Edwards

Streamlining Finance: From Chaos to Clarity
Presented by: Daxx Roberts, ReportsNow

Still struggling with routine financial reporting? Automation is the key! Learn game-changing strategies to lessen your manu
... al accounting efforts. By streamlining your processes, you will reduce errors, achieve improved efficiency, and gain financial clarity.See More
JD Edwards

Success Story - Continuous Adoption of JDE in global manufacturing environment
Presented by: Mr. John Paul DeLuca, Sr., Hydranautics

Hydranauics initiated project to implement JDE to its Japan manufacturing site. This project was initiated in 2019 (pro covid
... ). Despite of CoVid and other challenges, Project was successfully implemented on time and on budget. Post go Live we have successfully adopted continuous improvement model which was successfully adopted and proven to work in global environment setup. Hence Hydranautics would like to share a case study of how do adopt continuous improvement process in a global environment.See More
JD Edwards

Supply and Demand Planning, what is your JDE data trying to tell you? ?
Presented by: Trisha Muir, Michelman, Inc.

The Supply Chain has a huge impact on your business – are you getting the information you need to make the right decisions???
... Learn how Michelman is viewing their supply and demand data (Inventory On-Hand, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Sales Orders, Forecasts, etc.) to transform their business.? Join Trisha Muir, Director, Enterprise Resource Planning, as she shares some of the challenges Michelman was facing and how she has used data to make improvements, find problems before they occur, reduce raw material surprises and improve customer confidence.See More
JD Edwards

Support Tools to Streamline Issue Resolution
Presented by: Boon-Long Ng, Oracle America, Inc

This is a session intended to review the various tooling options for JD Edwards Support Customers to assist and streamline th
... e troubleshooting process. This session is targeted to any individual tasked with troubleshooting JDE issues or those that regularly engage Oracle JD Edwards Support. See More
JD Edwards

Sync Your BOM and Engineering Change Process with JD Edwards
Presented by: Naoki Tokuhashi, QBuild Corporation

Integrate your JD Edwards with your engineers' CAD, PDM and PLM systems and streamline the engineering change process! Are yo
... u challenged by having siloed systems not communicating with each other which results in higher overhead cost in engineering, costly purchasing and production errors, and a slower turnaround time? For discrete manufactures, engineering data (Item Master and BOM) in ERP is the cornerstone. Learn how you can streamline data flow from engineering to production using a direct, live, bi-directional integration by QBuild! Objective #1 Learn how to bi-directionally synchronize engineers' CAD, PDM, and PLM data with your JD Edwards using CADLink. Objective #2 Learn how to control engineering change processes such as ECR, ECO, and ECN using a web application, ECx Manager. Objective #3 Learn an alternative method of controlling engineering change processes in JD Edwards' ECO module with CADLink.See More
JD Edwards

Taking a JD Edwards First Approach for Credit Card Payments, Invoice Payment, Reconciliation and PCI Security
Presented by: Mr. Diego Fernandez, SmarterCommerce

With thousands of customers calling in to place orders and pay invoices, Sennheiser needed a productive and compliant process
... for taking credit card payments. A separate virtual terminal created a separate process that would later need to be reconciled to JD Edwards, introducing complexity and risk to the process. Sennheiser made the decision to go the JD Edwards first approach with a cloud based and integrated solution for credit card processing. Sales Orders now are seamlessly placed in JD Edwards along with a credit card authorization, where customers can store cards on file and authorize via an encrypted email. This keeps PCI compliance to a minimum and automatically reconciles payments with P4210/P42101 transactions in JD Edwards. Attend to learn the benefits of taking a JD Edwards first approach to credit card for sales orders and invoice payments.See More
JD Edwards

Test Automation Demystified: A 60-Minute Learning Lab with ACRA
Presented by: Darwin Thangappan, ASIR Inc.

LAPTOP NEEDED for optimal participation in this session. ACRA is a test automation platform which helps JD Edwards users to
... create test automation scripts. ACRA is a no-code platform, and all actions are performed in the UI. After this lab session, any JD Edwards user with no coding skills also can create test automation scripts for JD Edwards. ACRA suite supports test of JD Edwards, SalesForce, any web application and REST APIs.See More
JD Edwards

The Best of Both Worlds: A Hybrid Approach to JDE Applications
Presented by: Don Landrum, Denovo

Cloud apps and services are the latest and greatest ERP craze. But what are they exactly? How will they work with your partic
... ular JD Edwards system and all of its customizations? Are they even right for your organization? The experts at Denovo are here to guide you through what the assessment and implementation process could look like for your organization to modernize your legacy JD Edwards instance into a powerhouse hybrid ERP model with Oracle Cloud Applications. Hear from Denovo’s Don Landrum, EVP of JDE at Denovo, and Mike Hoskin, Regional Sales Manager, as they walk you through: • Key considerations in whether or not adopting Oracle Cloud Apps is right for your organization o Evaluate your functional requirements o Evaluate your customizations • Understanding the Oracle Cloud Applications software model • How to adopt a stepping stone approach to incorporating Oracle Cloud Apps into your JD Edwards system See More
JD Edwards

The City of Denton on automated vendor management, a synergy success story between Orchestrator and low code.
Presented by: Mr. Richard Van de Bospoort, SCANMAN & fizor

In this session the City of Denton presents how they introduced advanced automation to managing vendor relations. Through lev
... eraging the JDE Orchestrator in combination with low code, the City has introduced efficiency while simultaneously improving their service level to vendors. Join this session to learn how to the City extended JD Edwards Supplier Ledger functions to a low-code platform using the Orchestrator. Ultimately providing a vendor self-service environment for the onboarding of new vendors, managing vendor queries, maintaining vendor master data automating the day to day management of their vendors. Topics covered include: defining the flow and execution of tasks and actions (custom logic) using Orchestrator, extending E1 functionality with low code technology and the value held by combining the strengths of JD Edwards with the flexibility of low code to develop custom build applications to meet specific business requirements. See More
JD Edwards

The Sequel: E1 Cloud Migration, Upgrade, & Continued Optimization
Presented by: Chris Noack, Granite Construction, Inc.

Granite Construction was given a 1-year notice in which to vacate their current data center. The decision was made to migrate
... E1 to AWS while simultaneously upgrading to JDE 23.This session is a continuation of part one delivered at Blueprint 4D and will include new post implementation content! We will discuss the challenges we faced and walk the audience through the questions we had to answer. The presentation at Blueprint 4D left everyone with a unanswered question: Did we get it all done before we needed to leave the data center!? If you didn't make the presentation at Blueprint 4D, no worries! We'll do a brief recap before jumping into the new content and continuing the story.See More
JD Edwards

The Subscription Service you've been waiting for...using Recurring Orders
Presented by: Andrew Ferrier, Minardi Consulting Group

Are you in need of tracking a subscription service? And are required to recognize the revenue when it is earned? Implement su
... bscription orders using standard item configuration, sales order entry, and recurring order processes. Make your accountants AND sales team happy, simultaneously!See More
JD Edwards

Thirty-hour Efficiency Boost with Automated Customer Communications using ReportsNow Data Access Studio
Presented by: Heather Schloemann, Silgan

Discover how Silgan, North America's top food packaging supplier, streamlined its customer communications with automated repo
... rting. By implementing an innovative process for delivering pricing letters to customers, Silgan saved over 30 man-hours and up to eight days per month that were previously spent generating those letters manually. In addition, the credit department also saw significant time savings by automating the process of sharing invoice information with customers through AR statements and reminders. Implementing ReportsNow provided a modern solution requiring zero intervention and runs automatically on a set schedule.See More
JD Edwards

Thomson Reuters One Source - Sales and Use Tax Engine Integration with JDE real time
Presented by: James E Mackowiak, Edwards Lifesciences

Come see how JDE and Thomson Reuters Tax Engine One Source deliver real time integrations for indirect (sales, VAT, Use) tax
... determinations globally for sales and purchasing using the new Orchestrator toolset that is imbedded in JDE..See More
JD Edwards

Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting Orchestration Issues
Presented by: Terry Pasqua, Oracle America, Inc

This session will cover topics related to troubleshooting issues when developing and testing orchestrations. We'll discuss ge
... tting started with configuring your system and troubleshooting, including how to identify issues, isolate, debug, monitor and what to look for in the logs.See More
JD Edwards

Title: Revolutionizing Invoice Automation and Supplier Portals with No-Code/Low-Code Solutions
Presented by: Mr. Richard Van de Bospoort, SCANMAN & fizor

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are seeking innovative ways to streamline their operations, enh
... ance efficiency, and drive digital transformation. In this session, we will explore the intersection of invoice automation, supplier portals, and the power of no-code/low-code platforms in revolutionizing these critical business processes. 1. Process Automation: Discover how leveraging the Oracle JD Edwards Orchestrator empowers businesses to automate and optimize workflows. Learn about the latest features, functionalities, and best practices for designing and deploying efficient and customizable automation solutions. 2. Orchestrator: Explore the potential of the Orchestrator tool in simplifying complex business processes. Dive into real-world use cases and success stories where Orchestrator has been employed to streamline invoice automation, eliminate manual tasks, and achieve significant cost savings. 3. Continuous Adoption: Understand the importance of continuous adoption and the role it plays in ensuring maximum efficiency and ROI from your invoice automation and supplier portal initiatives. Gain insights into strategies for encouraging user adoption, change management, and driving ongoing process improvements. 4. Personalization/Extensibility: Discover how JD Edwards Release 23 introduces powerful personalization and extensibility features, allowing organizations to tailor their invoice automation and supplier portal solutions to their unique business requirements. 5. Mobile Enablement: Explore the growing demand for mobile-enabled solutions. Learn about the benefits of mobile accessibility, user-friendly interfaces, and seamless integration with existing JD Edwards systems. Discover how mobile technologies can enhance productivity, enable on-the-go approvals, and improve overall user satisfaction.See More
JD Edwards

Tools & Technology Kick-Off Networking
Presented by: Quest Oracle Community, Quest Oracle Community

Pick your track and join your fellow JD Edwards peers immediately following the JD Edwards Keynote for a little friendly comp
... etition consisting of great conversation, networking, trivia and chances to win prizes!See More
JD Edwards

Transformation: The rise of enterprise automation…finally a movie that achieves ROI
Presented by: Greg Davis, Grant Thornton LLP

Are you among the many customers who are running JD Edwards but NOT taking advantage of all its capabilities? Perhaps the ove
... rall experience of your end users and your customers is not what it could be, and perhaps there are opportunities to realize an even better ROI from the system you already own. Companies can truly transform their business through JD Edwards. Transformation extends much further than process automation. True benefits are achieved through holistic enterprise transformation. Often, companies focus on the wrong things when trying to achieve “digital transformation” or systems and capability “modernization”. Enterprise transformation is more impactful and is achieved when companies are focused around 3 things: 1) Operational efficiencies (not just process automation). 2) Identification of new and/or alternative revenue models. 3) Improved customer and user experience. While process automation provides value to a specific process, more widespread, enterprise automation yields better processes and better data, not only at the individual transaction level, but also in aggregate. Aggregated data yields better analytics, which provides clearer insight, which in turn sparks innovation.See More
JD Edwards

Transforming Business with the JD Edwards Digital Platform
Presented by: A.J. Schifano, Oracle America, Inc

Release-by-release, quarter-by-quarter, the JD Edwards product development team continues to release enhancements to componen
... ts we know collectively as the JD Edwards digital platform: Orchestrator, notifications, workflow, extensibility framework, pages, search, and the list goes on. And right in step, customers continue to do amazing things with these tools. Attend this session to hear stories from customers who have put the digital platform to work to automate, optimize, and transform their business processes. See More
JD Edwards

Transitioning from One Reporting Software to Another to Enhance Your JD Edwards System
Presented by: SuzAnne Garcia, Pinal County Government

Thinking of adding a bolt-on reporting software or transitioning from one reporting software to another for your JD Edwards s
... ystem? This is the session for you! 1. Learn about the approach we took, the advantages it provided, and the execution plan we created and followed when we transitioned from one reporting software to another. 2. Whether this is your first reporting system purchase or you are switching from one to another, come find the keys to a successful implementation and roll-out, and identify the challenges and pitfalls so you can avoid them. After all, your organization is counting on you to provide informative and easy to understand reports and analytics at a moment's notice! 3. Regardless of which reporting system or even what other type of bolt-on software you decide to implement, we will break down all the components necessary for success and added value to your JD Edwards System and your organization. See More
JD Edwards

UDO and UX One Demystified
Presented by: Cindy Grim, JDEtips, Inc.

What is a UDO? What is UX One? How are they related? What do they do for you? How do you get UX One in your environment? C
... ome to this session for answers to these questions and more. See More
JD Edwards

UDO case Studies
Presented by: Peter Shu, Cardinal Glass Industries, Inc.

UDO case study 1. E1page 2. Composite Page 3. Composite Application Framework, or Cafe One - E1 application 4. Composite
... Application Framework, or Cafe One – URL (Google Map) 5. Grid Format UDO Management Web OMW - Project and promotion UDO Case Study Continue 6. Personal Forms 7. Query 8. Watch List 9. Watchlist Pane 10. Form ExtensionSee More
JD Edwards

UDO/Personalization SIG
Presented by: Mrs. Chantelle Cory, LSB Industries, Inc.

Come join the new UDO/Personalization SIG! The latest E1 releases have introduced numerous tools for customizing and personal
... izing the applications. With this new functionality, customers are working to integrate these features to improve usability and efficiency. This SIG will provide a meeting place to discuss and share ideas.See More
JD Edwards

Understanding Automation & AI use cases in JD Edwards
Presented by: Shannon Moir, Fusion5

Get beyond the hype and into real world scenarios on how you can find out where you can apply automation or AI to get the mos
... t benefit for your business and end users. Fusion5 will show you how you can see exactly what your users are doing in JD Edwards via their ERP Inights tool. This unequivocal analysis of user patterns allows a business to hone in on their JDE hotspots and make the user experience better. We show you some of the cool ChatGPT inspired innovation that we have been implementing down under - we’re told the same code will work in the northern hemisphere too. If time allows, we’ll tell tales about throwing another shrimp on the “barbee” and also riding kangaroos to work.See More
JD Edwards

Understanding the Practical Applications of Security in JD Edwards
Presented by: Mohammad Nour, Hoffman Corporation

Do you want to gain advanced knowledge on applying security beyond the basics? Security ensures that an organization continue
... s to exist despite any attempts to steal its data or compromise its physical or logical elements and, as such, should be viewed as an essential element of business management. With what is happening in today’s world, it is more imperative than ever to be aware of the most critical risks that may be threatening your organization as well as what the impact could be. This session focuses on those risks and solutions outside the traditional JDE security tables and steps you could be taking, including utilizing some of the enhancements made available by Oracle. We will share Hoffman-specific processes being used to protect their system and share examples from other organizations. You will walk away with a checklist that you should be considering as we: • Review today’s risk climate • Detail the most significant areas to be aware of • Discuss options to protect your organizationSee More
JD Edwards

Unleash the Power of Power Forms,Tab Controls and Graph Controls. One of JDE’s Best Kept Secrets!
Presented by: Richard Wilde, Klik IT Limited

While Power Forms, Tab Controls and Graph Controls have been available for some time in JDE, not many applications take full
... advantage of their power and capabilities. Come and see a demonstration of how to develop Power Forms with both Tab Controls and Graph Controls and see some real life examples of their uses.See More
JD Edwards

Unlocking Efficiency Through Innovation - Automating Business Processes via Custom Software
Presented by: Luke Westfall, KITO Americas Inc.

"Unlocking Efficiency Through Innovation," this presentation delves into a company's breakthrough in overcoming integration c
... hallenges between third-party Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software and JD Edwards by implementing custom software. The company ingeniously developed a proprietary "glue" software that auto-imports configured items and Product Data Management (PDM) elements such as Bills of Materials (BOMs), routing, pricing, and item master/branch data via JD Edwards' Orchestrator. Learn how this solution amplified data reliability, system efficiency, and value to the customer.See More
JD Edwards

Unlocking JDE Report Output with QR codes: Revolutionizing identity and accessibility
Presented by: Bhavya BV, Grant Thornton LLP

The global pandemic has led to significant shifts and disruptions in industries worldwide. Alongside these changes, QR codes
... have made a remarkable resurgence as a contactless solution that bridges the gap between physical and digital experiences. If you're concerned about reducing the carbon footprint of your organization and dealing with limitations on information due to space constraints on packaging, invoices, sales and purchase documents or labeling, QR codes provide an effective solution. Imagine being able to access more information with just a simple scan, without the need for additional documentation. QR codes serve as a digital wallet, encapsulating a wealth of information within a small space. In our use case, we will demonstrate the integration of QR codes with JDE BI Publisher across multiple modules. This innovative approach significantly reduces the time required to track and identify data, as well as stores a vast amount of information efficiently. By leveraging QR codes in conjunction with JDE BI Publisher, organizations can streamline their processes, enhance data accessibility and provide a seamless experience for users. Whether it's retrieving product details, accessing invoices or retrieving relevant information related to sales and purchases, QR codes offer a convenient and efficient solution. You can enhance your organization's efficiency, reduce paper usage and minimize manual efforts associated with data retrieval. Join us as we showcase the power of QR codes combined with JDE BI Publisher and demonstrate how this integration can revolutionize data tracking and information management. Together, let's embrace the potential of QR Codes to optimize processes, reduce waste and unlock new possibilities for seamless digital experiences.See More
JD Edwards

Unlocking Mobile App Development Efficiency: Oracle Visual Builder and JD Edwards Orchestrator
Presented by: Larry Furino, ACBM Solutions

As businesses strive to meet the growing demands of an increasingly mobile workforce, the need for efficient mobile apps has
... become paramount. In this presentation, we will explore the powerful combination of Oracle Visual Builder and JD Edwards Orchestrator, and how they can revolutionize the way organizations create and deploy mobile applications. In this session, we will explore real-world use cases and success stories, showcasing how organizations have accelerated their digital transformation journey by leveraging these powerful tools. Attendees will gain insights into: • Rapid mobile app development with Oracle Visual Builder's low-code capabilities • Seamless integration with JD Edwards Orchestrator for real-time data access • Enhanced user experiences through intuitive design and responsive UI development • Streamlined business processes and increased operational efficiency • Cost savings and reduced development cycles through code reuse and pre-built components Join us to discover how Oracle Visual Builder and JD Edwards Orchestrator can empower your organization to unlock the full potential of mobile app development. Witness the transformational power of these tools and gain valuable insights from industry experts and thought leaders. Accelerate your journey towards a mobile-first future and stay ahead of the competition.See More
JD Edwards

Update Manager - How to Best use Update Manager's Capabilities
Presented by: Nick Wilson, ERP-One Consulting, Inc.

As part of E1 9.2's Continous Update Process, let's explore where and how the latest Update Manager tools can be benifial. W
... e will review and demonstrate the overall process of applying several updates at a time and review the different tools that can be used to minimise the time complete each step.See More
JD Edwards

Upgrade to 9.2.7.X (32 Bit to 64 Bit)
Presented by: Rajesh Ranabhor, Edwards Lifesciences

We are a Global Medical device company with 7 manufacturing locations worldwide. We have a sizeable JD Edwards user base of
... 7000 plus users using all suits Finance, Distribution manufacturing in addition to supplier portal and customer portal application. The JD Edwards instance involves customizations, Localization, Multiple Languages Bolt-ons and countries with multiple currencies. Our company embarked on a project to upgrade from Application 9.2 to R22 and tools from to and to achieve that we have to ensure all customizations and retrofits were addressed. before go live. The challenge was there was no code freeze window and couldn't impact any business critical projects in flight.See More
JD Edwards

Use Quick Hire application to add multiple employees, applicants, new hires and rehires
Presented by: Joanne Ingram, Oracle America, Inc

This presentation is recommended for technical and functional users who would like to better understand Quick Hire functional
... ity in EnterpriseOne release 9.2. Topics include: • Overview of Employee Quick Hire • Setting Up Default Information for Employee Records • Adding Employee Records • Running Process Pending Employees Report See More
JD Edwards

User Defined Objects (UDO) Management Best Practice
Presented by: Mr. Jerry Salazar, Syntax Systems USA, LP

From a simple Grid Format to complex Orchestration Components, the management of User Defined Objects (UDO) keeps growing. Wi
... th 19 UDO types as of Release 23, the task could be overwhelming for business analyst or system administrators, and not having a clear understating would complicate the process. Join me in this session to take a deep dive on all there is to know about User Defined Objects Management Best Practice, including the latest enhancements delivered with Release 23 to the Web OMW Application allowing you to manage all object types. Topics: • Navigate UDO Design Panels (unified look) • UDO Administration, Security and Life Cycle Management • Approve and Secure UDOs (and the surrounding applications) - recommendations, dos, and don’ts • Using the Web OMW Application • Import and Export UDOs • UDO Troubleshooting • UDO Dependencies • UXOne Components • Work with Simplified Upgrade ReportsSee More
JD Edwards

Using Compare and Merge Tools: Quickly and efficiently find and retrofit customizations
Presented by: Kimberly Ulmer, The Anschutz Corporation

The session focuses on using compare and merge tools to quickly and efficiently find and retrofit customizations. We will co
... ver Reducing your Footprint with the Customization Object Analyzer and De-Customizer. And discuss Non-Code Objects and Compare Tools for Objects including Table, BSVW, RDA, FDA and ER Compare. See More
JD Edwards

Using Logic Extensions to Create Dynamic Date Variables
Presented by: Alysa Mauer, M.D.C. Holdings, Inc.

In this session, we will discuss how MDC used Logic Extensions to extract dynamic period and fiscal year variables from the s
... ystem date to replace custom groovy components being used in Orchestrations to run Financial reports. Learn how to write this logic extension and discuss other date related Logic Extensions.See More
JD Edwards

Using Orchestrations for Business Process Improvement
Presented by: Andy Lopez, Spirax Sarco SXS US

Companies in the oil refining, beer making, & pharmaceutical/life sciences industries use steam to deliver safe, sustainable,
... efficient energy. Spirax Sarco helps these customers face their energy challenges by cutting emissions & waste, boosting productivity and reliability, while reducing costs. Spirax Sarco wanted major process improvements within JDE Contract Billing and Project Costing for their Field Services business. In this session, you will see how JDE Orchestrations were used to integrate data from multiple JDE modules, create business forms, and enable process transactions to be conducted more efficiently. See More
JD Edwards

Using Orchestrations to Reduce JDE Development Footprint & Customizations
Presented by: Josiah Becker, Quality Edge

Quality Edge (QE) is committed to providing innovative soffit, siding, fascia, trim coil, and other products for exterior des
... igns that are beautifully inspirational and built to withstand the elements. QE used a third-party rating and routing application integrated into JDE that was no longer supported, so manual workarounds were developed. This session will cover how JDE Orchestrations were implemented to replace the application and provide better results at a lower cost.See More
JD Edwards

UX One Tips, Tricks & Hidden Gems for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
Presented by: Andria Gordon, Circular Edge

Tips, tricks & hidden gems for setting up and tailoring UX One's new and enhanced role-based content. Out of the box, custome
... rs can utilize tools to create, configure, and personalize each UX One solution while deploying additional pre-built components that utilize OVR, Watchlist Alerts, Page Composers, Cafe1, JET, List View Grid Format, Springboards & More. This session will ALERT you on the numerous capabilities of UX One including the hidden capabilities of the tool set – let's ANALYZE these together and enable users to ACT on them.See More
JD Edwards

Visualize Your Data With Confidence
Presented by: Justin Adams, Granite Construction, Inc.

Considering that 65% of employees are visual learners, the traditional reporting formats of rows and columns of data don’t pr
... ovide them with information that is practical for decision-making. Companies that want to be data driven are adopting visualizations to identify trends, correlations, and outliers using many visualization choices beyond pie, bar, and line graphs. Granite Construction has begun their journey of making visualization more widespread in their reporting. This session will show specific examples from their experience and how using the right visualization to communicate information can lead to new insights and drive operational excellence.See More
JD Edwards

What’s New with Logic Extensions - Aggregation/Analytics
Presented by: Bud Shaw, GSI

Logic Extensions have been enhanced to include functions that you can use to turn data into useful information, including:
... • What are your customers most popular products • What are the most common equipment failures. Join this session and learn about this new aggregation functionality. See More
JD Edwards

What’s your inventory story? Inventory Optimization Accelerates Your Digital Transformation with a Next-Gen Enterprise Applications Platform
Presented by: Ken Botyos, Cloud Inventory

Join us as we introduce the next generation of Cloud Inventory®! The solution that extends the value of JD Edwards by providi
... ng real-time inventory visibility across your enterprise, has been transformed to a modern no-code platform. In this session, we will discuss this remarkable reinvention of the popular enterprise solution leveraging a revolutionary no-code approach. Whether tracking inventory in the field, in a warehouse, or on a shop floor, Cloud Inventory® increases productivity, optimizes inventory, improves compliance, and drives more revenue. The modern enterprise applications platform simplifies the idea-to-application effort, accelerating the ability to adapt solutions to your ever-changing business requirements. Future-proof your Cloud Inventory® solution with customizations that remain intact and independent, from one release to the next.See More
JD Edwards

What's new in Financials
Presented by: Angelin Isaac, Oracle America, Inc

Are you running your JD Edwards system the same way you were running it prior to 9.2? Join us as we will present ideas for h
... ow you can improve your financial processes by taking advantage of the capabilities in 9.2 and discuss future innovation. Note: This session has a virtual presenter.See More
JD Edwards

Who Did That? Working with Discrete WO Ledger
Presented by: Corey Boettler, Paul Mueller Company

I will be discussing how the Paul Mueller Company implemented the JDE enhancement for the work order ledger for discrete work
... orders.See More
JD Edwards

Why our Business excelled by following best practices for configuring JAS, AIS and Other Web Services
Presented by: Didi Raizen, MYR Group, Inc.

You will learn the different WebLogic and VM configurations for JAS, AIS, RTE & BSSV web services and how our business benefi
... ted from following best practices.See More
JD Edwards

Why Real-time Oracle JD Edwards(JDE) Integration Matters with AP Automation
Presented by: Joel Halvorson, IntelliChief

It is no surprise that many companies’ A/P processes are still manual (or mostly manual) and paper-intensive, resulting in ma
... jor economic consequences for the bottom line. Without a real-time integration with Oracle JD Edwards(JDE), companies struggle with the challenges of receiving invoices, constantly checking their ERP to see if the goods have been received, matching them against purchase orders (POs) and coding the appropriate general ledger (GL). The lack of an integrated ERP with intelligent AP automation ultimately leads to bigger business challenges associated with accruals for financial closing and lack of visibility into corporate spending. Sometimes it just comes down to the hard and soft dollars - without a deep integration to JDE, the average time* to process an invoice is 10.9 days and costs $10.18 to process a single invoice. With this deep integration to JDE, you should be able to extract the relevant data from your A/P process and connect it with JDE to speed up invoice processing and get a better handle on your corporate spend and fluctuating cash position. Companies can significantly cut their costs and process invoices faster by more than 80+%. According to Ardent Partners, best-in-class organizations leverage the power of intelligent AP automation and improve efficiency and productivity with 2.2 times higher rate of straight-through processing (STP) and a 60% lower invoice exception rate with advanced manual processing tools. As a result of the deep integration with JDE, you will be able to: • Minimize the time and effort it takes to process invoices • Eliminate manual data entry and associated errors • Avoid rework from having to rekey or reprocess invoices • Simplify exception processing when invoices aren’t matched to POs or aren’t coded correctly • Improve vendor relationships • Optimize payment terms • Increase visibility throughout the A/P process See More
JD Edwards

Your Data is Talking, Can You Hear It? Natural Language Query for JD Edwards
Presented by: Ben Harrison, Preferred Strategies

Imagine if you had Alexa or Siri for your JDE data. Well now you can! Traditional query methods often require technical exp
... ertise and limit accessibility to data insights. Natural language query (NLQ) systems bridge this gap allowing users to interact with data using everyday spoken language, thereby simplifying the data exploration process. This session describes the JD Edwards tools available today to unlock your data along with examples of how you can quickly enable faster decision-making, and improve data literacy across your organization.See More
JD Edwards